Mow The Lawn: Do It In The Right Ways And Times

Do you take good care of your turf ? Find out if and what mistakes you might make in dealing with your home garden

The laying of the lawn is the beginning of a routine that necessarily will never have to end if the green mantle is close to your heart. The pretty tufts of grass that are so envious of your neighbors require a lot of attention: it must obviously be watered but not only. 

It must be your concern to mow it and do it with a certain regularity and criterion; only in this way will the grass be healthy, luxuriant and a sight to watch.

The calendar of the mower

Shearing the grass must provide a sort of calendar. As the title of our article says, it must be done not only in the ways but also in the right times. We first make a general speech then we go into detail in order to be more precise.

 How often should the grass be mowed? It is a classic question, it is likely that you have come this far in search of an answer. Generally it must be clipped 7 or 14 days.

It is always like this? There are particular cases as we will see in a moment. It is clear that if you want to keep the turf up to two centimeters high, you will have to intervene once a week, otherwise the times can be easily extended.

 Don’t forget it, this is a general discussion. Also, know that increasing the break to two weeks between one cut and another is of greater benefit to the leaf mass, even if this means having the grass a little longer than you like.

When should the first cut of the year be made? This is the second most popular question. The ideal is March. From here until May, if you consider it indispensable, you can mow the lawn once a week. 

Things must necessarily change with the arrival of the heat. In this case the minimum time to spend is 10 days to move to 14 with the progressive increase in temperature because the grass weakens and mowing it would subject it to further stress that does not do it well.

From September onwards, except for abnormal temperatures for the period, the rhythm of March can be resumed. The last shearing should be done in October. 

Avoid mowing the lawn early in the morning, better to wait until the afternoon when there will be no trace of the dew: the wet grass is more complicated to mow.


Do not grow the grass too much but not a little

We have seen the minimum times that must elapse between one mowing and the other of the lawn but the aforementioned two weeks should also be considered the maximum time beyond which not to go, without prejudice to the break between the end of October and the end of February.

 Let it be clear, that three weeks instead of two spend is not who knows what tragedy but it is still necessary to prevent the grass from growing too much, or too little. Let’s see why.

When the grass is excessively high, even the best electric lawn mower can go into difficulty, especially if it is not very powerful. The quality of the cut is affected and the blade can also jam. 

So how tall should the grass be? In Italy there is almost an obsession in this regard: everyone wants the lawn 2 maximum 3 centimeters high. 

Who knows, maybe because they watch football matches and think that their field should be like the one that the champions of this sport play.

However if you don’t have to worry about how a ball rolls and how many bounces it does on your lawn, a height between 5 and 7 cm is ideal. In these conditions the fescue is given the opportunity to fortify and be more robust. 

The 7 cm tall grass is characterized by a greater photosynthesis than the 3 cm one, consequently the roots go deeper into the ground, the lawn nourishes and grows better. Also avoid collecting the cut grass, let it redistribute on the ground in order to fertilize it.

 To do this you need a mulching cut, a function that different models of mowers have: grass must be chopped to the maximum.


When the water?

Water is as vital for us as it is for animals but of course also for vegetation. The fact that it is vital does not mean that you need to overdo it. Many believe that it is right to water the lawn every day, especially in the summer. It is not so. 

The lawn should receive plenty of water but not frequently. Watering the lawn daily means leaving the grass wet for a long time. This creates the ideal environment for fungi and diseases.

Not only that, watering the lawn frequently causes its roots to remain on the surface and therefore subject to injury and burns.

 If your lawn is kissed by the sun for most of the day, you can water it every 48 hours but be careful to do it early in the morning, generally never after 8 in the evening. 

Why this recommendation? After a day in the sun, the lawn is warm so if you water it in the evening, the water tends to evaporate for the most part.

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