Paved Garden : Is It Really A Good Idea?

 There is a tendency to largely replace the green of the garden with the grayness of the concrete since it is the belief that in doing so there is greater cleanliness and beauty. It’s true?

He’s stronger than you: if you don’t see at least some concrete, you feel uncomfortable. After all, you grew up in the city, even if you wanted a green space. Then finally the opportunity of your life to invest your savings: a small house on the outskirts with a garden. You immediately noticed that the outdoor space was uncared for after all the house had been uninhabited for quite a while.

That tall weed also made you give up for a moment, not to mention the mud when it rains and that you will inevitably take inside the house; then you remembered that magazine that talked about how to beautify the gardens and you thought: “I put a few tiles here, I make a driveway there and left that little piece of green there so I don’t have to do much maintenance”. Here, you have your green space so dreamed of when you lived in the center.

Sure, it’s much smaller now but that’s okay with you. After all, in your townhouse on the fifth floor you didn’t even have that, and looking out the window you observed the traffic between one smog and the other. But are you really sure that paving the garden is a good idea? We don’t say there are not pros but have you thought about the cons? No? Then we will do it for you, at least you can decide by having a complete picture of the situation.


When it rains

One of the reasons why you decided to floor the garden is rain. You were afraid of finding mud everywhere, even in the house carried by shoes. Yet a paved garden favors flooding because, due to its characteristics, it is not drained. Have you thought, at the time of the flooring, to create an adequate and efficient outflow system? Of course not.

Then we let you imagine the damage that heavy rains can cause you. But even more, if you want to “think big” imagine what can happen in an area where there are all houses with paved gardens: the water will have to end somewhere.


Less breathable air

You also ran away from the city to breathe better air and what are you doing? Eliminate the grass and plants that play a decisive role in making the air more breathable. You have certainly heard of photosynthesis, which in short, to a consumption of carbon dioxide by the plant corresponds a certain amount of clean air.


It’s hotter

You can’t breathe in the house and look for some fresh air in your garden. Doesn’t the situation seem to improve you? What are you surprised at? Unlike the lawn, the floor accumulates heat due to the sun beating for most of the day: to cool down, also depending on the material, it takes time therefore the situation does not improve significantly in the evening.


Trees cannot be planted

If you don’t have a lot of land available, you can’t plant trees. These, in addition to possibly giving you fruit, create comfortable shaded areas under which to rest in hot weather.


Walking barefoot on the lawn

If you floor the garden, you will preclude the pleasant sensation of walking barefoot on the lawn, perhaps in the morning when the grass is damp with dew. With the floor, however, the sensation is not the same, on the contrary, in the summer you also burn your feet, which is far from pleasant.


Garden care tools

Once you have arrived here, perhaps you have changed your opinion and given up the idea of paving your garden. A nice green lawn is what you need. There is a bit of work to be done periodically to keep everything in order but do not be frightened because with the right equipment, we think for example of the best brushcutters , everything is completed quickly.

If you have the lawn you need a lawn mower. If we are talking about a few square meters, a manual one is fine, otherwise you can choose a motorized one according to the extension of your garden, therefore electric or with an internal combustion engine. For a job of up to the edges, we suggest you also use the edge cutter.

If you have made the wise decision to plant trees, they will lose several leaves in the fall. In this case you need a rake or a blower / vacuum cleaner. The latter will save you time and effort, some have the function to chop the leaves, very useful for making soil. If you have delimited some spaces with hedges or perhaps used them to have more privacy, then you also need shears or an electric hedge trimmer.


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