Top 7 Best Robot Mowers For Steep Slopes [ Updated 2021]

You want labor-free lawn upkeep because your yard is hilly, correct?

Check through product reviews to learn about various lawn mowers in the market.

What could be better than enjoying your garden, perhaps with a swimming pool and a drink in your hand?

Ok, we are sure that there is something better as a famous film producer says, everything can be improved, and everything is perfectible.

 But that’s not the point. If you have a garden and a mega swimming pool, it is likely that you also have a gardener who will take care of it.

But in the unfortunate event that it doesn’t, it is up to you to maintain it and make sure that the lawn is impeccable.

 Your lawn’s various forms and variable gradients are well-suited to several kinds of robot lawn mowers.

The choice relies on the size and model type, so you may decide which robot mower is appropriate for you.

Choose one of the following robot lawn mowers that are especially suitable for slopes and that make it easier to maintain your yard while also saving you money on having professionals perform the work.

Hiring a TruGreen specialist to undertake these duties will get you specialized chores like aeration, fertilizer, pre-emergents, overseeding, or addressing pest concerns.

And you know, among the maintenance works that the park requires is shearing. Many use the classic mower with electric, petrol or even manual engine. 

The bigger the garden, the more the effort increases. Worx WR140 you can manage Landroid M 20V wherever the Husqvarna 310 robot lawnmower
is ideal for terrain with significant slopes.


7 Best Robot Mowers For Steep Slopes [ 2021Reviews ]

After a frantic search, we have selected what we think are the fascinating robotic lawnmowers.

We made a comparison between the models of the best brand and others from less famous manufacturers, determining a ranking. 

The hills and slopes in your yard or garden may affect how your yard or garden looks. “But can it mow on hills?” is one of the most typical queries I get for robotic lawnmowers.

While it is good news that most robotic lawn mowers can deal with hills and slopes, the bad news is that they can be temperamental.

For the slopes, however, it is important to remember many elements, including the number of wheels, wheel design, traction, weight distribution, power output, and battery life.

Faithful also to the opinions of the users, we have written a review for each of the offers that you find below.

Compare the prices of the best-selling robots online and decide if they deserve your purchase.


The Worx WR140 Landroid M 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower has collected a myriad of positive reviews written by users who are satisfied, even though the amount of spending is of some importance.

Thanks to the Wi-FI connection and a dedicated app, the robot can be programmed and especially wherever you are.

The version that we propose is suitable for a land that does not extend beyond 800 square meters but who prefers, the model for 1000 square meters land is also available.

It is equipped with AIA technology thanks to which it can pass without difficulty even in the narrowest corridors.

Take your smartphone and control the robot remotely and with zone programming, you can manage the cutting off the grass at different points in the garden as you please.

Pressing the Home button activates the cutting mode up to the edge, along a perimeter wire.

If the weather change suddenly, the rain sensor causes the robot to return immediately.

Return that occurs even when the battery is about to run out: the robot settles in its position and recharges.

If the lift sensor turns over or is lifted from the ground for any reason, it switches it off.


Worx WR140 Landroid M 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower



The robot is equipped with Wi-Fi thanks to which it can be managed even from a distance, for example, from the office or while on vacation.

AIA technology:

Even if the spaces are tight, thanks to the AIA technology, the robot can pass without difficulty and mow the grass even in awkward places.

Rain sensor:

Do not worry if you went out leaving the robot running: if it suddenly starts to rain, it goes back to the base by itself.




While there are no real flaws, some users have complained about the guidelines which they say are unclear.


The Husqvarna 310 robot lawnmower has a range of up to 200 square meters.

One of its strong points is undoubtedly the ability to work on slopes, think it has no difficulty even if this is 50% thanks to the four-wheel-drive, which also gives it excellent stability.

It does not require the use of the perimeter wire and has a battery-powered brush motor that guarantees an autonomy of two hours. Too bad that the refill is manual. Good cut quality.

I detected the grassy lawn thanks to a sensor while with the Eco Mode function it can recognize where the park has already been cut.

On the ground, tiny grass residues are left, which act as a natural fertilizer to increase the resistance of the lawn.

The blade is modular. It increases or decreases the speed depending on whether the grass is high or low.

The lift sensor is a guarantee for safety while another sensor communicates obstacles to the motherboard to allow it to learn the path: excellent materials and relatively high price.





Thanks to the four-wheel drive, the Ambrogio robot can climb a mountain or almost; hills of up to 50% certainly don’t scare him.

No perimeter wire:

Unlike many other machines of this kind, Ambrogio does not need the help of the perimeter wire to carry out its work.


Thanks to this function, minimal residues of grass remain on the lawn to become an organic fertilizer.



No Wi-Fi:

Although manageable with your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth, it does not have Wi-Fi so you will still have to be nearby to issue commands etc.

Manual charging:

When the battery runs out, it will be your responsibility to put Ambrogio back into charge, unlike other models that return to the base by themselves.


Rank #3: Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower

The Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower guarantees excellent performance.

Given the cost, perhaps it is a bit too much for the small home garden, but for those who also use its grass for professional.

We think of restaurants, hotels, football fields, etc. Miimo can be a perfect solution, whether it’s the beating sun or the rain.

The device completes the task assigned to it and does it in absolute or almost silent, so if you intend to program it to mow your lawn in the middle of the night, do not worry.

Thanks to the permanent cutting system you can continuously have the grass at the same height.

In fact, several times a week it adjusts the lawn according to the growth of the grass by 2 or 3 mm.

Cut grass should not be harvested because they shredded it enough to convert into natural fertilizer.

The cutting height that can be set is from 20 to 60 mm. Powered by a lithium battery, recharging is automatic: the robot returns to the station to regenerate the cells.

It is not an expert climber, but a maximum slope of 24 ° faces it. It is safe given the tipping sensor.


Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower



The grass is cut into small pieces that are almost invisible, left on the ground; it becomes an excellent organic fertilizer.

It also works in the rain:

The climatic conditions are not a problem, don’t worry if it suddenly starts to rain: Miimo completes his work at any cost.


It is a robot that does not disturb, use it safely at night; it will not bother you or your neighbours.




Miimo’s real sore point is its price; for some users, it may be prohibitive. Perhaps it is more suitable for those who use it professionally.


Rank #4: Robomow RS Royal 625 Pro robot lawnmower

The Robomow robotic lawn mower is suitable for land that extends up to 200 square meters.

Those who wish can set the weekly program and no longer worry about the lawn.

I can manage it through the app but does not have Wi-Fi, use Bluetooth which still forces you to stay nearby.

Compact, its blade chops the grass for mulching, therefore it is also useful for fertilizing the lawn.

The lift sensor intervenes if the robot overturns or is lifted off the ground, avoiding unpleasant inconveniences.

Recharging is automatic: when the batteries are running low, they return to their station.

The cutting height ranges from 15 to 45 mm, so it is not suitable for those who prefer 1 cm high grass or so.

As for the cutting width, it is 18 cm. Poor uphill: does not face slopes of over 15% while the price is right.


Robomow RS Royal 625 Pro robot lawnmower


Mulching function:

While mowing, your lawn fertilizes it also thanks to the release of the grass in tiny fragments that become an utterly natural fertilizer.

Automatic recharge:

There is also this critical function whereby the robot returns to its station when the batteries are low and then resumes as soon as the batteries are recharged.




If your garden has uphill areas, make sure that the slope does not exceed 15% because in that case, the robot will not be able to get there.

Minimum cutting height:

Likely, this value is not for everyone; this does not go below 15 mm.


Rank #5: Robomow RS612 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

For small gardens there is the Ambrogio L250i Elite S Plus, however, up to 350 square meters of land, there are no problems.

The device confirms the solidity of all the company’s products: excellent materials and a reliable machine are among the most obvious characteristics.

It can perform a mapping of the lawn and mow it along parallel lines avoiding continuous displacements that, in the long run, could ruin the lawn.

Another function of the Bosch robotic lawnmower that has aroused our interest is that called SmartMowing, which considers the weather to avoid the rain by establishing the best possible calendar for shearing it.

It is a machine in step with the times; in fact, I can manage it with the Alexa voice command.

Do you have garden furniture such as a bench, for example?

Activate the SpotMow function for shaving small surfaces, and you will see your robot slip under the bench. Finally, get around the obstacles.

When the battery runs out, it returns to the charging station and then resumes work from the exact point where it left off.

For the functions with which we equipped it, the price seems right to us. The only drawback, some customers have pointed out that the robot stops in case of rough terrain.


Robomow RS612 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower



This is a function that maps the lawn to perform mowing along parallel lines and not to carry out continuous and unnecessary steps that would ruin the turf.


It’s a bit like a weather station; based on the forecasts, it establishes the best possible calendar for the shearing of your green space.

Compatible with Alexa:

The Bosch robot is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa: give the voice commands, and he executes them immediately.



Rough terrain:

According to some users, the robot stops in the event of rough terrain; any depressions must be levelled.


Rank #6: Husqvarna 450X robot lawnmower

The Wiper robotic lawnmower is suitable for land sizes up to 400 square meters. The presence of the grass detection sensor means no perimeter wire is needed.

Uphill never stops as it can tackle slopes of up to 50%. It has four wheels and excellent stability.

Great autonomy with guaranteed three hours of work. By the way, they equip it with a charging station but does not go back on its own with other models.

They equipped it with all the safety systems thanks to a series of sensors. Easy to use, there is no possibility of interacting with a smartphone and perhaps with a voice assistant.

However, it must be said that this is not a very recent model, and it is essential that is why the sale price seems excessive.

In conclusion, we want to have our say on the design that would have required a more significant commitment: this aspect has been little cared for by the manufacturer.


 Husqvarna 450X robot lawnmower


Right uphill:

The robot performs very well uphill: thanks to its four wheels and the power of the engine it can tackle slopes of up to 50%.


Commendable autonomy, thanks to which the robot can work continuously for three hours.



It is not smart:

The robot is not a very recent model and can also be seen from the absence of some functions such as the possibility of interacting with a smartphone or a voice assistant.

Manual reloading:

Despite having its beautiful charging station, it does not return on its own, so it is up to the user to take care of it.


Rank #7 : Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower has been saying good things for many years.

Relying on an item from this company means having the guarantee of a machine that lasts over time and is built with excellent materials.

The Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower is suitable for the land of 600 square meters.

But those who need it can divert their gaze to the R1000, which comes to mow lawns per thousand square meters.

There is a “but”, the battery runtime, which is approximately one hour.

If you seriously have many meters of lawn to mow, you would hardly be complete the job on a single charge.

The perimeter wire also appears to be insufficient to cover the maximum distance.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, very few own such extensive gardens and therefore you should have no problems.

You can program when the robot works, day or night, in the rain or the sun.

I finely chopped the grass to become fertilizer for the soil. While not very complicated to use, the instructions are not very clear.


Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower


Build quality:

Rob R600 confirms the good things that have been said for years about the build quality of McCulloch products: it is a reliable machine.


Do not be afraid to set the schedule even at night because the robot is so silent that no one will feel disturbed by it.




We would have expected something more from the battery which, after about an hour, needs to be recharged.


It will not take you long to familiarize yourself with the robot, but for the first few times, the unclear instructions will not help you.



Extreme Consumer Products Heavy Duty Automatic Lawnmower Boundary Wire

The perimeter wire for robotic lawnmowers is indispensable for most of these machines.

The package always includes a few hundred meters of wire, but it is not still enough.

Moreover, it can happen that it breaks, maybe for a too lively dog it has a suitable thickness, generally higher than that supplied with the robots, and it is very resistant and available in lengths from 1 meter up to 800.

Inside there is perfect quality copper and is suitable for all Husqvarna Automower brand robots.


Buying Guide - Best Robot Mowers For Steep Slopes

The size of the garden

How to choose an excellent robotic lawnmower? Chance can not make the choice of the best robot mowers for steep slopes of 2020. Much depends on the size but also the conformity of the terrain.

You should know that there are robotic lawnmowers on the market designed for small gardens and others for larger ones.

The first tip is to check among the specifications of the model that tickle your interest, and check how many square meters is recommended.

Many gardens are flat, but others may have a particular slope. In cases of demanding slopes.

It is better to buy the best lawnmower robot with the four-wheel-drive so that it can go uphill with no kind of problem.

Attention because very often, these models are not on sale at low prices.


Artificial intelligence

One of the biggest concerns for those interested in buying a new robotic lawnmower is whether this requires the constant presence of a person who checks that everything is going well.

I equipped the latest models with artificial intelligence and in particular sensors capable of recognizing obstacles and avoiding them after learning the route.

In this way, if there are flower beds, trees, boulders and more in your garden, don’t worry, it will take care of your whole robot. There are smart models that can even be managed with the smartphone.

Automatic or semi-automatic

When you ask yourself which robotic lawnmower to buy, they called you to choose among other features, even between an automatic or semi-automatic model.

The latter is cheaper than the former, but clearly, something is missing. Let’s see what the substantial difference is.

You should know that these robots are battery-powered, an essential condition to allow them to move freely throughout the garden.

As you know, however, eventually, the battery will run out. With an automatic robot, when the battery reaches the minimum level, it returns by itself to the charging station.

The semi-automatic model works until it stops and therefore it is up to the man to put it in recharge.


You can’t cut the grass in case of rain, but the robot does, or rather, some models. Among the features that these machines can have is their ability to work even in the pouring rain.

I know it is a quality to be taken into consideration when you are worried about where to buy a robot mower.


Keep a trimmer handy

The robotic lawnmower saves a lot of tedious work, we have said it before and reiterate it now. Unfortunately, we have to give you bad news.

There are cases where it is necessary to refine; in short, you must get your hands dirty.

There are edges to be cut because maybe the grass grows near a wall or step, and the robot cannot get there.

That’s why you should also have a lawn trimmer available to eliminate those tufts of grass escaped from the robot.


Frequent questions -Best Robot Mowers For Steep Slopes

How does a robot mower work?

The operation of a robotic lawnmower is practically automatic. At the moment of switching on an access, password or pin is required and depending on the models.

It maps the lawn, or it can move along a perimeter established by the user. Again, according to the model, weekly programming can be set.

Others can receive commands from a voice assistant or be managed with a smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

How to install a robotic lawnmower?

Most times, a perimeter wire must be placed to delimit the work area. The fence should be placed on the lawn and fixed with pegs.

Soon the cable will be hidden by the grass. There is a second possibility, but it requires more work: the cable can be buried at 4 or 5 cm.

What is guidewire?

The guidewire should not be confused with the boundary wire. This is the thread that allows robots with automatic charging to return to the station.

One end of this wire must be connected to the perimeter and the other to the station.

Is the robotic lawnmower recommended for people suffering from grass allergies or hay fever?

Absolutely yes! First, it is unnecessary to be present when the robot mows the grass thus avoiding any contact with it.

The grass is then kept so low that allergens are not dispersed in the air.


How to use - Best Robot Mowers For Steep Slopes

Thanks to the robotic lawnmower, mowing the lawn is no longer tedious. This little contraption does the job for you and maybe even better than you would.

But right, some have some doubts. Perhaps they fear they will complicate it to use. We intend to show you that this is not the case.

You make the first cut

If the grass is tall, the robot may not mow it. That’s why chances are you need to make a preparation cut.

Once this is done, you will no longer have to intervene. It will be enough for the robot to go into action regularly.

Arrange the boundary wire

Many models require the use of a perimeter wire with which the work area is delimited. Especially if the garden is large, the operation could tire but above all, boring.

The cable should be placed along the perimeter and fixed with pegs so that it does not move. Soon the grass will cover it without this causing difficulty for the robot.

But if you want to do an excellent job, you can bury it under a few centimetres of the ground.

When the boundary wire is not needed

The most advanced and expensive robot models do not need the perimeter wire and can map the lawn.

Here, you won’t have to do anything, just start the robot.

Think about the edges

The robot cannot finish the edges. Here you need your intervention with an edge cutter.

The robot reaches tight spaces, but these must not be less than 60 cm to allow the machine to pass.

Start the robot

Usually, to start the robot, you must enter a PIN code, which is also useful if someone steals it since, without knowing the system, the robot is unusable.

After inserting the pin, you can start by pressing the start button. Some models allow weekly programming.

The recharge

Refilling can be manual or automatic. It is essential to know that robots have a charging station.

With the models with manual reloading, we must bring them back to the base while those with automatic recharge will return there by themselves as soon as the battery reaches the limit.

What to do when the lawn is sloping

The lawn has slopes, some quite significant. We must consider this before identifying the right robot model.

In case of the hill, it is better to make robots with four-wheel drive but to be more precise it is important to check in the specifications the percentage of the hill that the model can face.

Final Talk - Best Robot Mowers For Steep Slopes

Feel free to also check out our other article on the Best Robotic Lawn Mowers in 2021 for more information on this and other models.

After reading this post, maybe you are better able to comprehend how robotic lawn mowers calculate their mowing capability on hills and slopes.

To learn more about robotic lawn mowers and robotic vacuum cleaners, please contact us with questions!

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