How to fix a scratching mower deck

The platform your mower has provided excellent service for some years. However, over time, all things become less reliable and less capable of doing their job. This is no different for a mower deck. There are several problems that can happen to a mower deck device, including streaks left on the lawn. A few tools and a few safe procedures will get your mower deck working properly again in no time.


Step 1: safety comes first

A mower deck is a dangerous piece of lawn and garden equipment. Make sure there is no way to feed the blades before performing any maintenance on the mower deck. If the mower deck is equipped with an exposed spark plug, the safest method of eliminating the hazard is to unplug the spark plug connector and cover it with electrical tape to prevent the spark plug from making contact. Also make sure the gas tank is empty as well, to reduce the possibility of spills.

Step 2: inspect your mower deck

Look at the underside of your mower deck. If you see nicks or flaws in the mower blade, this can cause scratch problems. Put on your safety glasses and gloves. Use the mower blade sharpener or round file to sharpen the blades. If you don’t use safety devices, you could have metal shavings in your eyes or splinters in your hands. It is always better to be safe. If your blades are broken or warped, then it is time to replace the blades.

Step 3: clean the mower deck undercarriage

If excess grass builds up under the mower around the blades, then the mower will not do its job properly. Wearing gloves, use the scraper to remove excess grass. If the grass is dry, it will scrape easily. If the grass is wet, which is usually when it sticks to the mower, the job can be more complicated, but not difficult.

Step 4: Adjust Your Mower Deck

If you’ve used your mower for a couple of years, the deck may have become uneven. This will prevent the blades of your mower from cutting the grass evenly and can cause scratches in the cut. Use pliers or an adjustable wrench to adjust each wheel until the mower deck is level on the ground. Many have markings to ensure each wheel fits the same.

Step 5: reselling

Another way that streaks can appear on your lawn is your scalp. When your ground is not level and your mower is too low, your lawn will begin to descale, or show grass in some areas and shaved ground in high areas. The stripes look good. Adjust the mower deck higher to give an appearance of level ground.

Step 5: engine speed

If your mower’s motor runs slowly, you can get streaks from the blades that don’t move fast enough to cut evenly. Run high speed to reduce this problem.

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