10 Best Lawn Mower For Elderly [ Updated 2021]

Lots of hours equalizing the cutting height so it’s perfect if you’re still mowing by hand. Problematic ignition, spoiled fuel that no longer works and the smell of gasoline throughout the garden if you do it with a gasoline lawn mower.

Perhaps it is time to rely on the power of the battery and the lightness of driving an electric lawn mower. It is no longer just a matter of time saved, but of better maneuverability and cost savings and considerable maintenance . And all this respecting the environment. It seems like a safe option, doesn’t it?

Let us tell you it is, but selecting the best electric lawn mower is not easy. The Comprarlasmejores.com team has analyzed the best battery-powered lawn mowers of 2020 and has written a buying guide with tips that you should read if you want to buy a powerful model adapted to you and your garden.

10 Best Lawn Mower For Elderly [ Updated 2021]

Rank #1: electric lawn mower Einhell

With an axial regulation of cutting height of 5 levels – much more than any of the competition -, you can preselect the cutting height easily, leaving your grass of desired length. The large 38-liter collection bag allows for extensive finishing and with the level indicator you will know for sure when to stop the process.

The practical carrying handle makes it very friendly when transporting it and its way of storing makes you have this tool in a small space. Einhell offers unrivaled benefits for amateur and professional gardeners. Search Amazon for today’s offer and decide which product to buy .

What do other buyers think?

“I bought to give it to my partner and my husband is delighted to the use. Every week for two short hours the grass, is passionate about the garden, and has served as an assistant in the maintenance, does not remove much space the house and I have paid a reasonable price for its functions. We are very happy for the purchase as it is the best electric lawn mower on the market . “

Rank #1: Electric mower Einhell BG-EM 1030

For gardeners who are starting, Einhell brings this model with professional finishes, so from now on you can work like an expert. Three levels of cut for an ideal care of the grass and a collection box sufficient for spaces of 250m2, this is the ideal one for your garden .

The built-in handle allows ergonomic portability and in turn contributes to folding the handle and all equipment for comfortable storage. Are you short on space? Feel free to buy this tool in the size you need. In addition, its price is hardly exceeded by another brand , check it on Amazon, where buying is very easy.

What do other buyers think?

“For the little space in my garden it has been great. It arrived in good weather, I set it up easy and cut grass grown by the rain and it has done it with power. Definitely, for small gardens it is comfortable to work and efficient. I totally recommend it. The instructions in Spanish are not much needed because it is really simple to assemble. One of the best quality price electric mowers. “

Rank #1: electric lawnmower TACKLIFE

If you really want the electric lawn mower , this is the one for you. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, to offer durability and precision in use. It has  one of the most powerful engines on the market in the comparison I made . It can cut tall and even wet grass with 6 cutting heights.

For both portability and storage, it comes in lightweight and compact designs, the handles fold flat to minimize storage space and the box can also be removed for storage elsewhere. Buying it on Amazon is already an advantage for the price and the convenience of shipping.

What do other buyers think?

“It is the first one that I buy and I chose it because it seemed appropriate for the size of my garden, which is not that big but deserves weekly maintenance. It arrived on time, it is very easy to assemble and very powerful , so the work was too short for me. “

Rank #1: Electric Mower Black & Decker

Bicycle-style handles with rubberized grips make the difference in this three-level electric mower. A fun, because mowing the lawn will be like riding bicycles. The best electric mower of 2018 .

Its large button with Easy Star technology , for easy starting, makes ignition a very intuitive and easy action. A sum of ergonomics and technology gives ease in the process of cutting and protecting the machine. The incredible price , only Amazon could have something like that. The best in quality price.

What do other buyers think?

“I liked it when I cut the grass in the garden. What bothers a bit is for the transfer because the handle is a bit low, outside of that it is for 4 stars. Firm in the cut and power in the engine despite being electric, silent and comfortable. I didn’t know how to choose , but I opted for this one and I don’t regret it “

Einhell Electric Lawn Mower

This electric lawn mower for medium to large gardens is recommended for surfaces up to 700m2. Its special high wheels for difficult terrain. On the other hand, it brings 6 levels of cut and a box with integrated indicator, makes this device a complete all-terrain model.

For convenient storage, it has a folding guide rail and an integrated handle for transport. All for a modest and unbeatable price on Amazon . Eingell has models for all audiences, even with difficult terrain to cover, the characteristics of thiscmake it one of the best of

What do other buyers think?

I have decided on this model because I am based on the opinions about durability and those of us who have large areas of garden make long-term investments. I tried it on arrival and it behaved wonderfully, my use is frequent, so it required a machine solid and I have achieved it. I am satisfied and I recommend it. “

Buying guide: which electric lawn mower to buy?

In order for the lawn in your garden to always look green, healthy and attractive, you should mow it frequently. If you are here, you have already passed the barrier of choosing the best type of lawnmower for you and have come to the conclusion that you are going to buy an electric one because you already know that it is the best option:

  • If the grass on your plot is relatively normal, that is, not too dense or difficult to cut.
  • If you plan to use the electric lawnmower regularly and not intensively.
  • If your yard has electrical outlets, you have easy access to an indoor outlet or generator and you don’t mind having to remember to charge the batteries in your electric lawn mower.
  • If you are looking for a semi-professional range lawn mower that is light, very easy to use by any member of the family, without the need for maintenance and that allows you to cut the lawn without complications for a very adequate price.

Now you need to know how to choose the best and then you can find that information:

What is an electric lawn mower?

An electric lawn mower is a motorized machine that is used to cut the grass of small or medium gardens that do not require great powers. This machine has an electric motor installed that is responsible for moving the vertical axis rotary blade that the cutter is located at the bottom. It can be purchased with a rechargeable battery to be used without cables and self-propelled so you don’t even have to push it.

Now do you understand why they have become a trend among gardeners? Well there are more reasons, read on.

Advantages of using an electric grass cutting machine

These garden tools make life easier for us by saving time and money when cutting the lawn, which, let’s be clear, is not a task that is done once a year, but rather it is something periodic. There are many types of cutters, but electric ones have many benefits over the rest:

  • Lightweight: This machine is usually very light and weighs less than 8 kg. It does not have any gas tank that we have to push.
  • Noise: they are quieter than gasoline. Proven.
  • Economic: it is cheaper than a gasoline one, but it also has a lower power, so this is not a feature that you should take too much into account if you are going to mow a large garden.
  • They respect the environment: they are more respectful than those with a gasoline engine.
  • Easy maintenance. When you finish using it, you save it until the next time. 

How to use an electric lawn mower?

Here’s how to properly use a lawn mower in five easy steps:

  1. Find a plug: The first thing you should do is start it up and, to do this, you will have to plug the cord of the mower into the power outlet. If it has a rechargeable battery you can use it wirelessly, as long as the battery is charged.
  2. Recharge the battery: Many lawnmowers come with rechargeable batteries, so you must put it to charge for the indicated time specified in the manual before using it.
  3. Lever: Mowers have a power lever or button that you just have to press to start easily and safely.
  4. Time: Respect the starting time indicated by the manufacturer in the manual. Some machines take a few seconds for the engine to be ready to start.
  5. Push: After you have started the engine and the machine has been adjusted, all you have to do is push it through the area where you want to cut the grass. Or just direct it, if it is a self-propelled mower.

Best brands of electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers are an excellent option to maintain your garden well-kept and a perfect and homogeneous cutting height in your lawn.

In addition, they do not require fuel nor do they produce toxic gases, so they are totally respectful with the environment. And all this in the shortest possible time, saving you even the effort of pushing if you opt for a self-propelled model.

Now we need to know which are the best electric lawn mower brands and we have selected three: Einhell. Black and Decker and Bosch.

  • Einhell lawn mower – This German line, very solid in the production of tools for gardening, is a leader in  electric lawn mowers for all types of terrain, from small gardens to large farms because it has a solution for each specialty. 
  • Black and Decker Lawn Mower –The most intelligent model on the market, cordless and with AUTOSENSE technology. This brand is not far behind in offering cutting-edge technology for cuts of different levels. Its typical rubberized grips give the operator the maximum level of comfort. It’s definitely one of the best gardening tool brands and it has plenty of lawn mowers to choose from.
  • Bosch Lawn Mower – This company knows what it takes to make efficient and safe tools. It offers an electric and a manual mower model, so it does not have a great variety, but it does guarantee quality with a wide guarantee of both.

Where to buy an electric lawn mower?

Hardware stores and stores with a gardening section have the best brands and models of lawnmowers available.

However, going there and going crazy with what the commercial says, what you think and what your son and your wife think ends up being a headache, so you can buy an electric lawn mower online in any of these stores and save you the little scene:

  • Electric lawn mower at Amazon : At El Gigante you will find the widest variety of models and brands, as well as the best deals. Be careful to buy an unknown brand lawnmower that then does not have spare parts available or things like that. Read the opinions of buyers and look at the evaluations when buying in this and any other marketplace.
  • Electric lawn mower at Carrefour: In this online store you can find different brands, but it does not have a wide repertoire of innovative models. If you want something simple and very inexpensive, perhaps it is the best store to consider after Amazon.
  • Electric lawn mower in Aki: They have a small catalog of lawn mowers, but it is not their star tool for the garden, so do not expect to find a great variety.
  • Electric lawn mower at BricoDepot: they have a reduced catalog, but perhaps you will find the bargain of the century without expecting it. It is what you have to buy in Bricodepot, that you need luck to find what you need at the ideal time.

Frequently asked questions from our readers: Best Lawn Mower For Elderly

Some of the common questions that are repeated among those interested in buying an electric lawn mower are the following:

Do battery mowers really cut well?

Yes, the maintenance and care of your garden is assured, although they will generally have less power than a gasoline lawn mower.

That is why you have to know how to select a good model, like those analyzed on this page.

What is the autonomy of a cordless mower?

Wireless models that include rechargeable batteries usually charge in just one hour and have a range of about half an hour. 

Plus, extra batteries can be purchased, so you can extend their cordless usage time as much as you want.

Is it better than a gasoline one?

We have already talked about its advantages, but regarding the gasoline lawn mower we have it even clearer:

  • Less emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Easier to start.
  • Easier and cheaper to maintain.
  • Lower price of the product.

Tips for choosing a good electric lawn mower

The electric lawnmower you should buy has to be the one whose brand guarantees you the best guarantee, long-term operation and easy access to spare parts and accessories. However, it is not the only thing to consider and here we show you other factors that you should take into account before purchasing one of these machines:

  • We recommend that you read comments from other buyers about the use in areas not very prone to mowing: slopes, edges or spaces near walls. There are models with special wide wheels for difficult terrain, so assess the terrain where you are going to use your mower and take this problem into account or you will have to buy a trimmer and that means an extra expense.
  • Mower power: Acquiring a machine with little power that causes problems in certain areas of your garden and makes you lose more time than necessary is not a good idea. You need decent value for money and you can find good 1000, 1200 and even 1700W machines.
  • Grass collection basket: There are models of electric lawn mowers that have a grass collection box that will do the collection in an automated way, saving you time and effort.
  • Manufacturing materials: We recommend that you look at the cutting deck, as there are mowers made of many different materials. A high-quality plastic or ABS plastic machine will be perfect for its robustness, resistance to water and scratches.
  • Ergonomics and driving: choose a mower with a comfortable and ergonomic handle that facilitates driving and wheels that allow good turns. And that it is light and does not weigh too much.
  • Self-propelled: Most of this equipment can be purchased self-propelled. This means that when you manipulate it, you don’t need to push the machine, just steer it. The larger the size of the area to be pruned, the more significant this factor will be, which is almost essential if the garden is more than 300 m2. 
  • With or without cable: There are models that are powered by cable and others more expensive that are cordless and work with rechargeable batteries. The corded mower is cumbersome and limiting, more intended for really small areas. On the other hand, the battery models continue to improve and already have autonomies that exceed 30 minutes, so for a garden of less than 250 m2 it is more than enough, or you can even buy an extra battery to extend the autonomy 30 more minutes.

How much money should I spend on an electric lawn mower?

Power, range and performance are the key factors that make some machines more expensive than others. If we are talking about a medium-sized garden and you want to cut quickly and accurately, we recommend buying a quality lawnmower that can cost from 100 euros:

  • Cheap electric lawn mowers (less than € 100):they correspond to the low power range (less than 1000W) but they do their job effectively in small gardens.
  • Higher quality Electric Lawn Mowers (more than € 100):it cannot be generalized, but they are usually the models with the highest power and manufacturing quality and that, dear friend, pays for it. If you are looking for a powerful team you will have to invest more than 100 euros.

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