Mulching Cut: What It Is And Why It Pays

There is a lot of talk about mulching but do you know what it is? Let’s clarify by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of this cutting technique.

If you have been looking for the best-selling electric lawnmowers, it is likely that by reading the features you will have come across a function called mulching. Let me be clear, not all lawnmowers are equipped with it. Understandably, there will be some curiosity about it and knowing exactly what it is could make you inclined to buy the X mower rather than the Y mower, even if it may cost less.

First we will see what mulching is all about and then we will try to understand if and what advantages there are and why not, also any disadvantages. We are sure that at the end of our article you will have the clearest ideas and finally you can choose the mower that best suits you or with the most convincing features.


The mulching cut

This particular mowing, as mentioned a little while ago, is not a function available in all models of lawnmowers therefore it is necessary to buy one that is equipped with it. In theory it is possible to modify the old lawn mower to carry out the mulching cut, others have the predisposition for a special kit. But let’s focus on the fundamental characteristics of mulching. Basically the grass once mown is shredded and released on the ground, therefore it does not end in the collector.


The positives

Mulching has a lot of benefits for both the lawn and you. Let’s see. The chopped grass left on the lawn becomes a natural fertilizer. The lawn feeds on itself. If you think about it, it is not much different from what already happens in nature: we think of the leaves of the trees that fall with the difference that in this case the absorption is much faster as we speak of a sort of grass dust. This releases mineral salts and trace elements of great utility for the lawn and the soil, as well as water.

Not only because there is a considerable reduction in the felting of the lawn, therefore the grass grows healthier and stronger. Furthermore, mulching constitutes a barrier against moss and mold, as well as weeds. So far the direct advantages for the lawn but there are also for you who take care of the lawn. The most obvious of all is that you don’t have to worry about disposing of the grass; no baskets to empty.


The downsides

There is some negative aspect in mulching, we do not deny it but in our opinion not such as to advise against this cutting technique. But be yourself to evaluate, weigh, compare the pros and cons. You will have to cut the lawn more frequently, clearly never before a week or ten days during the summer.

What happens if you wait too long? If the grass is very high, the blade will not properly perform the shredding operation due to objective difficulties, then of course much also depends on the quality of the mower, its blade and power. Maximum maintenance for the blades which must be impeccable, therefore first of all they must be cleaned often and willingly; it would tell us after each cut but you can also be more elastic.


Some recommendations

Mulching or not, the recommendations for using the mower are always the same. Of course, a greater frequency of cutting is required but always not less than a week while in summer you have to wait at least 10 days. Avoid mowing the grass early in the morning as it is damp due to the dew and complicates the life of the mower which would be more difficult and would make an imperfect cut.

For the same reason, do not mow the lawn after watering it. The cut must be uniform for the best possible distribution of the chopped grass. A good way is to establish a serpentine path. Remember that the height of the grass is also important for its well-being. Avoid leaving it too short, the ideal size is five or seven centimeters so the grass becomes stronger.

But there are also advantages for photosynthesis and for the roots that have the opportunity to go deeper into the ground and avoid burns or injuries. By following these simple tips, together with the mulching cut, you will have a strong, vigorous and incredibly green lawn so as to seriously envy the whole neighborhood.

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