Paved Garden : Is It Really A Good Idea?

Paved Garden

He’s stronger than you: if you don’t see at least some concrete, you feel uncomfortable. After all, you grew up in the city, even if you wanted a green space. Then finally the opportunity of your life to invest your savings: a small house on the outskirts with a garden. You immediately noticed that the outdoor space was uncared for, after all the house had been uninhabited for quite a while.

Plants: You Can Avoid Killing Them

With plants you are a disaster, none survive. Let’s find out why and how to avoid making them wilt after a short time.

Despite your good intentions, you just can’t help letting the plants wither. You like them, they beautify your apartment (as long as they are green and luxuriant) but they do not last long. Before you make the final decision to switch to fake plants that don’t need care, at most a dusting, make one last try.

The Right Flowers For Your Planters

There is a clear difference between a balcony or terrace with or without a planter. A bare balcony is sad, anonymous, and the same goes for a terrace. Nature provides many colors that can also brighten the exterior of a house in the city. But is it enough to take a couple of vases and put flowers in them? Absolutely not. The touch of color must be given with a certain criterion and mind you, it’s not just a matter of taste. The flowers should be chosen carefully but we will talk about them in detail in a moment hoping that you will have the pleasure of reading our article on how to choose the right flowers for the best planters .

Top 7 Best Garden Greenhouses For Beginner [ 2020 Reviews ]

You are probably owners of a small vegetable garden, and using a greenhouse has never crossed your mind because maybe you think they are useful only for abundant crops, flowers, and vegetables. This is not the case, and in fact, small models are available, which can be easily installed anywhere or almost.  But why can … Read more

How To Build A Planter

 There are several ways to make this object with your own hands. We offer you three, all simple and fast. Going to a store specializing in gardening items to buy a planter is a convenient solution but do you know what’s even more convenient? Buy planters sold online . Do you know, however, what gives … Read more

Say It With A Flower: Florography

In the nineteenth century florography was a fairly widespread way of communicating (in any case since the Middle Ages flowers were assigned a symbolic meaning), the practice was lost or almost lost, even if red roses are still a must among lovers, especially when there is something to be forgiven … escapades included. Of course, red roses are also a weapon of conquest but it must be said that the results are not obvious. However, we are not here to talk about how to conquer a woman but more generally about the meaning of the flowers with which, perhaps, to embellish the planters sold online .