7 Best Commercial Lawn Mower -Guide To Buying One

Best Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Lawn maintenance work can become tedious without the right tools , especially if you have a large lot. Currently the market offers a wide range of possibilities for buying lawn mowers  and going through all the options can seem overwhelming. That’s why we included in this guide a list of the 7 best lawnmowers, the best-selling and best-rated models by … Read more

Paved Garden : Is It Really A Good Idea?

Paved Garden

He’s stronger than you: if you don’t see at least some concrete, you feel uncomfortable. After all, you grew up in the city, even if you wanted a green space. Then finally the opportunity of your life to invest your savings: a small house on the outskirts with a garden. You immediately noticed that the outdoor space was uncared for, after all the house had been uninhabited for quite a while.

Plants: You Can Avoid Killing Them

With plants you are a disaster, none survive. Let’s find out why and how to avoid making them wilt after a short time.

Despite your good intentions, you just can’t help letting the plants wither. You like them, they beautify your apartment (as long as they are green and luxuriant) but they do not last long. Before you make the final decision to switch to fake plants that don’t need care, at most a dusting, make one last try.

[ 2020 Reviews ] 8 Best Snow Plows For Side By Sides

Those who live in areas that are annually hit by snow must necessarily equip themselves for the best so that they can live their lives with absolute normalcy, trying to minimize the inconvenience that storm causes when it falls copiously and incessantly. It often happens that passages or even doors remain obstructed, and therefore this … Read more

[ 2020 Reviews ] Top 5 Best Walking Tractors For Garden

Cultivating a vegetable garden is a passion, a hobby that unites many people who want, perhaps, to eat healthy products, free of or almost pesticides (some use them anyway) and above all always fresh; other than from the producer to the consumer because if you have your backyard, you are both. Creating a vegetable garden … Read more

Say It With A Flower: Florography

In the nineteenth century florography was a fairly widespread way of communicating (in any case since the Middle Ages flowers were assigned a symbolic meaning), the practice was lost or almost lost, even if red roses are still a must among lovers, especially when there is something to be forgiven … escapades included. Of course, red roses are also a weapon of conquest but it must be said that the results are not obvious. However, we are not here to talk about how to conquer a woman but more generally about the meaning of the flowers with which, perhaps, to embellish the planters sold online .