How To Use A Brush Cutter

There is a correct way to use this tool, but you often opt for the wrong one. Let’s see how to proceed in mowing the grass.

If, after choosing your model among the brush cutters sold online, you think you are already ready to give a beautiful arrangement to the garden, perhaps it is not so. 

Maybe you are wrong because you have never used such a tool before. While not a complicated thing, the fact remains that there is a correct way to use the brush cutter and many wrong ones.

However, reading our article, you will have the opportunity to understand how to mow the grass well. There are real techniques which, although very simple, are often ignored by those who do not perform this trade. 

By implementing them, you will notice how the work will be performed better. But the question is not only technical, of correct use but also safe. Indeed, security must never be overlooked. In this regard, we will reserve ample space for this.

Personal protection

Let’s start with a topic too often ignored by those who use the brushcutter at home. Indeed, the same rules as for the use of the tool by a worker should be observed. First of all, clothes that can get caught in tall grass, shrubs, etc. should not be worn. 

And if you have long hair, pick it up. Wear face protection or at least eye protection. The hearing must also be protected; ear caps are sufficient.

Wear suitable work gloves and tight pants. It is better to prefer safety shoes, at least with a good non-slip sole. While wearing all the necessary protections, do not think you have solved the “safety problem,” a safe working technique is essential. 

This means that the recommendations in this regard in the brushcutter’s instructions must be followed to the letter.

There are other precautions to be taken when using the brush cutter. You must not work in a position that is not sufficiently stable, during breaks, do not approach the hot parts, for example, the mufflers in the case of a model with an internal combustion engine. 

If material jams in the cutting device, do not remove it before turning off the machine. The brush cutter should be grasped with both hands, ensuring that you maintain the correct posture. During breaks, turn it off.

The technique

The brush cutter should not be used haphazardly, and there is a precise technique that, moreover, differs according to whether the grass is low or high. In the first case, the brushcutter’s movement must go from right to left.

 Such a move has the advantage that the cut grass falls on the previously mown surface. In the second case, or when the weeds are high or resistant, it is better to move the tool in two directions. 

The first movement starts from the right, and you have to cut the upper part of the grass and then proceed backward, therefore from the left, to reduce the lower part.

The square method

Now let’s talk about the square method which comes in very handy when the work area is large and flat. 

The technique consists of dividing the area into squares to be worked, starting from the outer sides and proceeding towards the center.

The striping method

When working on slopes, it is good to use the so-called strip method. You have to mow the strip parallel to the sloping surface (the movement must be from right to left or to put it another way, from top to bottom) and then go back, then move on to the next strip, above the previous one.


The brush cutter must be accelerated before cutting and decelerated at the end. This system is useful to prevent the engine from being stressed more than necessary.

How to put the brush cutter aside

With the arrival of winter, it’s time to give your brushcutter a good rest but to be sure that in spring it is efficient, there are some tips to follow. In the case of a tool with an internal combustion engine, empty the fuel tank, not before a good cleaning. To make sure there is no fuel residue, run the tool in neutral until it turns off.

Check the spark plug: if in good condition, you will notice the electrodes of a reddish or similar color, otherwise clean or replace it. The metal tool must be dismantled, cleaned, and treated with an anti-corrosion product.

 In the case of the wire, however, this must be put in the water a few days before reusing the brush cutter to improve its elasticity. Finally, to store the appliance, it must be placed in an upright position, preferably hanging on a wall.

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