Preparing for winter one weekend at a time

Winter is getting closer and closer, and with this season comes the need to prepare your home for colder weather. Whether that means big or small projects, it definitely takes some time, effort, and planning to prepare your home for snow and rock bottom temperatures. Read on to learn how you can accomplish this one weekend at … Read more

How to sharpen the mower blades

Over time, the mower blades become dull, nicked, or bent. When this is the case, the mower blade becomes ineffective and, instead of mowing the grass, rips it. Sometimes if the blade is in bad shape, it will rip out the grass completely.  This type of damage will subject your lawn to brown edged grass and lawn … Read more

How to Adjust the Clutch on a Lawn Mower Engine

A ride-on lawn mower is a great appliance that can be used to effortlessly cut the grass from your lawn; however, the mower motor must run efficiently for easy and effortless mowing. The mower engines have a PTO clutch that eliminates the requirement for a second transmission to drive the mower blades. When you adjust the clutch correctly, it also … Read more

Taking care of your lawn

Anyone who has a keen interest in their lawn and is active in caring for it knows what straw is. Although it may not be noticeably visible, especially if the grass is a bit long, you can be sure it’s there. Thatch is the detritus of lawn care. It is a layer of grass clippings, grass stalks, … Read more