Purchase of lawn mower spark plugs

Mower spark plugs have an extremely long life. In all likelihood, you will go ahead and replace a full lawnmower engine or two before you actually need to replace your spark plug. However, the spark plugs need to be replaced occasionally. Sometimes they’re faulty in some way, damaged by improper use, or miraculously you’ve managed to wear it out … Read more

Prepare your lawn for spring now

Our patios are often our pride and joy, a reflection of our attention to detail and care, and perhaps even the talk of the city. We all strive for shiny grass with perfect stripes that rival the cut of a golf course, but by now many of us sigh with relief as the mower is put … Read more

How to choose the right lawnmower

While fertilizer, water, and weed control will do wonders for growing a lush lawn, the proper mowing will enhance vitality and appearance even more. As mowing helps reduce weeds and improve the drive and texture of your lawn, proper mowing techniques strengthen your lawn and help your lawn help itself. But before you rush out to buy … Read more

Lawn Maintenance: Caring for Your New Lawn

Replacing the mower starter cable

Installing grass can facilitate the development of your lawn. However, if someone did not well care it for in the beginning. It may not prosper, causing you to start over with your efforts. Here are some ways to identify the proper care for your new lawn. 1. Watering the lawn It is imperative that you wet your … Read more