Everything You Need To Know To Use The Chainsaw Safely

When handling such a tool, the attention must be maximum. You need to know what you are doing and, above all, put all the necessary precautions in place.

A chainsaw is a powerful tool. It can be used to cut down big trees, imagine how long it could take to cut a leg or an arm; you wouldn’t even have time to notice. Maybe the introduction is a bit splatter, and rightly we are not here to talk about the new film by Rob Zombie but about safety … safety in the use of the chainsaw, which also has an important role in the films of the musician above/director. The best-selling chainsaw should be used with due caution and skill. You need to know how to handle it, and that’s what we’ll try to explain here.


Clothing and equipment

Let’s start with the simple things: how do you dress and equip yourself to be ready to use the chainsaw? It is necessary to wear tight clothes with cut protection and that in no way can get caught in the brushwood, or in the chainsaw itself. If you have long hair, pick it up and tie it up. Do not use scarves. On the feet should be worn boots with anti-cut shelter, steel toe, and non-slip sole. The helmet must be worn if there is a danger of falling objects. Protect your eyes with specific glasses or visor and ear protection. Hands should be protected with sturdy and reliable work gloves.


Starting the engine

When starting the chainsaw engine, you must be at least three meters away from the refueling point and never in a closed place. The start-up must be done on a flat surface and after having assumed a stable and safe position. No one must be within the range of the tool, and the chain brake must be locked before starting.



The correct way to hold the tool is fundamental. The grip must be firm. The right-hand goes to the rear handle while the left hand to the front one. Fingers should be held firmly closed around the handles. This also applies to left-handed people as this position reduces the effects of kickback while ensuring better control of the chainsaw.

The one-handed grip should be avoided. However, there are cases where it is necessary as when pruning. Such a handle should only be put in place by specialized personnel and only if you have a 100% stable working position.


Beware of kickbacks

In most cases, when a backlash occurs, it is of a limited entity. However, more violent and, therefore, dangerous cannot be excluded. It is necessary to avoid or limit the favor of the repercussions that mainly occur during the limbing works. The precautions to be taken are as always a stable position and make sure that there are no objects in the vicinity that could cause loss of balance.

In particular, if the necessary caution is not applied, the cutting section of the blade could accidentally come into contact with a branch or other, thus causing the backlash. Much attention must be paid when working with the push chain or with the upper part of the blade since the chain tends to push the chainsaw backward. An insufficiently firm grip could result in an accident. The chainsaw must never be used at a height higher than the shoulders.


For pruning branches above shoulder height

If you have to see branches placed at a height higher than your shoulders, you do not have to climb a ladder but on a platform raised by a hydraulic lifting arm. Of course, everything must comply with the legal requirements. Such work should only be carried out by specialized personnel.


How to refuel

In the case of an internal combustion engine chainsaw, there is a need to refuel; this must be done with the engine off and cold, so if the chainsaw was in use, wait for the time necessary for the engine to cool down. The engine must never be started if there are drops of oil or fuel on the chainsaw. You must wait for any fuel remains to evaporate. All this serves to prevent fires.

It is advisable to regularly check that there are no leaks from the tank cap or the supply pipes. The tool, as well as the fuel, must be kept in a ventilated place and at a safe distance from flames or heat sources.


How to cut

When cutting, the engine must always be kept at its maximum power, when the cut is complete, it must be decelerated to avoid engine failure. It is important that the wood to be cut does not separate by breaking. Also, the chain must not come into contact with the ground or other objects during and at the end of the cut. Needless to say, when using the chainsaw, the concentration must be maximum. You should not use it if you are fatigued or have taken drugs that can slow down reflexes. Don’t drink alcohol before going to work.

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