Differences Among the Electric, Petrol, And Battery Powered Lawnmowers

Is a lawnmower with an internal combustion engine or an electric one better? Let’s find out the differences and which one can best suit your garden.

If you are thinking of laying a lawn in your garden or sowing it, you will know very well that you will have to mow it regularly. To do this, you will need to have a lawnmower, but you probably already know this too. What you don’t know, or more simply, you don’t decide, is which lawn mower to buy. We do not make it a question of the brand (however, that too is important) but of functioning or, to be even more specific, of power.

You have to choose between a good electric, battery or petrol lawnmower. The indecision about it is understandable if you have never owned a machine like this before, so we intend to clarify our article by explaining the differences between the three types above and helping you understand which one is most suitable for you.


The electric lawnmower

Let’s start with the electric lawnmower, that is, powered by the domestic electrical network. You will have already understood that to operate such a machine it is essential that the cable is connected to an outlet, consequently freedom of movement is limited to the length of the cable mentioned above. 

This could give rise to immediate preconceptions in you, but we assure you that the electric lawnmower is not a solution to be discarded a priori.

The basic condition is to have an electrical outlet in the garden if present you are already well advanced. Who is such a lawnmower useful to? Certainly for those who have a garden of a few square meters but also for those who need a light machine, easy to transport even by hand, which does not make too much noise and does not pollute.


The battery mower

The substantial difference between the electric lawnmower and the one with battery is in the absence of the cable. Therefore there is total freedom of movement whose only impediment may be the battery life. Such a lawnmower is suitable for small and medium lawns

However, if you check the specifications, you will notice how many square meters the model you like is suitable. Also, in this case, we are talking about a very light machine, easy to transport manually, silent and non-polluting.

Of course, the battery-powered model could disappoint a little for the power, but it is an easily avoided problem: just do not make the grass grow too much or mow it when it is damp if not even wet but these are rules that apply regardless of the type of mower. In the category of battery-powered lawnmowers, we also want to include another type of machine: the robot mower, also powered by batteries.

The big advantage offered by a robot is that you don’t have to do anything, think there are models that, once programmed arrive on their own, complete the job and return to the charging station. Depending on the case, it may be necessary to install a perimeter wire to delimit the work area, but some robots do not need it.


The lawnmower with an internal combustion engine

The lawnmower with a combustion engine is suitable for medium to large lawns. It is a powerful machine that allows you to complete the job quickly. It must be said that it is heavy, so if you have to carry it by hand without being able to use the wheels, it can be a problem. 

It is quite noisy and emits a bad smell due to the burning of fuel which could also impregnate your clothes. Another thing to keep in mind is that compared to electric or battery models, it requires much more maintenance. In this category, we also insert the tractor. It is a machine that is used for really large lawns and is characterized by having a driving position, therefore a steering wheel, brake, accelerator and seat.


The collector

The talk about cutting and the collector can be done in general as it does not depend on the type of feeding. The first thing to think about is the cutting width and height. Let’s start with the first. The greater the width of the cut, the sooner you finish the job because fewer steps are needed. 

However, if there are narrow passages, an excessive cutting width makes it impossible to act with the mower in certain areas of your garden so consider this aspect before choosing your mower.

Depending on the model, the height can be adjusted on several levels. These can be 3, 5, 6 and so on. Check out not only how many cutting levels a mower offers but also the minimum and maximum height. The mower may or may not have the mulching function; do not underestimate this feature but let’s explain what it is. 

In practice, the blade chops the grass into very small parts; these are left on the ground fertilizing it. It is a practice that greatly benefits your lawn but also eliminates the hassle of disposing of the cut grass.

That a mower has the mulching function does not mean it does not have a collector, choose a model with a collector large enough for your lawn so as not to have to interrupt work to empty it. You can also opt for a model ch, and in addition to the collector, it also has a side discharge.

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