Using a lawnmower to remove dead grass spots

The patches of dead grass can cause problems with your lawn and look very unsightly. Removing thatch from the lawn should be done at the right time of year, otherwise it will cause more damage. Removing thatch from a lawn can damage the lawn at best, so care is always needed.

Step 1 – Rake

Rake the lawn to help untangle roots and dead grass. Some will come out with the rake and other pieces of grass attached will stand up perfectly.


Step 2 – Straw removal machine

The straw machine is a perpendicular cutter that cuts vertically. There are four settings for the blades. Early spring is the optimal time of year to remove the grass from the chaff. Place the rake fingers into the machine until they touch the ground when the machine lays flat.

Step 3: remove the chaff from the dead grass

Use the machine the same way you would a lawn mower, but move slowly with it. When a lawn mower cuts the grass, the straw cutting machine directly cuts the grass and can pull out the roots. Cover the entire lawn and go over the entire area twice to make sure you remove the chaff from the dead grass.

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