[ Updated 2021] 7 Best Heavy Duty Brush Cutter With Buying Guide

There is always so much to do in the garden, enjoying the green has as its premise constant and often tiring maintenance that cannot be postponed for too long. The grass proliferates, tall. 

The leaves fall, the brushwood annoys, and especially in summer they can catch fire and cause severe damage, after all, it takes little, a severely extinguished cigarette, for example. Then there is to water, use products such as fertilizer and much more.

In short, let’s not make it long: having a garden means being ready to take on a good dose of work or resort to a gardener, a choice that naturally involves costs. The good news is that many tools can simplify and make work less tiring; one of these is the best heavy duty brush cutter.

 We talk about it here, but first, we want to anticipate two models: Stihl FSA 45 is easy to handle and very light while the Bosch AFS 23-37 will amaze you with its power and right balance.


7 Best Heavy Duty Brush Cutter - Reviews in 2021

Are you curious to know which brushcutters have caught our attention more than others? Find them below organized according to a ranking. Each model you find here is accompanied by a written review also taking into account the opinions of buyers like you. 

If one of the following products convinces you and you want to know where to buy, we provide you with a link that allows you to buy your new brushcutter but remember to compare the prices of the best-selling models before buying.


In our opinion, the TOOLSDEN TD-BC-FD30 Heavy Duty Petrol Brush Cutter is a useful tool for light work. It is battery powered so you will not have the movements limited by a cable. It is easy to handle because it is light and with a comfortable bow handle thanks to which you can maneuver adequately. Moreover, the handle, as mentioned earlier is adjustable.

When it is in operation, it is rather silent so as not to annoy the neighbors or force the user to wear headphones. Practicality, in essence, is one of its strengths. The battery status can be known thanks to the indicator; a battery that despite having sufficient autonomy to carry out maintenance work for a small garden, has the defect of being slow to recharge.

The cutting radius, some users report, is too small. Some criticism has also been raised to the PolyCutknife which wears quickly. You can also use the wire, but this is not included in the package.

TOOLSDEN TD-BC-FD30 Heavy Duty Petrol Brush Cutter



The brushcutter is not at all heavy, and this certainly facilitates its use, plus the handle ensures a good grip because it is ergonomic.


It is a very silent brushcutter, a feature much appreciated by customers who are not disturbed during use for the happiness of neighbors.



Slow charging:

One of the problems encountered by less satisfied users is the charging times which takes too long.

Knife wear:

The brush cutter is equipped with a PolyCut knife but suffers from wear: several buyers complain that the blade wears out too quickly, thus losing part of its effectiveness.


Bosch offers an electric brush cutter that surprised buyers with its power, so much so that many, in writing their review, have indicated it as one of the most positive aspects. The AFS 23-37 can rely on 1.3 HP, which leads to a significant cutting efficiency.

Its weight is close to 6 kg, but they are not felt because the other positive note is the excellent balance; so we can talk about light and easy to handle tool thanks to the superb handle and adjustable strap. Although someone pointed out that the instructions are unclear, assembly is simple, at least that’s the opinion of most users.

Now it’s up to the less convincing aspects. At the top of the list, we find the switch: in many reviews written by users, we read about a switch that is too hard and therefore difficult to operate.

Other complaints concern the excessive vibrations that in the long run tire and this also affects the ability to keep the switch pressed. Finally, the thread spool is difficult to disassemble. To return the smile, there is undoubtedly the price.

GOWE Professional 52cc Heavy Duty Brass cutter



The power has surprised many buyers, some of them, by this feature, have not regretted the transition from an internal combustion engine model to an electric one.


The brushcutter was appreciated for its excellent balance together with its low weight as well as being well distributed.

Simple assembly:

Although someone reported unclear instructions, assembly operations do not present particular difficulties.




Several complaints focused on the switch. The problem seems to be its excessive hardness and the consequent difficulties of actuation.


The brushcutter vibrates excessively, and this has bothered more than one person. This characteristic then has repercussions on the difficulties as mentioned earlier in operating the circuit-breaker.

Wire spool:

Many users had difficulties when removing the wire spool to replace it; in short, the system is to be reviewed.


Rank #3: Iglobalbuy 5 in 1 52CC Multifunctional 2-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter

The Iglobalbuy 5 in 1 52CC Multifunctional 2-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter is certainly not afraid of work; it is equipped with a powerful engine with a displacement of 53.2cm³. For the category, it is undoubtedly light with 4.5 kg. Attention because the weight refers to the brushcutter with the tank empty which for the record can contain up to 1.1 litres of fuel.

Once in motion, it allows you to get the job done quickly, and we consider it particularly useful when there is a lot of work to do, so it can also be done for the professional.

The muffler is silenced, and the noise level is acceptable even if not comparable to that of an electric brush cutter. The instructions provided are weak and unclear; there are users who have encountered many difficulties when mounting the head of the thread. There are no accessories, and the price is high.

 Iglobalbuy 5 in 1 52CC Multifunctional 2-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter



The brushcutter has emerged for its high power, an endowment that makes it suitable also for those who want to use it professionally.


To be a brushcutter with an internal combustion engine, we must say that it does not weigh much, 4.5 kilos, excluding the full tank, it seems excellent.



Head assembly:

This operation presented more than one difficulty, and the inadequate instructions contained in the package certainly did not help those who found themselves in trouble.


Let’s say it doesn’t come cheap; the expense to be addressed must be well thought out also because there are no accessories that will eventually have to be bought separately.


Rank #4: Snapper XD 82V MAX Brush Cutter

Equipped with a 42.7 cc 2-stroke engine, the petrol brushcutter has a cutting width of 45 cm. There is a metal three-tooth blade and a Tap & Go double-headed head, but we recommend immediately replacing the supplied wire with a more performing one, especially if the grass to be mowed hard and thick.

We got a good impression from the handle. The power is excellent, and the engine revs increase according to the needs that arise during the work. The instructions are clear. On the negative side, we point out that the brush cutter is heavy. To this, we add the vibrations that make the work even more tiring. Finally, it is quite noisy, especially when it is at maximum power. These features lead us to advise against it for prolonged use.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Brush Cutter



The engine unloads a respectable power; this is a talent that appears in many reviews, a sign that has impressed many users.

Clear manual:

Assembling the brush cutter does not present difficulties, also because the instructions are visible, as pointed out by many people.




The weight of the brush cutter has been criticized on several occasions by a tired clientele at the end of the work in the garden.


Another problem that has appeared several times in the reviews written by users concerns the excessive vibrations of the brush cutter.


Rank #5: Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless

The Greenworks is a battery-powered brush cutter, and this lasts 15 – 20 minutes. It is not much, and this data is sufficient to make us understand that it is suitable for small jobs, no more.

This does not mean that you are deficient in power, quite the contrary. The build quality, in our opinion, is excellent: the brush cutter is robust, well assembled. As you’d expect from a battery-powered model, it’s hushed.

In the package, there is also a metal blade, and the removable shaft gives the possibility to combine it with other accessories. There are two selectable speed levels. From what is written it is clear that this is an unprofessional brushcutter and as we see it, suitable only for small gardens or in any case in those situations where the grass to be mowed is of modest quantity.

Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless


Good power:

The fact that it is powered by a battery must not imply doubts about its ability which is adequate for the purpose.


Users in using the brush cutter have noticed that this is very quiet when it is running, even when selecting the maximum power level.

Well done:

The build quality of the Greenworks 1301507UC brushcutter is noteworthy: everything is well assembled, and the feeling of solidity never leaves the user.




The duration is such that, in most cases, it is insufficient to finish the job: 15 – 20 minutes are few.

For small jobs:

The amount of work that can be done is a significant limitation and is a direct consequence of the battery life.


Rank #6: Poulan Pro PP4000C Brush Cutter Trimmer Attachment

It doesn’t take much to understand that the Honda brushcutter is intended for professional use. It has a 4-stroke engine with adjustable power and can adapt to any type of terrain. Maneuverability is excellent. Vibrations are not a problem thanks to the clutch lock which absorbs the movement originated by the motor on the shaft and to the spring supports, which also reduces the effect of vibrations at shoulder height.

A mention is necessary for the five-point harness which stands out not only for its robustness but also for the possibility of positioning the motor in comfort on the back.

The possible adjustments are many and such that there is no problem of adaptability to any type of build.

Thanks to the harness, the weight is optimally distributed, the arms are entirely free to have total control over the flexible shaft. The only negative is the price which is quite high.

Poulan Pro PP4000C Brush Cutter Trimmer Attachment



There is no type of terrain that this brushcutter cannot adapt to versatility is one of its strengths.

No vibrations:

The brush cutter is designed in such a way as to absorb all the vibrations without them falling on the user.


It convinced us entirely since it is such as to distribute the weight in the best way and leave the arms free for better control of the tool.




There is only one big problem in our opinion for this brush cutter, and it concerns the high price. One more reason to recommend it to professionals only.


Rank #7: Husqvarna 128LD 17" Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

The Husqvarna brushcutter surprised us pleasantly. It is fitted with a 27.5 cc E-Tech II 2-stroke engine. We believe that the best of myself I can give it for hobby purposes; however, we do not feel to exclude even a more demanding use. It is very light to be a brushcutter with an internal combustion engine but the tank, in our opinion, is a bit small with its 0.63 L capacity.

Start-up is immediate or, to put it another way, it starts at the first attempt. The overall build quality seems to be very good: we have no doubts about its solidity.

It is undoubtedly a tool for the most demanding people, which probably has the defect of being halfway between a brushcutter for hobby use and a professional one with the risk of being too much in the first case and little in the second. The expense required is high, probably excessive for some.

Husqvarna 128LD 17



Although it is equipped with an internal combustion engine, its weight is low, and this contributes to not tiring you are called to use it.


The excellent quality of such a tool can also be seen from the start-up response, which in this case occurs at the first attempt.




It is a very expensive brush cutter, therefore not suitable for all budgets. It is indeed of good quality, but we must think carefully if it is worth spending so much money.

It is in the middle:

One of the main problems of this brushcutter is that it is a little halfway, in the sense that it could be too much for hobby use but not enough for professional use.



Htbakoi Universal Brushcutter Head


We believe that this head is sold at a reasonable price, also because you have a pair of gloves suitable for gardening works as a gift.

Suitable materials: the head is made of a single block of aluminum.

It is universal, adapts to most petrol brush cutters, and is very easy to assemble.

The only problem is represented by the Allen screw for blocking the wire: one must be very careful in tightening it to the maximum to avoid losing it; some suggest always to keep some of them in reserve.


Guide to buy a brush cutter

How to choose a good brush cutter? This is the question asked by those who aim to buy one at low prices among those sold online. Our guide on the best heavy duty brush cutter of 2020 wants to highlight not only the characteristics of the chosen models and make a comparison between them but also to give an address to allow readers to identify what they need.


The structure of the brush cutter

It is appropriate to spend a few words on the structure of the best heavy-duty brush cutter. All the components are essential but the engine more than the others. This can be of two types: electrical or thermal. The first, whose power generally hovers around 1,000 W, may be excellent for occasional use or in any case for those cases where there is not too much work to do.

The heat engine, on the other hand, is the best solution for intensive use. The professional inevitably has to orient himself on this type. Most of these brushcutters have a two-stroke engine with a displacement of 21 to 65 cubic centimeters. There is no lack of more powerful models with a four-stroke engine and movement between 24.5 and 33.5 cubic centimeters.

That a brush cutter is for hobby or professional use can also be understood from the rod which in the first case has a diameter of about 24 mm while in the second case it goes from 32 to 34 mm, even if in some cases it can also reach 42 mm. The final part of the rod that is the one that transmits the motion to the cutting tool is the bevel gear.


Never underestimate the handle when wondering which brush cutter to buy; it is she who allows you to “govern” the tool. It is on the handle that the controls are located, therefore on, off and accelerator. This must be designed to respecting specific parameters.

For example, the distance between the centers of the handles must be at least 50 cm in the case of those brushcutters to be equipped with metal saw blades, 25 cm for the other cases. This is essential to allow the user to grasp the brush cutter in the best way regardless of the type of gloves he wears.


For professional or hobby use

On the market, you will find offers regarding both the best brand brush cutters intended for professional and hobby use. A professional brushcutter guarantees better performance, but is that exactly what you need? A hobbyist model is cheaper, and if you simply have to take care of a small garden, this is the best solution for you. Moreover, you will have less difficulty in maneuvering it because you will have to manage less power and above all, less weight.


Frequent questions

How to test the brush cutter ignition coil?

For the test, it is essential to have a digital multimeter or a spark tester. Remove cover (if any) and wiring cables. If you use the digital multimeter, connect the positive wire to the negative terminal and the negative cable to the positive terminal. Set the instrument to 20 ohms. If the coil is working, the indicated value is between 4k Ohm and 8k ohm. If these values are not found, the loop has some problems.

In the case of the spark tester, on the other hand, connect one end of the inspector to the ignition cable, the other instead of to the ground of the cylinder head. First, however, it is essential to disconnect the motor cables. At this point, the flywheel must be turned (it should go at 350 rpm). If the spark is detected in the unique window of the tester, then everything is in order.

How to change the thread on the brush cutter?

First of all, remember to unplug the power cable or keep the engine off. In short, be sure that in no way can the brushcutter start. In the case of the Tap & Go head, remove the cover and insert the two ends of the wire into the appropriate holes in the coil and then wrap them around making sure to follow the direction of the arrow. The two tails are inserted into the slots located on the outside of the reel which is then inserted into the head. Pull the wires to pass them inside the bushes, checking that no friction is created. Reinstall the cover.

How to choose the brush cutter wire?

First of all, two factors must be taken into account, namely, the power of the brush cutter and the type of mowing to be performed. A large wire leads one to think that it has a longer duration, and it is real but more than substantial the cable must be suitable for the type of brush cutter. It must be taken into account that wire with a large diameter has a more significant impact with the air, and this can act as a brake, together with the affected grass.

These consequences increase engine effort. That’s why the diameter of the wire must be proportional to the power of the brush cutter. The other factor is the type of mowing. When there are edges of grass to mow, a wire with a diameter of 2.5 mm is sufficient. If, on the other hand, you need to deal with real weeds that have grown perhaps inland full of obstacles, it is best not to go below 3 mm in diameter.

How to turn on a brush cutter?

Place the brush cutter on the ground using the engine support and the protection for the cutting tool as a support base. The cutting tool must be at a safe distance from the field and other obstacles. Start the ignition which, as the case may be, maybe the starter cord or a switch.


How to use the brush cutter

To have the garden in perfect order, it is essential to use the brush cutter. We explain how to do it in the best way to have a green space to envy anyone.

The power

It is a common belief that using the brushcutter to its maximum power will end the job earlier. In truth, the power must be measured by decreasing it when you are in the vicinity of objects or plants; otherwise, there is the risk of causing unwanted damage. The other typical consequence of the novice is to wear out the thread prematurely, which will then have to be replaced and waste time. This shows that always going to the maximum does not end the job first.

The protections

The brush cutter should not be underestimated, which is why it must be used wearing the necessary protections. Among these, we mention the protective visor that avoids the face and eyes from being hit by various fragments, work overalls, cut-resistant gloves, protective leggings, safety shoes, caps, or caps to reduce the effects of noise caused by the brushcutter.

Precautions for use

Make sure there are no people or animals in your vicinity: the minimum safety distance is 15 meters. Use the brush cutter only to cut grass, small bushes, and shrubs. The replacement of accessories must be done only if the tool is not able to start on its own.

The maintenance

For the correct functioning of the brush cutter and its longevity, it is essential to carry out routine maintenance, more demanding in the case of models equipped with an internal combustion engine. The air filter must be cleaned and the bevel gear greased. Clean the various parts of the tool, free them from the soil, multiple incrustations, and accumulations of grass.

In the case of the powered brushcutter, the carburetor must be kept clean, for this purpose it must be cleaned with compressed air, but be careful not to damage the membranes with the air filter. Check the spark plug, to disassemble it and check the electrode as well as the internal part. If it is dirty, clean it with a suitable degreaser. Checking the candle should be done every 25 working hours.

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