[ 2020 Reviews ] 8 Best Pressure Washer For Home Use

To remove particularly stubborn dirt, you have to use strong manners in the case of a terrace or perhaps a garage notoriously battered by grease and other resistant dirt, the best pressure washers for home use, which uses the power of water to remove and eliminate dirt.

 It is a very fast and effective system that saves time but, above all, effort. The use is, therefore, simple for everyone.

If we have aroused your interest, immediately take a look at these two high-pressure cleaners. Still, if they do not completely convince you, we have reserved many other models for you: the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer allows you to control the pressure easily. At the same time, the Generac 7019 Gas Powered Pressure Washer  is equipped with several accessories.


8 Best Pressure Washer For Home Use – Ranking In 2020

To allow a better evaluation of the suggested pressure washers and write a review for each one taking into account the opinions expressed by consumers, we have organized them according to a ranking. 

In addition to the best brand high-pressure cleaners, we will also offer you other lesser-known ones that will surprise you. If you are interested in a particular model, we recommend a link that suggests where to buy the item.


The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer models are among the best sellers, there are many, in fact, to esteem this brand. But what is interesting about the Karcher K5 Full Control Home pressure washer? A lot of things in reality, but let’s go in order. 

First of all, power and pressure are easy to control, just turn the Vario Power lance and view the pressure level used on display. Moreover, pressure can be changed simply according to the type of surface to be treated.

The pressure ranges from 20 to 145 bar and is adjustable according to three levels, but we must say that it has not satisfied everyone with regards to power. The mix position is used if you want to use detergent. By the way, the system for applying the detergent is very convenient: the bottle can be replaced with a simple gesture. The maximum flow rate, however, is 500 l / h.

The range of accessories is very good, including the AP Full Control gun, the lance, the dirt-eating nozzle, and the surface washer. Accessories that are conveniently placed in the appropriate compartment so that they are always at hand. Not all consumers said they were happy with the quality of the materials, in their opinion, not very resistant, especially about the price paid.



Pressure control:

The system is very convenient, and the level is easily kept insight on display.


The equipment is generous, and then they can all be contained in the appropriate compartment so that they are always at hand.




Many users believe that the pressure does not have great power, and some advance the suspicion is less than that declared.


We would have expected something more first of all for the prestige of the brand, but above all, for the price of the pressure washer.


The Generac 7019 Gas Powered Pressure Washer delivers water with a 160 bar pressure and has a power of 2500 W. The flow rate is 510 l / h. This new model is suitable for home use, and you can already understand it from a quick look at the materials which, to be honest, are not exciting.

The plastic used appears fragile; in particular, the spear has given more problems in the sense that complaints are read in several reviews. Specifically, it seems to break easily; maybe it doesn’t hold water pressure well. 

Since we have touched on the accessories theme, we complete the discussion about the equipment that is well supplied: we mention the gun with quick coupling, the brush, an 8-meter hose, and the patio cleaner for thorough cleaning of the external surfaces.

Even considering the many accessories, the price seems good to us while reaffirming that the materials’ quality could not be inclined to a much higher expense. The quality/price ratio is still good, in our opinion. 

In conclusion, we want to point out that according to some, it is a design error: the fitting to connect the pressure washer to the hose has a thin section, which causes water leaks.




Customers were satisfied with the quantity and variety of accessories in the package.


Many have been convinced to buy even from the cost, which, according to many consumers, is advantageous.




It leaves the quality of materials desired: plastics seem fragile and do not suggest a long life.


The weakest element of the pressure washer seems to be the spear: this probably does not hold water pressure in the long run, many have complained about its breakage.


 Sun Joe SPX4000 2030 Electric Pressure Washer is a hot water pressure washer. It reaches a temperature of 90 °. Therefore, it attacks the dirt with absolute effectiveness. Powered by diesel fuel, the pressure washer is compact, a feature much appreciated by consumers. 

The selection between cold and hot water is simple: for this purpose, there are two buttons on the control panel.

There are two tanks, both incorporated in the machine: one for diesel and one for detergent. The accessories compartment is very practical, but we must say that there are not many: specifically, we find a gun, a lance, an 8-meter tube, and a coupling.

All the others are to be purchased separately, a not just expense that adds to the price of the pressure washer, which is already high in itself. We conclude by saying that the pressure washer does not have the cable reel.




Thanks to the hot water (which can reach a temperature of 90 °), and with the detergent’s aid, the pressure washer is ruthless against dirt.


Despite having two tanks, one for diesel and the other for detergent, the pressure washer is very compact.




It is a rather expensive machine that can hardly do for those who make occasional use of it.


Even in light of its cost, we believe that the accessories supplied are too few, there is the bare minimum and the cable reel is also missing.


The Karcher K2 pressure washer is designed for occasional use; It is especially suitable for cleaning less difficult dirt such as that which accumulates on an MTB after a day spent on off-road paths, perhaps muddy, or for quick cleaning of the car or the terrace. The maximum pressure is 110 bar, while the flow rate is 360 l / h.

In short, from what has been said, it is clear that as a pressure washer, it does not excel in power, and many consumers have complained about it. The K2 is compact and light, but it must be said that the materials did not make a good impression.

The absence of accessories should be highlighted, but we must say that we are not surprised by this absence for a little cost. The tube of only three meters seems to be short. With the classic length of 8 meters, the pressure washer would have been more comfortable.




Without spending a fortune, you can buy a pressure washer, which is very useful for undemanding cleaning.


The small size, together with the low weight, are characteristics praised in several reviews written by consumers.




We cannot be satisfied with the quality, although we know it is difficult to expect more from these figures.


Most consumers have had to complain about the pressure, which is deemed insufficient in most cases.


It is difficult not to be satisfied with the 613K professional pressure washer, produced in Italy by AR ANNOVI REVERBERI AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer. While not cheap, we believe that the quality/price ratio is good: this also allows those who make occasional use of it to make at least a little thought about buying.

It is versatile and can be used with or without the trolley support (be careful not to get confused, the trolley is standard on this 613K model but not on the 613 models). The induction motor with which the pressure washer is equipped is powerful, low-noise, and performing. The pressure reaches 150 bar, as regards the flow rate, this is 500 l / h.

The materials are very good, worthy of a pressure washer intended for use by professionals: it can find application in the construction, craft, and agriculture fields. In closing, we give space to our section, “The hair in the egg.” The supply of accessories is minimal since there are: the gun, the adjustable jet lance, and a 10-meter hose. The others are to be bought separately.




The pressure washer is made in Italy, the choice of materials was more than happy: the 613 K is a solid machine and destined to last a long time.


We believe that while not cheap, the quality/price ratio that characterizes the pressure washer in question is very good.


It can be used both with and without the trolley. The trolley is also solid and very useful.




The equipment includes the bare minimum, then gun, lance, and hose; all the others must be bought separately.


Good impressions come from the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max Electric High Pressure Washer. Equipped with a powerful 2.3 kW single-phase induction motor, it has a water flow rate of 480 l / h. The pressure is also excellent with its 150 bars. Although it is mainly designed for domestic use, it can also feature well in professional contexts. Built with good materials, the pressure washer is compact and light.

We want to bring two functions to the attention of readers: the easy-start and the total-stop. The first starts the ignition of the pressure washer when the trigger of the gun is pressed, even in the case of oscillations of the electrical network. With the second function, the engine stops automatically when the gun is released to avoid waste energy.

Not bad accessories supplied. Considering that the pressure washer is mainly for domestic use, it is perhaps a little expensive.




The pressure washer has excellent power: thanks to the pressure of 150 bar, dirt is easily swept away.


We believe that this model was built with good materials, which give the machine solidity and longevity.


Even in the event of power fluctuations, the pressure washer starts as soon as the trigger is pressed. The latter, once released, stops the machine from allowing energy savings.




For simple home use, therefore occasional and with not irresistible dirt, the price to pay could be considered excessive.


Rank #7: Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

The Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer is suitable for domestic use. The performances were judged satisfactory by a large part of the customers who, thanks to this machine, managed to remove the dirt effectively. However, there is a part of consumers who were dissatisfied with the pressure.

They bought this model mainly for the 160 bar declared, but according to them, the machine’s pressure does not come close to this value. At the same time, we emphasize that we have no way of knowing whether those who made these complaints (there are not a few) have used adequate measuring instruments before affirming this.

Nothing to complain about the accessories: there is the gun, two lances (one with adjustable jet the other with rotating jet), a foaming kit, and a high-pressure hose. Some users find the pressure washer too noisy. Everyone agrees that the price is good.




In general, users judge the performance provided by the pressure washer more than positively, at least in the home.


The cost of the 471 is considered advantageous by many consumers who bought it: they are very satisfied with the purchase.




According to some users, when the pressure washer starts working, it is noisy. Although it is not a very serious element of disturbance, it is worth pointing out the thing.


A part of consumers said they were completely dissatisfied with the power to the point of doubting that the pressure exerted is 160 bar.


The Independent 2800 is a pressure washer with an internal combustion engine, so it is a good solution when there is no power attack nearby. The frame is excellent in our opinion; it is entirely in steel, and the wheels at the base facilitate the transport of the machine.

All accessories are mostly metal. In particular, the equipment includes five different nozzles, a quick coupling lance, an 8-meter hose, and another long three while an external suction probe sucks the detergent. Do not miss the tube holder. Good pressure with 200 bar as well as the flow rate of 690 l / h.

As for the negative notes, it is a pity that such a machine does not heat the water. When it starts operating, it is quite noisy; at least this is the opinion of several users. These last two are the only limits that we found for this model; for the rest, it made everyone happy with the purchase.




The sturdiness of the pressure washer has amazed by its load-bearing steel frame and accessories made of metal.


The machine is a force, as evidenced by the 200 bar pressure and the remarkable flow of 690 l / h.




Given the power that characterizes the pressure washer, it was expected that once in operation, it would make itself heard.

No hot water:

From a machine like this, we would have expected it also to heat the water; unfortunately, it is not so.


Guide to buy a pressure washer

How to choose a good pressure washer without being sidetracked in some way by the many offers on the market? It is a complex question to which we do not shy away. We intend to give the appropriate and necessary indications to help you buy the best pressure washer for home use, the one that really meets your needs and therefore does not turn into a waste of money, what which often and willingly happens when you shop blindly without having adequately informed before and above all without having made a careful comparison between models sold online and their characteristics.

Another thing to do, in order not to waste money, is to compare prices because it often happens that the same item is sold at low prices on the store “X” while it is more expensive on the e-commerce site “Y.”


The usefulness of the pressure washer

There are always undecided whether they need one of the best pressure washers for home uses of 2020 or can continue to clean the dirt with the old methods. Especially for the undecided, we briefly explain what a pressure washer is for and how it works. We believe this information will help clear up ideas.

A pressure washer is a machine that exploits a jet of water at very high pressure and eliminates scale from the surfaces. There are two possibilities of power supply: electric, which is then the one recommended for domestic use or petrol (or diesel oil as an alternative). These are designed especially for industrial cleaning. The water is fired on the surface. The impact works as a mechanical means of removing the dirt deposits.

High performance

The performance of the pressure washer is very high; let’s see why. A high-pressure water jet is generated based on the engine power. This jet focuses its force on a small surface. The type of nozzle fitted determines whether the water jet is point-like (capable of cutting even stones) or fan-shaped, which is the one indicated for cleaning. There are high-pressure cleaners that reach 1,600 bar without batting an eyelid but, if you want to stay in the cleaning field, the pressure goes from 80 to 200 bar.


Some aspects to consider

To decide which pressure washer to buy, you need to evaluate several aspects or, if you prefer, the characteristics necessary to satisfy your needs. These characteristics, therefore, must be found in the model you want to buy. The first two values to pay attention to are flow rate and pressure. The flow rate is expressed in liters per hour. This value must be sufficient for the size of the surface to be cleaned. For limited areas, a flow rate of 350 l / h is more than sufficient, while for large spaces, it is better to opt for a model with a flow rate of 450 l / h.

As for the pressure that, as we said, is expressed in bars, in the home it is fine from 80 to 200, but if you have to clean the garage at home and maybe you have many oil and grease stains to remove, in this case, it is better to go up to 500 bar. We suggest that you prefer high-pressure cleaners that carry little accessories that allow you to make the most of the machine, we also inform you that there are high-pressure cleaners that work with hot water which, as you know, is more effective against dirt.

Evaluate the quality of the materials with great attention. Very often, one model is cheaper than another because it is made with poor materials. As for the engine power, this also depends on the type of cleaning to be done; however, it is advisable not to drop below 1,400 W.


Frequent questions

How does a pressure washer work?

Through a special inlet, the water enters the pressure washer and then put under pressure by a pump which is activated by the motor. At this point, the liquid is pushed into the high-pressure tube to reach the lance or the gun until it comes out of the nozzle. The motor of a pressure washer can be electric or petrol.

What is the pressure washer for?

The pressure washer is used to clean the most resistant dirt by the force of water. For example, it is excellent to clean the garage floor, notoriously greasy and oil-rich, terrace, walls, even the car, including the engine. Thanks to the force of the pressure supplied, the pressure washer proves to be far more effective than, for example, an irrigation hose. It works better than the latter but also faster: the time required for cleaning is greatly reduced. To increase the efficiency of the pressure washer, a specific detergent can be used.

Can the Karcher pressure washer fish water from a cistern or a pond?

It is possible but only for model K4 and above. A specific tube with a filter must be used. This tube must be connected to the machine for one end while the other in the pond or tank. For the water to be fished, it is important that the pressure washer is no more than 50 cm above the water source.

How many bars do you need to wash your car?

A 100/120 bar pressure washer for home use may be sufficient for washing the bodywork. If, on the other hand, you want to clean the engine and perhaps the bottom of the car, it is good to use a professional pressure washer with at least twice the number of bars.

How do you determine the cleaning effectiveness of a pressure washer?

The combination of flow and pressure values determine the cleaning effectiveness of a pressure washer. To be more precise, we add that the flow rate indicates the quantity of water that the pressure washer delivers over time “X”; this is indicated in l / h. On the other hand, the pressure concerns the power of the jet and is indicated in bars. A higher pressure corresponds to a deeper wash.

For a pressure washer for domestic use, the flow rate is about 350 l / h, while in the case of pressure washers intended for professional use, the flow rate can reach 500 l / h and more. As for pressure, for a non-professional machine, the bars are about 100 or 120 while they can reach 500 in the case of professional high-pressure cleaners.


How to use the pressure washer

The uses that can be made of a pressure washer are varied, who buys it is because it has to remove dirt that would otherwise be difficult to clean. Nobody would dream of using it to clean the floors of the house, but it is certainly a good solution for the exterior or a garage.

The car wash

One of the most common uses of the pressure washer is the washing of a means of transport such as a car or perhaps a motorbike. Especially those who do motocross always have a lot of dirt to remove, and the pressure washer is the best solution after that of turning to a good car wash. To clean your car, direct the water jet onto the bodywork, using a special detergent. It is also advisable to use a washing brush to pass over the bodywork carefully.

The types of detergent

There are many detergents for the pressure washer and all brands. Very often, the manufacturers of pressure washers also sell detergents. Here it is good to be careful because if the brand Y detergent is used for the brand X pressure washer and a hypothetical failure should be attributed to the detergent, the warranty rights will lapse.

Flat with delicate surfaces

Not all surfaces can be treated with the pressure washer, others, on the other hand, yes, but with care not to overdo it with pressure; if this is too powerful, it could cause damage. At least, in the beginning, it is good to try with low pressure and then gradually increase it to see the effects. Don’t make the mistake of using maximum pressure immediately to finish faster.

The importance of accessories

To take full advantage of the potential of a pressure washer, it is advisable to have a complete series of accessories. For example, for a better cleaning of the floors, there is a surface washer. For paint, glass, plastic, and in any case smooth surfaces, it is advisable to use the rotating brush. The foam nozzle is used to make detergent foamy. If your need goes beyond removing dirt, such as removing rust and paint, some high-pressure cleaners have a sandblasting set.

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