[ 2020 Reviews ] 5 Best Loppers For Fruit Trees

Here are the first two loppers of our ranking:  Fiskars powerGear Bypass Lopper is a telescopic model, reaches 6 meters in height, and does not force you to use the ladder. Cutting angle and handle are adjustable always to have maximum comfort. 


T-MAI Extendable Pruning Lopper is a more traditional and much cheaper shear: equipped with telescopic handles, made of quality materials, is very comfortable to hold, and allows you to apply minimal effort when cutting.


5 Best Loppers For Fruit Trees – Ranking 2020

Keeping the garden tidy also means having the right equipment. We offer you a selection of the best loppers for fruit trees chosen from the best sellers of the year.


If you need to keep fruit trees, hedges, and other elements of your green area in order, we are sure you will be able to find, among those proposed, the best lopper of 2020 that best meets your needs.


 If you have not yet decided which loppers to buy, try giving a chance to what has seemed to many to be the best telescopic loppers around. It conquers the positive opinions of the users both for the quality and robustness of the product and for the possibility of obtaining it at an advantageous price.


The extendable arm manages to reach even the highest branches, often without resorting to the use of a ladder. It reaches a maximum height of 6 meters, taking into account the length of the arms, but its practicality is not affected since the boot system always remains close to the hand.


It gains safety since it is not necessary to take uncomfortable positions. Still, it is also practical to count on an arm that retracts if necessary to allow you to work even on the lower branches.


It is possible to manually adjust the cutting angle of the branch, up to a maximum of 230 ° to reach the optimum according to the position of the branch without damaging the plant.


By continuing to read below, you will find a shortlist with a description of the pros and cons of this lopper. If you are convinced, but you don’t know where to buy the product at the best price, click on the link on the shop page.





The product proves to be very resistant, suitable for intensive and long-lasting use.




One of the main advantages of this lopper is the high extensibility of the arm which can be extended to 6 meters, to get to work on the highest branches.




The boot system to stretch the arm always remains close to the hand; this allows you to use it easily while maintaining good comfort.


Adjustable angle:


It can be adjusted to a maximum of 230 ° so that it can be adapted to the branch position.



Large branches:


Many users advise against using it with thicker branches, because otherwise, the tool may not last long.


 Unsure of how to choose a good lopper, you can always fall back on the dear old shears: powered by elbow oil. The T-MAI Extendable Pruning Lopper can follow you wherever you need it.

It is a fairly common pattern among gardeners who need to keep their little green paradise and keep protruding twigs of trees or bushes at bay.


It can be gripped comfortably with both hands, and the bite of the shears is large enough to fork twigs of a few centimeters in diameter.


The ratchet mechanism is the one that allows you to exert the minimum effort to cut even rather large branches. Still, it depends on the type of wood, taking advantage of the short step mechanism that allows you to break the energy necessary for clean cutting without using only arm strength.


Among the models sold online, it is the one that most satisfies users because of the attention paid to the construction details and the type of materials chosen for its assembly. It has telescopic handles to reach even the highest branches, but it certainly cannot go too far beyond the height of the arms and needs a ladder if you want to work on tall trees.


If this shear inspires you and you think it can become your new gardening tool, read on for the pros and cons. To buy it at low prices, you can click on the suggested link.





The ratchet mechanism allows you to cut large branches without making too much effort.




According to many users’ opinions, this shear is very resistant, thanks to the excellent materials used for its realization.




The economic handle grip allows you to use it without straining your hands and wrists.




It is the cheapest tool in our guide, ideal if you don’t want to spend too much to do some gardening jobs.





Although the handles are telescopic, they still do not allow you to reach the highest branches without the aid of a ladder.


 To always keep your garden in order, if there are trees or bushes, you may need shears like the one proposed by this German company.


The Colwelt Small Bypass Loppers is characterized by a carbon steel cutting blade combined with a 5 mm metal support blade, a choice that allows you to operate in absolute tranquility and safety.


This Colwelt Small Bypass Loppers can be used to cut dry branches with a diameter of up to 47 millimeters, a measurement that reaches up to 51 millimeters if you want to carry out the operation on fresh branches.


The high length of the handles and the wide opening of the shears allow you to cut without excessive effort, reaching points well distant from the ground and therefore, also having to climb the ladder.


Considering the simplicity with which the operation is performed, the reduced effort, and the low price, it is a model to be kept in the highest consideration. However, it is to be used for non-professional use because, for example, with thicker branches, it does not guarantee a sufficiently clean cut.




The low weight and the excellent balance between the length and opening of the blades allow you to perform the cutting operation without excessive effort.



The double blade, one in carbon steel, one in metal, allows to cut dry branches up to a diameter of 47 mm.



A good quality product and sold at a very affordable price. Thus allows you to conclude a good deal.





Considering the selling price, it is not reasonable to expect more than hobbyist performances, particularly the precision of the cut, which is rarely beautiful.


 Here is a well-made model capable of accurately carrying out simple maintenance work on the greenery behind the house or in the vegetable garden in the countryside. Ideal for shortening the younger branches of fruit trees. This AIRAJ Bypass Lopper has a sturdy metal structure, specifically steel, which resists the weather and the not always delicate treatment that work tools suffer.


It is a telescopic manual shear. The two arms can be adjusted independently of each other to reach even the most distant branches easily. The scissors are designed to make precise and clean cuts so as not to damage the plant.


The blade is not corrosive. Therefore it does not have a hacksaw but performs a clean cut that does not rub the branch. The cutting mechanism is an anvil, to be able to dose the force proportionally to the diameter of the branch to be shortened.

Users confirm a maximum opening sufficient to cut young branches of maximum 4 cm.


We continue our guide to choosing the best lopper with the pros and cons of this shear that could be right for you to get rid of unwanted branches.





On a structural level, this shears turns out to be solid thanks to the steel composition that makes it resistant to bad weather and intense work.




The model handles can be independently adjusted and lengthened to reach the most distant or hidden branches.


Clean cut:


The blade allows you to cut the branch cleanly without damaging it.




This mechanism allows you to dose the force based on the diameter of the branch you are working on, so as not to make too much effort.





Being made of metal, it cannot be expected to be very light.


TABOR TOOLS GL18A Small Bypass Lopper have a double ring cutting system that allows the branches to be cut cleanly and precisely, even if it has been pointed out by some users as in the case of fresh branches, it happens that the bark gets stuck in the shears.


By the way, in the case of fresh branches, the cutting diameter is 32 mm, which drops to 29 mm with the dry ones.


We must mention the advantage offered by the double ring nut that allows you to cut a branch several times without losing the initial position. In this way, it ensures a clean cut even in the case of very hard branches.


The materials are excellent, and the handle is very comfortable. Short the arms, there is some difficulty in severing the branches at the top, and this limit has raised some discontent among the customers who expected something better from this point of view.



Double ferrule:


The double ferrule system is very useful since it allows you to cut a branch in several stages. Still, without losing the position, this benefits a precise cut and facilitates working with the branches that are too hard.


Cutting quality:


We are very satisfied with the effectiveness with which it acts on the branches, and it is our opinion that it does so cleanly and cleanly.




The shears are comfortable to hold in hand thanks to the excellent handle that affects the quality of the cut.



Fresh branches:


When cutting branches of this type, the bark gets stuck in the shears, which has annoyed more than one user.




The sheer arms are short, which involves objective difficulties when it is necessary to intervene on the branches at the top.


Buying Guide – How to choose the best loppers for fruit trees?

The purchase of the best loppers for fruit trees passes through a careful selection of the best performing products on the market, but also by a careful evaluation of the possibilities offered by this type of tool. In this guide that aims to help you understand what it is good to look for in a lopping shear, we offer you some tips that will help you make the best choice.


Cutting system


The lopping shears allow you to make a clean cut on still green or dry branches to have a pruning on the trees in the garden or, for the lucky ones, on your terrace. The price you would have to pay to a professional to perform this job periodically is much higher than the accessory itself costs. What we must pay attention to, however, is the possibility of damaging the plant completely if the art of pruning is not well known.


So ask yourself if you intend to shorten already dry branches or operate on green plants guiding their growth in the desired direction. In the first case, anvil blades will be fine, a type of flat blade that cuts the branch cleanly by pressing on the anvil below.


In the second case, the hook blades, therefore, both arched, will allow you to wind the branch and make a progressively deeper cut without damaging the greener branches.


Anti-rust and light materials


It is essential that the cut is clean and does not fray the branch. This is because otherwise, it would weaken the plant and make it more vulnerable to attacks by pests or other diseases.


Then compare prices, and pay great attention to the quality of the materials chosen for the blades. Steel is advisable. It is good that it is treated to keep the wire for a long time.


But above all, pay attention to the resistance of the blades to rust. Garden tools are often subject to bad weather, and if they suffered from the humidity, they certainly could not be used in outdoor work.


The ranking of aspects not to be overlooked also includes the lightness of the tool in the first positions: a too heavy lopper is difficult to hold for a long time without sore arms.


The positive review of a garden tool also passes from its handling, and here the possibility of cushioning the impact of breaking the branch on rubber dumbbells assumes its importance.


The convenience of extendable arms


The best brand offers well-kept garden tools and selected materials. If the garden’s size is proportional to our green thumb, the cost of the tools may be a secondary element compared to the choice based on the quality of the lopper.


A good scissor lift must also be extensible. If it is possible to reach the top without a ladder, it can be performed more quickly and accurately without resorting to the ladder.


If then the telescopic tool we use will keep the standard of lightness and cleanness of the cut high, we will certainly have found the best available on the market.


On the contrary, if the green to be maintained is not so extensive and the operations to be carried out are not very complex, it may be appropriate to focus only on the quality of the blades, saving and giving up some more functions.

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