Is The Mower Or Brush Cutter Convenient?

Many confuse them but they are not the same thing, on the contrary, they have different areas of use even if we always talk about jobs in the field of gardening and green care.

Behind the house you have a nice piece of land but for years you have devoted little care to it until the day when you didn’t decide to make a nice garden. You have laid the lawn, maybe some flower beds and many beautiful plants. You need to take care of the garden and to do it in the best way you need the right equipment. The grass, for example, must be clipped.

Less experienced people have a question as to whether it is cheaper to buy a lawn mower or brush cutter. We try to make a distinction between the two in order to help our readers determine whether it is worth buying one or the other by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages. We are sure that in the end you will have the necessary elements to make the choice that best suits your needs.

The mower

The mower is a machine equipped with an engine (there are also manual models in fact) that can be powered by fuel, electricity and battery. It can be self-propelled or pushed and rests on four wheels. It has a cutting height adjustable on several levels in order to have the lawn to your liking while the cutting width is fixed. In most models the cut grass ends in a collector but there are also lawnmowers with side discharge or with mulching function, a type of cut that chops the grass which is released on the ground, which feeds on it.

The brush cutter

The brushcutteris used for mowing grass, young trunks, bushes, brushwood. Unlike the lawn mower that we can say does a fine job, the brush cutter is more coarse. This tool is equipped with a motor that can be electric, battery-powered or fuel-powered. It has a rod available in different sizes and is basically held in the hand.

The advantages of the mower

With the mower you get a precise, uniform cut. You can set the height with a simple gesture and make no effort as even if only self-propelled, it rests on wheels. The grass ends up in the collector or at most is shredded to fertilize the soil. In both cases there is no need to bend down to collect the grass.

The disadvantages of the mower

The disadvantages of the mower are few, but they are still there. Some points may be too narrow to allow passage. Very often the grass that grows under walls, gates or fences is not cut properly. With very tall grass it goes into difficulty until it can get stuck. The same can happen with wet grass, at least it happens with less powerful and performing models.

The advantages of the brush cutter

The best-selling brushcutters (here are the best models ) have some very interesting advantages. If you haven’t taken care of your garden for a long time, the grass is very tall. In this case, the brushcutter does a better job than the mower which, on the contrary, is inadequate in such situations. The brushcutter, then, manages to cut bushes and even young branches, can get to very difficult points as it is smaller and has a long rod. It can cut the grass that grows along the edges. It is an excellent aid in cleaning the undergrowth, which cannot be said of the mower.

The disadvantages of the brush cutter

It does not perform a fine cut, nothing prevents it from being used to mow the lawn but not being able to adjust the height, everything will be quite uneven. Once cut, the grass must be collected, put in a sack and then thrown away. In short, you have to stay bent for a long time. It is up to the user to bear the weight of the brush cutter, which does not happen with the mower.


In light of what we have said, what is more convenient: the mower or the brush cutter? In our opinion, the error lies precisely in the question that leads us to consider the two machines as one alternative to the other, but it is not so.

Lawn mowers and brushcuttersare designed for specific jobs. In our opinion, the best thing is to have both so as to use them according to your needs. In a garden it happens that there are areas where you cannot reach with the mower, it is here that you can use the brush cutter and perform a finishing job.

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