How to sharpen the mower blades

Over time, the mower blades become dull, nicked, or bent. 

When this is the case, the mower blade becomes ineffective and, instead of mowing the grass, rips it. 

Sometimes, if the blade is in terrible shape, it will rip out the grass completely.

 This type of damage will subject your lawn to brown edged grass and lawn destruction, and can expose the grass to rot and disease. 

Sharpening your lawn tractor blades periodically will ease potential problems that dull blades can cause and make the process more fluid overall. 

It will also maximize the performance of your mower to ensure proper operation and long life. This is what you will need:


Step 1 – Remove the deck from the mower

First, you will need to remove the mower deck from your mower in order to get to the blades. 

How you remove the deck will depend on the type and style of mower you own. If in doubt, consult the manual.

Step 2- Remove the blade from the deck

Turn the mower deck (which houses the cutting blades) to get to the blades. 

It simply secured most with a large nut in the center. 

Place a piece of wood between the side wall of the deck and the blade to prevent the blade from rotating while removing. Use the sockets to loosen the nut.

 Once the nut is off, lift the blade up to remove it.

Step 3 – Examine the blades

Examine the blade to make sure it is not bent. If the blade is bent, you should not attempt to repair, sharpen, or reuse it. 

Once it is bent, it is scrap. If the blade is used bent or unbalanced, this will disturb the continuity of the blade rotation, which will misalign the entire cutting mechanism. 

This can increase the vibration in your machine and can ultimately ruin your lawn mower.

Step 4 – Sharpen the blades

Secure the blade to a sturdy workbench with C-clamps or a bench vise.

 You can use an angle grinder to remove large nicks or gouges in the metal, but be careful not to over grind the metal. 

Ultimately, you need to put the trim on hand. Using a large utility file, run the file in long, even strokes along the edge of the blade.

 Count your strokes, hitting the same number of strokes on each side.

Step 5 – Check the balance

You will need to check the balance of the blade to make sure one side is not heavier than the other. 

If the blade is out of balance, this can damage your mower. You can attach the blade to a shank or the handle of a screwdriver.

 If you lean to the side, hit a few more hits to the heavier side, check your balance frequently to regain your balance.

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