How to assemble a push mower

Assembling a store bought push mower is a fairly easy task that shouldn’t take you more than an hour. The manufacturer has already assembled most of the mower parts at the factory. They leave only the bulky parts that are too intrusive to ship fully assembled. The following will provide a guide to help you assemble your push mower. You may not need all of the supplies below. Sometimes they include everything you need in the box.

Step one, empty the box

Empty the shipping carton of all parts and pieces. Sort the parts so you can find them as needed. The motor and blade will already be attached to the frame. In some cases, you can also find the rear wheels already assembled.


Step two make it roll

Establish what parts you will need to assemble the wheels and attach them to the frame. You will likely only need to attach the front wheels, if at all, due to the self-propelled characteristics on lawn mowers.

Step three, the handles

The push mechanism is made up of two parts. Attach the bottom piece first, then the top one. You will need to pass the pull wire through the guides so that the handle is accessible from the top or center of the push handle. Make sure you are on the correct side so that the throttle and self-propel guide are in the correct positions.

Step four, oil

A new mower will not come with any fluid in the engine. You will need to add the oil before starting the mower. Make sure to use a synthetic oil. Your owner’s manual should state what type of mower you take. If you use the wrong type of oil, you could end up spending more money on your mower repair later on.

Step five, gas

Electric mowers aside, you will never be able to start your push mower if you forget the gas. Fill the gas tank and prime the engine. Usually there is a red, yellow, or black prime button.

Step six, set it up

All four mower wheels will adjust to cut the grass at the correct height. The front and back heights do not need to be uniform, but will create a more uniform cut if they are. You should only remove about a third of the growth, so keep this in mind when setting your heights.

Step seven, get started

After you have primed the engine, hold down the accelerator and pull the rope. You may have to do this a couple of times for it to work. Let the engine run a bit to burn off any debris. You can use your new lawnmower now or on your next scheduled garden day.

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