Selecting a snow plow attachment for a lawn mower

Selecting a snow plow attachment for a lawn mower makes sense, and it makes your lawn mower more efficient. Many manufacturers are targeting northern markets with advertisements and machines stored in these areas that can do dual jobs, thus extending mower use during the winter season. While having separate mowers and snow plows is always an option, for the homeowner looking for significant savings, purchasing a snow plow attachment is the right choice. Here’s a guide to successfully converting your tractor into a snow plow too.

Step 1: match the brand

Anytime you want to match any type of tractor attachment, you need to make a good ‘marriage’. Always take your tractor model number to fit your brand with the correct attachment. Each brand has a specific type of back adjustment to work with to get the right accessory based on size, weight, and sometimes it works too.


Step 2: choose Snowblower or Thrower

Many lawn tractors can be retrofitted to receive single or dual stage attachments for throwing or shoveling snow. The simple stage will simply blow snow as the tractor moves in a constant lie. The two-stage design is an open auger that allows the snow to become a mixture of wet ice and deep ice, collected from uneven terrain and can be pushed far.

Step 3 – Easy hitch

Select a snow plow attachment that is equipped with an easy hitch that bolts quickly to the front area of ​​the tractor. This is an important feature when you need to connect and remove equipment safely and quickly. Also be sure to install the proper chains to get your tractor through patios and snowy fields. You need good wheel traction for proper snow operation.

Step 4 – Power and track size

The horsepower and track size of your snow thrower will depend on the size of your engine. This can give you the power to make a 48-inch track or a 60-inch track, depending on which lawn tractor you are installing with a snow thrower. Make sure you get a belt-driven drum auger designed to handle deep snow.

Step 5 – Launch the conduit

Choose a joystick controller to operate more effectively on snowy terrain that changes from one area to another. A joystick is easily operated while seated, allowing the operator to change the angle of the chute (through a 200-degree rotation) so that they can throw snow where it is needed.

Step 6 – Wheel weights

Be sure to match the lawn tractor’s snow thrower attachment to the proper tractor wheel weights. You must have exceptional tires and possibly chains to properly operate a snow thrower attachment. The use of additional wheel weights can help with traction in the snow.

Step 7: consider a cabin

Install a cab on your tractor for added comfort, keeping the operator out of the elements. A cab will keep all tractor controls inside. You can buy a cab for any tractor for less than $ 500.

Your front snow plow attachment can weigh up to 175 pounds, so you will need to attach counterweights to the rear of the tractor.

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