[ 2020 Reviews ] 5 Best Telescopic Loppers For Pruning Trees

The telescopic lopper is a valid tool to reach even the most distant branches and remove them in a short time. Check out our guide to find the best telescopic loppers for pruning trees for you.

 There you will find the TABOR TOOLS GG11A Bypass Lopper adjustable up to 4 meters in height and 260 ° as regards the angle, so as not to assume incorrect positions. The Fiskars 28 Inch Bypass Lopper is also good with a very robust structure and capable of cutting branches up to 42 mm in diameter.


5 Best Telescopic Loppers For Pruning Trees [ 2020 Reviews ]

If you are not sure which telescopic lopper to buy, take a look at our buying advice. These are the models most appreciated by consumers that we have reviewed and compared to help you find the one that best suits your needs. Find out what they are.

 For many consumers, the best telescopic loppers for pruning trees of 2020 is this model from Fiskars. The adjustable rod up to 4 meters allows you to cut branches even at 6 meters in height without using stairs, ideal for those with very tall trees in the garden.

It is one of the best-selling models online for the remarkable effectiveness shown in cutting, thanks to an innovative mechanism that makes work more comfortable than standard systems, significantly reducing the effort in cutting even rather thick branches, up to 32 mm in diameter.

Unlike many other loppers, the one proposed by Fiskars has an adjustable angle of up to 230 °, an advantage in terms of comfort of use because it will be possible to cut every type of branch safely and without assuming incorrect positions.

The mechanism for triggering the blade is secure. You don’t have to apply too much force and, in general, the tool is convenient and easy to use, thanks also to the remarkable lightness that makes it possible to hold it even for prolonged periods.

Let’s see what the pros and cons of this model that we rated as one of the best telescopic loppers for pruning trees sold online are.



Adjustable pole:

You can adjust the model pole up to 4 meters to reach even the highest branches without using stairs.


An innovative cutting mechanism allows you to use the lopper without making too much effort even when you have to cut the branches of 32 mm in diameter.


It will be possible to change the edge of the lopper up to 230 ° to facilitate the cutting of the branches.


It is a low weight tool that you can use for a long time without fatigue.




The tool is mostly made of plastic, so it may not be the best solidity.


 Gardena is a brand well known for the high performance offered by its tools. The shears with telescopic handles that we recommend you evaluate ensure a smooth, clean, and precise cut thanks to the unique shape of the blade that allows you always to find the best angle.

As many users testify, not much force must be applied, and this depends on the quality of the blades and handles which are extremely robust and capable of cutting branches and shrubs up to 42 mm in diameter, a value challenging to overcome.

Moreover, the 25-year Gardena guarantee speaks volumes about the quality of the materials used that are resistant but, at the same time, light, to the advantage of user comfort. The blades have a coating that prevents sap or other debris from sticking and are very easy to clean.

The ergonomic and non-slip handles ensure easy work and a secure grip, while the support for the indexes helps to make operations even more comfortable.

Our guide to choosing the best telescopic loppers for pruning trees continues with the pros and cons of the Gardena model, which has been highly appreciated by users.




This model can boast a knife with a particular shape that allows you to find the right angle.


The solid materials with which it is composed allow you to have a good grip on the handles and to cut even the thickest branches.


The coating of the blades prevents the sap and debris from ruining them, as well as making them very easy to clean.




There appears to be no locking system to keep the blades closed.


 Among the best telescopic loppers for pruning trees based on the popularity expressed by consumers, this Spear & Jackson 8290RS Razorsharp Heavy Duty Telescopic Loppers model has two essential features that should be underlined.

First of all, unlike other even more expensive models, it is equipped with two small sockets near the blade that allows not only to cut but also to hold the branch. The advantage is that you can block a flower or fruit on the tree without dropping it and ruining it.

Secondly, the head can be tilted 45 ° on both sides. In this way, it will be possible to make cuts even of branches placed in an uncomfortable position without assuming incorrect postures.

Also noteworthy is the extreme lightness of this tool which, consequently, less user fatigue, also thanks to the rubberized handle in the center.

The handle is sturdy because it is made of aluminum and stretches up to about 3 meters, a considerable height to reach even the highest branches.

Let’s now review the pros and cons of the product. If you are interested but do not know where to buy the Spear & Jackson 8290RS Razorsharp Heavy Duty Telescopic Loppers, you can click on the shop page link, shown below.




The two potholders near the blade can catch a flower or fruit on the branch so as not to drop it on the ground.


The head of the model can be tilted from both sides so that you can cut the branches, always assuming the correct posture.


The aluminum handle gives good security thanks to its solidity; it also does not weigh a lot and can be used easily.



Thick branches:

It seems that the model has some difficulty with thicker branches, at least according to the opinions of some users.


 Although it is not among the best sellers on the market, we believe that this Corona FL 3460 Compound Action Bypass Lopper deserves to be taken into consideration for the excellent quality of the materials used which, as many users testify, last over the years and allow the initial investment to be amortized. The parts subject to wear can, however, be replaced.

The construction is therefore excellent, and the casement system is ideal for cutting old, dry and hardwood. The blade of these shears is particularly sharp compared to the one with a through cut and can penetrate with greater force, while the sash keeps the branch still and allows a cleaner cut.

Among the strengths of this model is the diameter of the branches that can be cut, 50 mm, ideal for those with rather large trees in the garden.

If you think this can become the new tool for the care of your green space, take a look at the pros and cons before purchasing.




Users were satisfied with the contents of the product, which are very solid and long-lasting.


The blade of the product is very sharp, ideal for cutting old or hardened wood.


The model can cut branches up to 50 mm thick.




Complaints have been found concerning the locking system of the handles which seems not to be of quality.


Rank #5: AIRAJ Bypass Lopper

 How to choose an excellent cheap telescopic lopper ? If what you are looking for is, above all savings, take a look at this model because the competitive price could tickle you.

AIRAJ Bypass Lopper  is a product that has everything you need to ensure excellent performance: the blades are hardened and coated with a non-stick material that facilitates cleaning and avoids corrosion.

The steel handles are particularly resistant and destined to last over time. The tool is however very light and comfortable to use thanks to the soft-grip handle and the mechanism to lengthen or shorten the shears very well thought out: with a single gesture they can be adjusted and locked.

Furthermore, as many consumers testify, the cut is natural also about the thick branches with a considerable diameter. Difficult to ask for more at a tool with a similar price.

This model can be truly captivating, especially for an available offer. Check out the pros and cons to get a complete idea and see if, apart from the low prices, it can be for you.




Cheaper than other models, it can be for you if you don’t want to spend too much on a similar tool.

Blades and materials:

Hardened blades allow you to cut branches effectively. They can also be easily cleaned thanks to the non-stick material that covers them. The handle is comfortable because in Softgrip and the steel handles are incredibly resistant.




Some users found this model a little too heavy.


How to use a lopper

If you have trees in the garden, the time will inevitably come when you will have to prune them or maybe cut a couple of branches because they annoy or for other reasons. For a job like this, you need a lopper, in our opinion an indispensable tool for the care of a green area.

Why use a lopper?

The lopper is used to carry out pruning work, but what are the reasons that require this intervention? The reasons are mainly three: safety, the well-being of the trees, and aesthetics. But to go into more detail, let’s see which are the most common causes for which the use of loppers is required. Dead branches, for example, must also be removed because they could break and cause damage to things or people.

At the same time, those diseased or insect-infested branches must be truncated to avoid compromising the whole tree. In less windy areas, truncating some branches allows you to ventilate the crown. It is never a good thing, then, when the branches grow against each other: also, in this case, it is required to intervene with the lopper. Finally, you can decide to act to beautify the tree.

Prune yes but with criteria

Do not let yourself get carried away by your lopper: pruning must be done with tests. We need to know what is being done and why. Remember that small wounds heal faster, that’s why you have to think carefully about sinking the lopper, according to the thickness of the branch. For those with a diameter of fewer than 5 centimeters, there are never negative consequences. It can be cut without hesitation.

A few more reflections deserve those branches with a diameter between 5 and 10 centimeters while those that exceed this measure should be cut only if there is a valid reason, otherwise leave them where they are. It is also a good practice not to cut more than a quarter of the crown.

You don’t always need the ladder

To avoid climbing a ladder or worse, climbing trees, a telescopic lopper can be used, which, on average, at its maximum extension exceeds four meters in length. An instrument of this type can be manual or driven by a fuel or battery-powered engine.

When performing a pruning job, using a lopper, it is advisable to take some safety measures. First of all, we invite everyone to use a protective helmet. Besides the head, the eyes must also be protected from splinters. Both visors and protective glasses are beautiful. Finally, it is preferable to wear gardening gloves.

 Buying guide – How to choose the best telescopic loppers for pruning trees?

In our guide, you will find some useful information to choose the telescopic lopper that best suits your needs. Below, also, see the ranking with the review of the models that have received the most satisfaction from consumers.


The telescopic lopper is ideal for those with a rather high hedge and also for cutting small branches in the garden. The advantage is that of not having to resort to the ladder and therefore avoid dangerous accidents. The choice of the right model depends on the diameter of the branches that it can cut. This value should always be indicated and allows you to immediately discard those models that are not suitable for your garden or your orchard because they only cut small branches. An excellent solution is represented by telescopic shears that ensure better performance from this point of view, even if they manage to reach branches that are not too high.

Height is another fundamental reference parameter that you should consider, so compare prices and performance but always check if the model you have spotted allows you to cut even the tallest quickly and most difficult to reach branches of your trees. Otherwise, you will have to resort to a ladder or give up pruning those branches.

Also pay attention to the quality of the materials used, which, in general, is inversely proportional to the sale price. Is it worth spending a few euros more for a more robust and resistant model? According to consumer opinions, yes, because the product lasts longer over time without ruining itself and does not force you to buy spare parts. In particular, the blade will not destroy; it will cut effectively for longer and will also be easier to clean.

Cutting system

What kind of trees do you have in the garden? If you often cut dry and dead branches, the lopper you should select from all those on the market is the one with a hinged or anvil system. Thanks to one of the two stationary blades, the cut will be clean and precise. For fresh and greenwood, however, a bypass lopper is recommended, the one with both mobile and curved blades that are more delicate on the branch and do not excessively weaken it.

Do you also have a small orchard and every time is it a problem to be able to pick the fruits from the branches? In this case, the best brand of telescopic loppers could be for you the one that makes models with sockets positioned near the blades. The advantage is to cut the branch, but also to hold it without letting it fall to the ground. In this way, the fruit or flower does not spoil in the impact with the land and can be conveniently placed in a basket.

Comfort of use

Pruning could take several hours if you have many trees in the garden. In this case, you may prefer a particularly light model that can be lifted and used with less effort. The telescopic lopper, even if it allows not to use the ladder, can lead to assuming an incorrect posture when it is necessary to cut branches placed in an awkward and uncomfortable position.

The most suitable model in such cases is the one with tilting blades or which, however, ensures a higher angle. As for the handles, they must be ergonomic, equipped with a comfortable grip for the hands and non-slip to always guarantee a safe and comfortable grip.

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