How to change the air filter of a lawnmower

mower that doesn’t run smoothly or is sometimes difficult to start may not get the air it needs. This lack of air can be caused by a clogged or dirty air filter. You will find this type of problem easy to correct by changing the filter. Follow these 6 easy steps for a successful project.

Step 1 – Locate your filter

If you need a new mower filter to replace one that is dirty or damaged, you will need to know what type of filter your mower uses. To determine this, locate your mower’s filter, its housing, and the screw or bolt that holds the cover in place. You will recognize the filter and its housing by its cylindrical or square shape.


Step 2 – Remove the filter

Remove the filter cap. If the filter housing is square or rectangular, you will likely need to remove a bolt and nut that hold the filter cover in place. Once you have removed the cover, take out the filter and examine it. If it appears dirty, damaged, or clogged with oil, it may need to be replaced.

Some dirty filters can be cleaned. Paper filters are an exception. When immersed in cleaning fluid, they tend to lose their shape and filtering qualities. Consequently, paper filters should always be replaced when dirty.

Step 3 – Purchase the correct replacement

Write down the make and model of your mower, as well as the position of its filter. Most cutoff filters are available at home improvement stores. You can avoid buying the wrong filter by bringing your dirty filter and / or the name and model of your mower to the store.

Step 4: prepare your mower to receive a new filter

Examine the surfaces near the filter opening for dirt or debris that could enter your lawnmower engine and cause damage to sensitive components. If oil, grease or gasoline residue is present, remove it with a cloth and solvent so that it does not inadvertently contaminate your new filter or enter the mower engine.

Step 5 – Install new filter

Insert the new filter into its compartment. If it does not fit properly, avoid forcing it. If it is not as intended, it will not filter as it should. If it’s a paper filter, remember to insert it so that air flows through it in the right direction.

Step 6 – Test the filter

Start the engine to test if the mower will work properly with the new filter. A good engine will tell you that the new filter has been successfully replaced.

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