10 Best Gasoline Powered Push Lawn Mowers [ Updated 2021]

A lawnmower does more for you than just mowing your yard, whether it’s the sturdy gasoline models or the lithium battery electric options these machines can help us a lot .

In addition to mowing the lawn, if the model is suitable it will save you money by being able to do it yourself instead of hiring a person, making the job more pleasant and faster .

That is why in this comparison we have compiled for you the best gasoline lawn mower models on the market , so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What gasoline cutters to buy? The five best quality price gasoline lawn mowers

If you are looking for a machine that can withstand mowing large areas of grass in the open field, gasoline mowers are a better option than electric mowers, as they do not need cables to operate.

Here you will find a list of the most popular clippers, along with their most important features.

As a recommendation to avoid inhaling toxic gases and avoid accidents, fill the tank of your mower outdoors and away from flammable objects and do not try to recharge the machine while it is on.

10 Best Gasoline Powered Push Lawn Mowers [2021]

A self-moving lawn mower is one of the most hardworking do-it-yourself machines available.

What it does is include computers at different price points and with various features to meet the needs of the user.

 It’s ideal for bigger lawns, and it’s in constant use from spring to fall, so it’s worth shopping around for one. After decades of testing mowers, we can look you in the eyes and tell you that the ideal one does not exist. 

Scroll down for buying tips and in-depth reviews of these and other models that will make any cutting job quicker, easier, and less of a pain.

We hope that by laying out the main features to consider and sharing our unvarnished experiences from testing a variety of versions, we can make finding the right one for your needs a little easier.


Best gas lawn mower overall : Honda HRX217HZA

The most powerful engine on the market , with 4 strokes and an air cooling system makes it one of the best models and one of the largest tanks, leave your garden perfect the first time and without hardly noticing.

The Honda HRX217HZA is one of the best valued and we see it in this model that has a steel chassis to have the greatest durability and a special starting system to start it without problems , forget to leave your back in the attempt.

The height can be adjusted in 8 positions and its cutting width is 48cm so you can work at high speed.

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.

What do other buyers think?

” It is my second lawn mower , I have decided to try the gasoline one and it seemed a little more powerful than the previous one, which was electric. I recommend it for large spaces of more than 1,000m2. I liked that it is very quiet, comfortable and practical to use. I do not think that another surpasses it in quality price . “

Best self-propelled gas lawn mower : Honda HRX217VKA

Makita is one of the best known brands worldwide and here they bring us their best-selling lawn mower model, the Honda HRX217VKA , a model that has 5 levels of height , a tire specially designed to grip the grass and not slip.

It weighs 28kg which makes it very easy to carry out the work and a 50 liter tank to cut large areas of lawns without problems, the recommendation is for areas of 1,000 m2 .

Without a doubt a great model that is worth consulting.

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“The office has been phenomenal, since it arrived on time, putting it together was easy , I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope I can keep it for a long time.”

Best gas lawn mower for reliability : Weibang WB537SCV- 3IN1

Another powerful machine from Einhell, with a four-stroke engine. You can adjust the cutting height in 3 levels. A robust petrol lawn mower for small and large gardens (800m2).

With its ergonomic guiding handle, comfortable both for cutting and for storage. A large capacity collection bag that will allow long work without interruptions. 

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.

What do other buyers think?

“I bought it for my farm and we did well in the first tests, a little difficult to change the cutting height, that is, access is not so comfortable but it is achieved, as I had read in the opinions . the size. Fair with what it claims to be. A solidarity price, for a little something much more than good. “

Troy-Bilt TB160: Best mid-range gas lawn mower

One of the biggest machines of the market . With a four-stroke engine. 6 cutting height positions from 28mm to 92mm. With one of the largest grass collection trays it gives the property of doing long jobs without having to stop often.

It has an ergonomic handle adjustable to three heights, which facilitates the work regardless of the size of the operator, giving comfort when making cuts. 

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.

What do other buyers think?

“The sturdy casing allows for durability of its functions . Although it is recommended for small to medium spaces, it works great in larger spaces because of its spacious grass collection bag, which is something I appreciate as it allows me to concentrate on the work of cutting and finish it in a timely manner. “

Best gas lawn mower for large yards : Toro 20333 lawn mower

This brand maximizes every feature: the best robustness, unmatched power, seven-yes 7- levels of cutting height, can you believe it? The fuel tank is 1.25L and the pickup is 70L, there is no other product in its style that exceeds these values. 

Quite simply, the Best Gasoline Powered Push Lawn Mowers of 2021 . Low noise level and self-propelled, what you always wanted for a pleasant job with the minimum effort gained greater and better results.

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.

What do other buyers think?

“I think that what made me choose this product was the immense nature of its collection bag, I saw it as the alternative for a strong but precise job , it turns the strenuous into comfortable, I recommend it because it has not failed me in anything.”


Toro TimeMaster 21199 mower: Best gas lawn mower for quick cutting

The Toro TimeMaster 21199 mower: Best gas lawn mower for quick cutting   allows 6 cutting levels between 25 to 90 mm that are adjusted with a single lever, the 70 liter grass catcher allows to cut a larger area of grass.

It is a model with high and robust wheels that allows the mower to move more easily on uneven terrain.

Cub Cadet SC100HW: Best gas lawn mower for mulching

The  Cub Cadet SC100HW: Best gas lawn mower for mulching has a self-propelled system to be able to push the mower with less effort, a wide grass catcher, priming pump that facilitates starting, a 41 cm cutting diameter, 6 levels of height adjustment cutting from 25 mm to 75 mm and a steel chassis to make it more resistant.

Toro 21378 Recycler Lawn Mower: Best gas lawn mower for cutting heights

The  Toro 21378 Recycler Lawn Mower: Best gas lawn mower for cutting heights  which adapts to different ground surfaces and with great fuel autonomy with a 1.3 liter gasoline tank, with cutting height between 32-70 mm that can be regular in 7 levels, the chassis is made of steel and it is generally quite a heavy machine.

Troy-Bilt TB100: Best budget gas lawn mower

The Troy-Bilt TB100: Best budget gas lawn mower is one of the mowers rated well by users. It consists of a compact motor that makes it resistant to movement and vibration, ReadyStart technology that allows the machine to start faster, ergonomic handle with 3 height adjustments for greater comfort, self-propelled system to make it easier, washing port to facilitate cleaning the cut grass tank, high rear wheels to facilitate movement on any terrain.

Likewise, it has no traction, and according to its manufacturer it is suitable for terrains of 1600 mt.

What should you take into account before buying a gasoline mower?

  1. Grass collection box

In principle, this implement allows you to have order at the time of cutting and only when it is full can you dispose of it, freeing your garden of undesirable remains. The higher the volume, the more work time you’ll have without interruptions. In other cases, there are gasoline cutters that have fill indicators and other windows where you can check the filling status. On the other hand, you can also read the opinions about how practical they are when putting on and taking off since it will be a common activity when using this tool. Make sure you have a good purchase by reviewing this  comparison .

  1. Details with the environment

A characteristic of these machines is that due to their system they are very noisy and emit gases. In this sense, manufacturers have designed proposals that make engines silent and reduce gas production, so that the environment is affected to a lesser degree. We recommend you consult the opinions about gasoline machines  to finally decide based on these characteristics. 

  1. Volume of the fuel tank

Undoubtedly, this characteristic is of great importance for two reasons: the first is that the greater the volume of gasoline, the more time you can dedicate to gardening. The second reason is also transcendental, because the greater the volume, the greater the weight of the gasoline lawn mower , it is already known that this value must be added to the weight that the manufacturer says, so the work will be greater to load and move the tool. On the market there are them as heavy 28Kg as ultralight 7.7Kg.

  1. Wheels

Two important reasons for the choice have to do with the wheels: the first is widely adopted by factories who make it wide to avoid damage to the grass and to facilitate work on difficult terrain. Secondly, the wheels -in some models- are in line with the edge of the casing to make cuts close to walls and walls, as not all of them have this great advantage, you have to check if the one you choose is one of them.

  1. Ergonomics

Integrated carrying handles, ergonomic handles, among others, are implements that reduce the effort of the person or prevent injury both when moving and when working. Gardening activities are always exposed to the harshness of the environment, so it is better to look for appropriate characteristics that reduce operator fatigue. Check well the specifications of your machine and work in the most comfortable way.

Best brands of gasoline mowers

The best brands in this category are:

  • McCulloch – It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small garden, uneven or flat, there is always a  McCulloch gasoline mower ready to take on the challenge. The product range is the largest on the market. Its main features: power, central height adjustment and easy start. The strongest blade on the market. All of this adds up to cut grass faster.
  • Black & Decker –Smarter market model, wireless and AUTOSENSE technology, this brand is not far behind in offering technology for cutting different levels. Its typical rubberized grips give the operator comfort and allow you to enjoy the activity as a pleasant opportunity to beautify your garden, large or small. For all these reasons it is among  the best lawnmowers on the market .
  • CastelGarden – This company has a leading product in the area, the XC 48 BSW model, being powerful and versatile. This and many more of the X series may be of interest to you.
  • Makita– Brand with a large number of tools and machines for all areas and types of jobs. It has various mowers, made with excellent quality materials, powerful and with very good performance.
  • Bosch– In addition to household appliances and car parts, this brand offers excellent and varied models of trimmers for you to choose the one you need. From the simplest to the most advanced models, either will work wonders for you.
  • Murray– They have been specialists in lawn mowers for over 90 years, making it one of the best brands today. It offers several very well built models at very competitive prices.

What is a gasoline lawn mower?

It is a motorized machine that is used to cut the grass in gardens, sports fields, public green areas, etc., obtaining a uniform surface in its height throughout the terrain. It consists of an engine that runs on fuel.

How to choose the best gasoline lawn mower?

To make the right choice, some important aspects must be taken into account, and one of the main ones is the characteristics and operation:

  • Know the measurements of the garden:if it is a small space, simply one that is manual will suffice, but if on the contrary, it is very wide, it is best to choose an electric one.
  • If you want a professional garden:the best thing is to use a gasoline mower, as it provides greater freedom to move around the space, without impediments, and saves a lot of time.
  • The width of the mower: thewider it is, the more it will be able to cut in moments. They are very useful for large gardens.
  • The material it is made of:plastic machines are lighter than aluminum ones, but they are less resistant.
  • Rotary or helical:rotary ones allow a better-looking cut, while the helical one, due to its cutting system, allows cuts to a few millimeters, which is why it is highly recommended for professionals.

Best Gasoline Lawn Mowers

In the different commercial establishments and online stores, you can find several types of these machines, so it must be carefully analyzed which of them is best: 

  • 2-stroke explosion engines: they emit more noise, generate much more fuel consumption and must be mixed with oil.
  • 4-stroke engines: they are more modern, emit less noise, consume less gasoline and release less gas into the atmosphere.
  • Self-propelled lawnmower: it has a drive shaft that is attached to the engine with a belt that transmits the movement to the wheels.
  • Non-self-propelled lawnmower: the motor is in charge of turning the cutting blade, for this reason whoever uses it must make the effort to push the machine.

Characteristics of a gasoline lawn mower

Before purchasing a lawn mower, you should know that one of its main characteristics is that it does not need to be plugged in:

  • They run on unleaded gasoline
  • It has a 4-stroke engine and independent tanks for gasoline and oil
  • Advance, push or self propelled
  • Starter starter (manual starter rope)
  • Its displacement is from 100 cc to 200 cc
  • Power is about 1.6 kW or 2.1 hp to 3.6 kW or 5 hp
  • It has the possibility of an adjustable and folding handlebar

Differences between a gasoline and electric lawn mower

When choosing between one and the other, you must have the knowledge of what really differentiates these two machines:

Gasoline lawn mower

It is more powerful, more autonomy, has the ability to work on large surfaces and at any height. At the same time, it has much more extras than an electric mower, such as: height regulator, tank to collect grass, a herb grinder, etc.

Electric lawn mower

It does not need gasoline or technical revisions, it does not produce any type of toxic gases, it is light, so handling it will be comfortable and easy. In addition, they have a very low power consumption ranging from 700W – 1,600W, it is easy to start using buttons and finally, you only need to check that the battery or the power cable is in perfect condition.

Perhaps it is not easy to choose between each of them, since both offer quality and comfort, but that decision can be made based on the user’s needs.


What kind of fuel can be used in a gasoline self-propelled lawn mower?

This classic device undoubtedly offers more advantages than disadvantages, since it makes you have independence when working in the garden or any field, without the need for it to be plugged in, you will only need unleaded gasoline.

Parts and components of a gasoline lawn mower

This advanced technology device provides quality results when cutting the lawn, thanks to all the elements that compose it, which also facilitate the work:

  • Handlebar
  • Throttle
  • Traction control
  • Handlebar height adjustment
  • Starter extension 
  • Picker
  • Ejection of grass, a product of mowing
  • Handlebar angle adjuster
  • Motor
  • Fuel tank
  • Stone guard
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Cutter blade housing

Advantages of using a gasoline lawn mower

Lawn mowing machinery is an innovation that definitely greatly facilitates the cutting of green areas on different grounds, its advantages are:

  • They are adaptable to any type of garden.
  • They can cut any type of grass.
  • It does not need a plug.
  • Because it has no cable, it is easy to handle.
  • They are very powerful.
  • They have wide collectors.
  • Their prices are affordable.
  • They are fast, so cutting the grass will be done in less time.

How to use a gasoline lawn mower?

This machine has become essential in places with gardens of any size. These use four-stroke engines and two independent tanks: one for gasoline and one for oil, both tanks must be filled before starting the engine:

  1. Press the starter lever: it is located on the handlebar, the rope must be pulled gently but without starting, so that the gasoline can enter.
  3. Accelerate to the maximum: the rope is tightened and it is pulled by hitting it to start.
  4. The starter lever: it must be pressed so that the machine can start working, in addition, the accelerator must always be at full throttle.
  6. At the end of the season: the fuel tank must be completely emptied, then the mower must be started again in order to burn everything in the engine. In this way, any failure is avoided and it will be ready for the next season.

Maintenance and cleaning of a gasoline lawn mower

In order for the lawn mower to continue to fulfill its functionalities and have high performance, it must undergo rigorous maintenance:

  • Oil change: should be done regularly, at least once a year.
  • Cleaning the air filter: this procedure should be done every time it looks dirty.
  • Sharpen the blades: with each use it can deteriorate.
  • Empty the fuel tank: in the periods that it will not be used.
  • If the cutter does not start: the spark plug must be checked, if necessary it must be replaced.
  • Clean the cutter after each use: this will extend the life of the machine and avoid problems of oxidation and deterioration.

What are problems that can occur in the gasoline lawn mower?

Lawn mowers are very simple, but if you start to have problems or failures, it is a cause for concern, so you should pay attention to the following symptoms:

  1. It shuts off when the engine heats up: this may be because there is a vapor lock, also that there is a problem in the supply of fuel and lubrication, that old gasoline accumulates in the carburetor leaving the tank sticky or that the engine cannot ventilate the internal combustion gases correctly. To do this, the muffler air filter must be replaced.
  2. Won’t Start –Usually, if the starting doesn’t finish on the third try, there is a problem, in this case the fuel, air filter, fuel filter and spark plug should be examined. If it is verified that all these components do not present any apparent fault, it is best to call a specialized technician.
  3. Liquid comes out of the exhaust pipe: it can be for several reasons; the air filter is not getting enough air to the pistons to burn the fuel, so if the liquid smells like gas, it is most likely a flood problem; that oil is leaking from the exhaust system; there may be a condensation problem; Worn valves can contribute to oil leaks or just cracks in the cooling system.

Correct care that the lawn needs

To show off a truly beautiful garden, the lawn must have an excellent and careful maintenance, for this reason, these recommendations should be followed:

  1. Do not cut more than a third of the leaf: in order to develop a deep root system, in this way, it is possible to favor the absorption of water during the summer season.
  2. Keep the mower blades sharp: when they show wear, they can tear the end of the blades.
  3. Mowing season: approximately 25 liters of water will be needed for every square meter. It should be watered in the early hours of the morning, because at night these drops of water can end up harboring diseases that are harmful to the lawn.
  4. Knowing the PH and other aspects of the lawn: this is important, in turn, knowing the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content of the garden so that it looks greener and healthier.

How much money should I spend on a gasoline lawn mower?

The lawn mowers have been designed with high quality mechanical technology to offer optimal results to the consumer, so its cost will be reflected in the material and performance:

  • Cheaper gasoline lawn mower (less than $ 200) –  Generally, its engine is powerful, 7 levels of cutting height that can be adjusted, air cooling system and a large collection bag. In a short time, an entire garden can be pruned.
  • Better quality petrol mower (more than $ 200) – The cutting height can be adjusted in 5 stages. It has an easy-to-grip throttle, thanks to its large knob. It also has a plastic front cover whose function is to cover the steel platform.

Where can you buy a gasoline mower?

In order for you to find the mower you need, below we will recommend some of the best stores where to buy your gasoline mower:

  • Amazon Gasoline Mower– This store is recognized worldwide due to the variety of products it has available. Everything you want can be found on Amazon, in addition its returns and shipping system is the best in the market. Here you will find the top models of gasoline mowers because the best brands are available.
  • El Corte Ingles Gasoline Lawn Mower- This chain of department stores is able to offer you everything from electronic products, video games, fashion, accessories, DIY, household items to food products. They have this product but you should know that they have limitations in terms of available models.
  • Gasoline lawn mower from Leroy Merlin-Specialist store in the sale of construction products, DIY, gardening among others. They offer you brochures with decorating and DIY ideas. They have an excellent variety for this product, so it is an option to consider.

Advantages of using a gasoline mower, what are its strengths?

Perhaps you still do not know the benefits of using a product in the gasoline lawn mower ranking, so below we will provide you with some of its advantages.

What are the advantages of using a mower? 

Its advantages are:

  • Easy to handle.
  • Construction  robust.
  • Easy to customize for the terrain you need to work on.
  • Powerful and convenient.

Advantages of the gasoline lawn mower:

  • Useful for household work and for professional work depending on the model.
  • They have good autonomy in use and can last longer than a cordless chainsaw.
  • It has great strength and will last for many years, as most withstand more workload than electric chainsaws.

Disadvantages of the gasoline lawn mower:

  • They emit gases during their operation due to the combustion of gasoline and oil.
  • They need more maintenance than electric chainsaws.
  • They are more expensive to repair than electric chainsaws and are generally a bit more expensive.

Lawn Mower Maintenance:

  • Make sure to keep the chain well lubricated.
  • Clean after use and before storing.
  • Keep chain teeth sharp.

General tips for using the lawn mower:

Check the manual of the machine to inform you that it can cut or not your machine.

• Make sure that the lawn is clean of garbage, toys, stones, metals and any object that could damage the blades of the machine.
• If you need to cut small bushes.
• Check that the machine has all its parts correctly placed.
• Wear appropriate clothing, appropriate shoes or safety boots, gloves, and goggles to protect your eyes.
• Keep children and animals away from the surroundings to avoid accidents.
• When you finish mowing the lawn, clean the machine by removing all traces of grass.
• Avoid mowing grass when it is wet or it has just rained, wet grass is more difficult to cut.
• To cut edges, slopes or areas with stones and very tall weeds, do not use a lawn mower, it is a brush cutter or a trimmer.

How to choose the best lawnmower according to our needs?

Determine what use we are going to give the machine in terms of frequency of use.
How fast our grass grows according to the time of year.
Type of soil if there are too many stones and rain to keep the weeds moist, a brush cutter will be better.
Maintenance that the machine will need and if it is easy to get technical service and spare parts for the brand of your equipment.

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