Plant Care Before Leaving For The Holidays

What should be done to prevent the plants withered from returning from a period of leisure and rest by the sea, in the mountains or in the cities of art? Read our tips!

Especially in summer there are two major plagues: one is the abandonment of animals and the other is the abandonment of plants. Oh yes, for some animals and plants are an obstacle to the holiday so better get rid of it. In the first case, good people bring the pet to the sea or to the mountains, but in the second case, how do you do it? As much as you can keep your plants at heart, take them with you does not seem to be the case. Do not despair because something to avoid finding dried plants and flowers on your return can be done, just follow the advice that we present below.


Before leaving

The day before leaving, arrange your plants by removing the dry leaves, cutting the dry branches and so on, in this way the plant “breathes more”. Once this is done, with one of the best-selling watering cans , give the plants water but without exaggerating. Repeat the administration of water a few hours later when the previous one has been absorbed. If water remains in the saucers, remove it to prevent the roots from rotting in your absence. An important thing not to do before leaving is to fertilize as stimulating the vegetation consumes more water.


Plants watered in your absence

Don’t you think that giving water to plants before leaving is a sufficient condition for their survival? Do you not eat and drink every day? Here, even if daily water is not required for plants, they cannot be left without for too long. There are “do it yourself” systems that allow you to supply plants with water.

One of these consists in filling one or more plastic bottles (it depends on the needs of the plant) and sticking them upside down in the pot. First, however, holes of a not too large size must be made in the cap. For this purpose it is very good to stick a hot needle in the cap so that the water can go very slowly.

An alternative can be a towel soaked in water, perhaps cut into smaller pieces and laid on the soil around the plant.


The gel balls

Gel balls are very practical and can be purchased at stores specializing in plant care. These balls are left in the water and then distributed to the plants so that they can slowly release the liquid. If desired, there are also bottles containing gel which, as seen in the previous DIY method, must be stuck upside down in the ground.


The sun is hot

Avoid leaving the plants exposed to the sun if it is not possible to give them all the necessary water, if you can bring them indoors or put them in the shade. Try to keep the plants grouped together so that they release more moisture into the air to hydrate each other. In this sense, it helps to leave a basin with water next to it.


Irrigation system with control unit

If, on the other hand, you have a control unit connected to an irrigation system, you have solved all your problems at the origin, just program it and go. The water will be administered on the chosen days and for the set time.


Maintaining good neighborly relations

You don’t have the control unit and will you be away for a month because you like long holidays? Then rely on the goodness and goodwill of a neighbor or relative who can take care of watering the plants. Clearly this requires that there be good neighborly relations, you have to take into account that you may have to return the favor and you cannot escape.

Needless to say, when you return from your holidays you will not be able to show up empty-handed, so bring a souvenir or typical products of the place where you have been vacationing to your neighbor. By following these tips your plants will not wilt and will give you green, luxuriant leaves and many beautiful flowers with their scents.

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