How to replace your truck’s brake shoes

Replacing truck brake shoes as soon as they begin to show problems is imperative to maintaining a safe driving condition. Truck brake shoes provide additional power to the truck. If the truck’s brake shoes are not working properly, it will cause the truck to skid, and the braking power is also drastically reduced; Therefore, it is a question of safety and life. Do not neglect it. Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Step 1 – Preparation Stage One

Make sure to park the truck in an open area. The ground on which the truck is parked must be level.

Step 2 – Preparation Stage Two

Chock the wheels to block the truck’s movement. With the help of a jack, lift the truck. Make sure the jack stand provides the required support. Also be sure to use all equipment with extreme care.


Step 3 – Brake drums

With the help of a wrench, preferably a lug wrench, remove the wheels from their grooves. This will give you access to the brake drums.

Step 4 – Remove the brake drum

To remove the brake drum from its groove, spray the area with penetrating oil. Use a hammer to hit the brake. This will remove the brake drum.

Step 5 – Alternative

If the brake drum refuses to move, you can access the brake shoe from the backing plate area.

Step 6 – How?

Locate the adjusting screw that goes through the backing plate. This will help you access the brake shoe.

Step 7 – Fix

Now go through all the parts of the brake and break the drum. Look for the usual effects of wear and tear and check for fuel leaks from the brakes.

Step 8 – return springs

The next step is to dismantle all the return springs. Do this meticulously to get a good reference point.

Step 9 – Actuator

Release the actuator link from the anchor pin and the rear shoe. Remove all spring assemblies by depressing the spring retaining pin.

Step 10 – Brake shoes

Now remove the truck brake shoe adjuster and brake strut. These are located near the wheel cylinder. Clean the truck brake shoe adjuster and use grease to lubricate the threads. Remove the old brake shoes from the truck.

Step 11 – Plate

Spray the brake cleaner on the backing plate. This will help clean the backing plate. Use emery cloth to equalize the contact points of the truck’s brake shoes. Follow with grease lubrication.

Step 12 – Installing the new brake shoes

Follow the reverse of the removal process to install the truck brake shoes. Do not expose the face of the new installation to dirt and grease. Lower the truck and take it for a test drive.

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