How to sharpen the blades of your mower easily?

If you have already reached the year of use of your lawn mower, you will surely begin to notice that it no longer cuts like the first day and that over time it has lost a little performance. But it is not to worry since it is something totally normal and is related in most cases to the sharpness of the blades of your lawnmower , it tends to wear out or may even show small grimaces, for which we can affirm that: it’s time to sharpen your lawn mower blades! and for this we will give you all the tips and advice to obtain the best result.

Before starting I want to tell you that the blades of a lawn mower must be sharpened at least once a year and a maximum of 3 or 4 times throughout its useful life , exceeding these deadlines I recommend that you think about changing the blades by new ones to return to have the maximum performance in the cut.

How are the blades removed from the lawn mower?

Before starting, I recommend the use of all the necessary protection and safety measures for the occasion, these can be gloves, glasses or work clothes, etc. The first thing to keep in mind is if your lawnmower is gasoline or electric, since if you use gasoline first of all you must completely empty the fuel tank, since when removing the blades you will have to tip the machine to one side, with the Possibility of spilling all flammable liquid. After checking this you must do the following:

  • Disconnect the power cord of your electric lawn mower to prevent it from starting and thus avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Disconnect the spark plug if you have a gasoline powered lawn mower.
  • Now you must turn the mower to one side and, if possible, place a wooden block, to block the blades so that they cannot rotate freely.
  • Clever! Now loosen the screw of the blades by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Tip: the blades are embedded in a unique position, to remember how to mount them again I recommend marking them with some tape or an ink marker indicating the correct position, since a very common mistake is to place them upside down after performing the sharp.
  • The next step is to clean the blades using a cloth with a little soap and water, the idea is that you can remove all the remains of grass, dry grass or mud that usually clings to them. Then it is important to dry them well or leave them in the sun for a while. 
  • We are now ready to sharpen the blades!

Sharpening the blades

Once we have the clean and disassembled blades of our lawnmower, the most important thing is the sharpening process. The main thing in this step is that if you do not have tools to sharpen or do not present much knowledge of how to do it, it may be better to take your blades to a professional to sharpen them and make them perfect. But if you want to learn and you dare to do it yourself, you must understand that the blades of a lawn mower can be sharpened only in two ways: Manual sharpening or machine sharpening, I will explain below how each of them is.

Sharpening blades manually

  • To sharpen the blades by hand, you will need an adjustment press, or any other tool that allows you to fix the blades to a bench. The key is that they remain fixed while we work.
  • Another tool that you will need is a metal file, which will perform the sharpening process of the blades of your lawnmower.
  • When you are ready, place the file at a 45 ° angle and make long strokes on the blade until you notice that the edge is shiny and smooth, without any grimace.
  • It is not necessary to achieve an extreme edge on the blades, as long as you notice that they present some cutting is enough, since they turn quickly, they will cut the grass without any problem.

Sharpen the blades with electric machines

This step differs from the previous one because the sharpening is done with some type of power tool . I recommend that you always wear protective glasses or goggles and gloves, to protect yourself from sparks and small pieces of hot metal that are expelled when sharpening the blades.

  • The first thing you should do is fix the cutting blades to your workbench, using an adjustment press or some other tool that fulfills the same function, the idea is that they are well attached and do not move when we work.
  • You can use a disc grinder suitable for metal, belt sander or mini drill with a sharpening accessory for metal.
  • In case you opt for the grinder or belt sander , keep in mind that the correct angle to sharpen the blades is 40-45º degrees, carrying out the process until the edge is shiny without sharpening too much.
  • If you prefer to use a mini drill, you can investigate that within the accessories that most of these tools bring, it contains a special file for sharpening gardening tools, this presents the optimal angle of sharpening so you do not have to worry.

How to mount the blades again?

When we already carry out the process of sharpening the mower blades, it is time to place them again and for that I recommend the following:

  • Coloca the cutting blades in their correct position . Pre-marking them is a good way to identify the correct side.
  • Now you must lubricate the area of ​​the adjustment bolt of the blades, for this you can use a little lubricant of the type WD-40, these generally prevent them from rusting.
  • The last step is to tighten the adjusting bolt clockwise. Remember to tighten firmly and keeping in mind that the blades can rotate freely.

Clever! You have already achieved that your lawn mower is optimal again and in perfect condition to continue maintaining your green spaces. 

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