10 Best Walk Behind Commercial Mower [ Updated 2021]

We all know that having the lawn in perfect condition is not an easy job but with the best economic lawnmowers on the market they become much easier, hence the importance of knowing how to choose your low cost electric lawnmower.

With different ways of cutting and collecting the cut grass according to your taste, its characteristics will tell you what battery mower offer to buy, because really everything will depend on the use and the way you want to give it and so you can start comparing the best prices on machines mower.

Do your work simple and with little effort with these good and cheap lawnmowers you will not regret it and the great choice you can do with this comparison on discounts on electric lawnmowers.

10 Best Walk Behind Commercial Mower [ Updated 2021]

Greenworks 3-in-1 Electric Mower

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A team of high quality power will give you the best results, giving you the best satisfaction in the middle court, with a power of 1500 W which is highlighted in the dense vegetation pruning and difficult.

It contains an adjustment of the cutting height between 5 levels, having a large grass collection bag with a capacity of 38 liters that also indicates the fill level, with an integrated handle for easy transport.

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What do other buyers think?

Excellent lawn mower is of a good range, resistant that I do not change for any other model.

Worx WG779 Power Share

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An agile and light model on any type of terrain thanks to its high wheels that make it easy to carry it on difficult terrain, with a great power of 1700 W that offers more than optimal results even in high vegetation.

It offers you a 43 cm width of the cut, with 6 levels of cut adjustment so you can position it as you wish, it can also be easily stored with a folding structure, with a 52 L tank capacity with fill alarm.

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What do other buyers think?

“I really like this model, it has everything I need for my garden, with a great lightness and with an electrical power that I  recommend.”

Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc

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It’s the fastest way to get a totally manicured lawn, with its 1200W power, its way to cut long and thick grass efficiently and effortlessly, ensuring precise cutting.

With a simple handling, it is very comfortable to use, so that you can adjust the cutting height in 3 levels and it is ideal for cutting edges along fences with great precision, with a compact and lightweight design.

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What do other buyers think?

With this mower it allows me to maximize all types of grass thickness, with which I make precise cuts in any proximity to walls and walls.

Greenworks Cordless Twin Force

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For high performance, look for this incredible model that makes minute cuts with its powerful 1000W motor, which you can handle lightly with its wheels with large dimensions that take care of your lawn and are of great quality.

Its rear discharge makes it easy to collect the cut grass with a 28 L tank, you can also decide what cutting height you want in its 3 available levels and its easy storage way makes it ideal for saving space.

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What do other buyers think?

“Everything I need in this model, high performance for highly professional jobs with minute cuts, I recommend it is everything you need for a manicured lawn.

Lawn-Boy Gross Torque Kohler

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It has a powerful motor that makes it ideal for very demanding jobs,  giving you a flat cut even when the vegetation is high or wet,  which makes it ideal for farms and long fields. With a practical and durable design, which makes it easy to operate.

Thanks to its grass guide it can cut the edges against walls and paths, also counting on 40 L and about 6 cutting speeds that is shown in the different cutting heights, being made of resistant materials it can support up to 70 kg.

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What should you consider before buying a mower on sale?

  1. Weight

Generally, gardening work takes a long time and requires a lot of effort. When choosing the instruments, it is best to look for those that have been manufactured with low weight materials for greater comfort when working. Make a comparison between your favorites and find the best option for you. Likewise, remember that they are equipment that you will transfer from the storage place to the garden, so weight is one of the most important characteristics when choosing.

  1. Multifunctional teams

Gardening has many activities and using a single versatile tool is a great support for garden enthusiasts. Mowing long grass, maintaining lawns, and finishing edges for a consistent garden can all be done by one team. Look for the 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 and you will see how much money you save, not only in the machine but in maintenance and storage. Take a look at the models in this comparison again and you will surely know which one to choose.

  1. Form of storage

We often have little space to store these types of tools, which by their function are always quite large. However, manufacturers have managed to improve this feature and some of them have folding handles that compact the tool for storage in small spaces. Others have the great advantage of being disassembled, being able to keep the parts separately. In any case, take a good look at this before purchasing it and cover yourself with any kind of surprise. Well, it is not only having it, but also maintaining it. Measure, calculate and conclude what suits you best.

  1. Electric cable

This is essential, most of the mowers on sale come without a cable and you will have to locate the one that corresponds to it. If among your things you have one that you can use, there is no problem. But if you do not foresee this, it is possible that the machine will arrive and you will not have how to use it, much less test it. So read well before choosing or check the opinions of other buyers and you can easily verify if your favorite model comes with the cable or not. If this is the case, buy it in parallel with the tool so that you do not waste time from the moment of arrival.

  1. Deposit box

Being quite inexpensive models, some manufacturers have dispensed with the deposit box, so you will have to collect the remains after going through the lawnmower. In this sense, look not only at the information in the summary, but at the photographs that will give you an idea of ​​the parts it brings. Likewise, by clicking on the Amazon link, you will have more details about everything that the tool brings. On the other hand, if you prefer models with a deposit box, pay close attention to the collection volume that can range from 25L to 35L, the higher the volume, the longer to work without interruptions. In the same way, check the forms that the bag brings to know if it is full: indicators, window to view, among others. 


Best dates to find cheap battery mowers

This comparison on electric lawnmowers shows you everything you need and one of them is the time to buy, because in addition to knowing where to buy your cheap lawnmower, you must also know when, that is why we give you our opinion:

  • Lawn mowers on Black Friday –It is undoubtedly one of the best known especially because they focus a lot on electronics that is why this season at the end of November they offer different products and finding a great offer on electric mowers is very useful and not complicated.
  • Lawn mowers  on Prime Day –The beginning of July is exciting since the beginning of this season where you will find the most varied offers for all types of battery mowers that you are looking for so much and with qualities that you would not imagine getting at a discount.
  • Lawnmowers  at Christmas – Get ready for the end of November to get a few deals on lawnmowers, because it is not a common product to buy on this date but do not underestimate getting the one you are looking for.
  • Lawn Mowers  on Winter Sale– We start the new year and with it the winter sales that after the Christmas shopping season can offer discounts to stimulate the purchase of lawn mowers.
  • Lawn mowers in summer sales –In addition to other times in this especially it can be a bit difficult to get electric mowers  on sale because it is a shopping season more for clothes but perhaps somewhere, especially in digital stores, you can get good offers for lawnmowers.

Tips for choosing a good electric lawn mower

To  know which electric lawnmower   you should buy, you must take into account some recommendations , such as the different models and characteristics of each one:

  • Type:An important point that  has to do with your style when mowing the lawn or   the type of machine to use , it is necessary to choose the one that offers the best results. There are manuals that are good for reviewing lawns, the electric ones are very manageable, the battery ones give you greater autonomy and the gasoline ones are more powerful, choose the one that adapts to the amount of space to be pruned.
  • Power: Both power and speed are important in this type of machine, they are expressed in watts and revolutions per minute, the  smaller the space to cover the less power we will need,  so it also has to do with the type of lawnmower because for example, those of gasoline are of greater power.
  • Cut type:In what way do you want the cut? You can choose between 3 options and this will change both the height and the width covered, the helical ones give a fine cut to millimeters, the rotary is the most common, they resist impacts and the blade is easily disassembled, while the air cushion type they are ideal for small and well-kept gardens.
  • How to collect the grass: Some models have tanks of different sizes to store the cut grass, which makes it more practical and reduces your effort, but there are also many that leave the cut grass on the lawn as you cut, which does that you have to rake and collect it, which wastes more time.
  • Mulching: It is an additional kit that some models of lawnmowers have, which makes them able to cut it into very small pieces that are evenly distributed throughout the garden and thus prevents the soil and grass from drying out, creates much less mold and fungi, allowing use it as compost for your garden.

Best quality-price lawnmower brands

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

  • Bosch – Since 1886 offers a large catalog of tools dedicated to the work area, ideal for use in the home and in industry, always focused on the stability, performance and durability of each of its products.
  • Black and Decker – It is characterized by offering highly functional electrical products that have earned the trust of the market for their quality, which is why they are one of the first options when choosing a tool.
  • Greencut – A company that complies with strict quality controls in all its products, has among its best-selling and best-valued products, the lithium battery lawn mower. It is a company dedicated to the production of agricultural and garden machinery and its dedication has led it to be the first in the market for  economic mowing machines .
  • Einhell –This company stands out for being one of the most complete, there is no service that it does not offer. Its best product is the  Power X-change system , an innovative multipurpose lithium battery that can be used by all the tools offered by this company. Provide technical support at numerous points, you will always find one near you. You cannot imagine its spectacular Premium service  with an express collection, repair and delivery system.
  • Tacklife – With the motto: the future of tools, this company is ahead in innovations with machines one of a kind. It has a great advantage that its distribution is through Amazon, since its quality is proven throughout the world. Users point it out as one of the best producers of solid and robust equipment for gardening.

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