Replacing the drive belt on a rear drive lawn mower

lawn mower is a fairly easy tool that can be repaired and replaced on your own with little supervision and help. If you are a little mechanically inclined, you can do all the necessary repairs. A drive belt is a necessary part of the driving mechanism for lawn mowers. It should be replaced if it has developed small cracks, if it has been deformed, or if it has been cracked and broken completely. To replace the drive belt on your rear drive mower, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: check your owner’s manual

Check out the owner’s manual for your mower. Keep it by your side as you complete this project. Sometimes there are slight differences from one mower to another. To be aware of these differences and nuances, you may need to consult the manual.

Step 2 – Buy new parts

Buy a new belt and belt guides at your local home improvement center or local auto parts store.

Step 3 – Prepare your work area

Prepare your work area. An organized and clean work area will make your work easier. Take out all the necessary tools, place a tarp under the floor surface to protect the floor from accidental oil or gas spills.

Step 4 – Remove the mower assembly

The motor assembly in your mower consists of the mower frame, which allows the mower to move smoothly on the ground while cutting grass, a spool, a support member, a spring. Using a wrench and screwdriver, remove the entire assembly.

Step 5 – Remove the Drive Belt and Belt Guides

The belt is the rubber ring around your lawnmower. Belt guides are generally made of metal clamps. Belt guides hold drive belt in place. Remove the belt guides first and then the drive belt. Pull them out with an adjustable wrench. Belt guides are generally held in place with bolts. If your screws are rusted, consider replacing them too


Step 6 – Install the New Belt and Belt Guides

Take the new belt and belt guides out of the packaging. Install the strap first and then add the strap guides. Tighten the new units in place with your adjustable wrench.

Step 7 – Start it!

Take the key to your lawnmower and start the engine. Watch the belt turn. Make sure it doesn’t rub against anything. Make sure there is nothing in your way or causing an abnormal amount of friction. Turn off the mower.

Step 8 – Reinstall the motor assembly

Replace the motor assembly. You are ready to go! The drive belt of your lawnmower is fixed.

Step 9 – Clean

Clean your work area. Throw away any open packaging, old parts. Put your tools away and fold the tarp again.

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