10 Best Front Wheel Drive Lawn Mowers [ Updated 2021]

Among the different small mowers, the electric lawnmower is the most appropriate for small and medium-sized gardens.
An electric lawnmower is much less maintenance-friendly than a gasoline-powered lawnmower , and is obviously much more comfortable to use than a manual lawnmower .

As the variety of possible options is very wide, throughout this article you will find the best selection of electric mowers on the market , each one analyzed independently, looking for the technical characteristics that define them and that will be useful to take the best decision to buy a lawn mower.
Use mycomparison of electric lawnmowers , to discover at a glance, the advantages offered by each of the analyzed lawnmowers.

10 Best Front Wheel Drive Lawn Mowers [ Updated 2021]

SKIL PM4910-10 CORE 40 20-Inch

If you have to carry the mower to store it at home, or it is very tiring to push the mower around the garden, this is going to love you, since it only weighs 6.8 kg, “super light.
If you compare this mower with the Gardena one, they almost only differ in weight … well a little more, but very little.
The big difference between the two is the regulation in the cutting height, which Gardena allows 10 different positions, while Bosh only leaves three.
This is a very ergonomic lawnmower, which allows you to handle perfectly close to walls or curbs, doing a high quality job.
The power of the Bosch Powerdrive motor is 1200W, enough to keep a garden of up to 300m2 in good condition.

Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 6.8 Kg
  • Power: 1200W
  • Bag volume: 31 liters
  • Cutting width: 32 cm
  • Cutting height: from 20mm to 60mm
  • Cut-off level steps: Three
  • Cutting level adjustment: Axial wheel
  • Recommended work surface: Up to 300 m2


Buyers’ opinions of the Bosch ARM 32 electric lawn mower

With the purchase of this electric lawn mower I am very satisfied.

I have a small garden, 60 m2, which I mow very often.

The mowers are very clean, it hardly leaves any residue on the lawn and in general, it does its job very well … by the way, it cuts any type of grass, no matter how hard it is.


  • Small and light mower, weighs only 6.8 kg
  • Cuts with ease near obstacles and walls
  • Big collecting bag
  • Great value for the price


SKIL PM4910-10 CORE 40 20-Inch

EGO Power+ LM2142SP

If you are looking for a cheap lawnmower, but that also has good performance, this Einhell model is the ideal one.
It is a lawnmower designed for gardens of up to 300 m2 , so if you have a small garden (the usual) the benefits it has will be more than enough.
It has an electric coal motor installed , which develops 1000W of power , with a great rotation and cutting height, which will work even with grass of great height and density.
It allows three adjustment heights, to offer a flawless appearance on the garden lawn.
The housing and the collection box are made of high-performance plastic, capable of withstanding impacts without deteriorating.
When the task is done, the handle folds over the mower to save storage space.


Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 9.4 Kg
  • Power: 1000W
  • Bag volume: 25 liters
  • Cutting width: 30 cm
  • Cutting height: from 30mm to 70mm
  • Cut Level Steps: 3
  • Cutting level adjustment: Axial wheel
  • Recommended work surface: Up to 300 m2

Buyers’ opinions of the Einhell GC-EM 1030 electric lawn mower

For the price, I wasn’t expecting much from this electric lawn mower.

But after using it all summer, I have to say that the purchase has been fantastic.

My lawn is not exactly a carpet, there are a lot of weeds (I have to improve it) and it has cut everything without problems.


  • Powerful motor
  • Ideal for gardens with tall grass
  • Easy to handle lawn mowing machine due to its size
  • Very cheap


  • The collecting bag is not very big
  • Has one of the smallest cutting widths
EGO Power+ LM2142SP

Greenworks 40V 21 inch Self

The Gardena Powermax electric lawn mower is specially designed for gardens up to 300 m2.
It is quite light, it only weighs 8.3 kg , so it does not become heavy to handle (it has an ergonomic ErgoTec handle), even with slightly sloping gardens.
It has tempered steel blades, which make very precise cuts.
The cutting height is very easy to handle thanks to its QuickFit system, and allows many height options: from a minimum of 2 centimeters, up to 6 centimeters, with 10 possible positions.
That grass that is always attached to the wall, will be perfectly finished, thanks to the fact that it mounts side combs, which make it easier to approach walls and curbs, doing a perfect job.
All cut grass will go straight to your bag, capable of holding up to 30 liters.


Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 8.3 Kg
  • Power: 1200W
  • Bag volume : 30 liters
  • Cutting width: 32 cm
  • Cutting height: from 20mm to 60mm
  • Cut level steps: 10
  • Cutting level adjustment: Central
  • Recommended work surface: Up to 300 m2

Gardena Lawn Mower Buyers’ Opinions

After reading about Gardena lawn mower reviews, I decided to buy it.

The transport service was very fast, I think in one day I was home.

As soon as you open the package, you can see the quality, the plastics look very good and everything seems very robust.

Although I have been in use for a short time, the result so far has been very good.

I think it is a highly recommended mower, for the price it has.


  • Multiple cut regulation options
  • Efficient cutting and collection
  • Ergonomic, very pleasant to handle
  • Easy to fold


  • Limited to small or medium gardens
  • Non-mulching lawn mower
Greenworks 40V 21 inch Self

Makita XML03PT1 18V X2

Bosch  is one of the most reliable brands in hand machinery, both for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
This Bosch Rotak electric lawn mower  complies with all the brand’s premises, a very reliable tool, designed to perform very tough jobs, without hardly resenting.
The cutting width, as well as the height, the power and the possible configurations, are typical of a larger and more expensive mower.
The wheels are perfectly aligned with the carcass, to adjust to the curbs or walls as much as possible , so that it is not necessary to go over the cut (or not much).
One of the quality details is that it allows you to work at maximum engine power, with hardly any noise.
It is designed for gardens up to 770 m2.


Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 16 Kg
  • Power: 1800W
  • Bag volume: 50 liters
  • Cutting width: 46 cm
  • Cutting height: from 20mm to 80mm
  • Cut level steps: 7
  • Cutting level adjustment: Central
  • Recommended work surface: Up to 770 m2

Buyers’ opinions of the Bosch Rotak electric lawn mower

An excellent grass trimmer, as you would expect from Bosch.

The price that the lawnmower is worth is worth it, for power, silence and quality of finishes. I am very happy, and I recommend it 100 × 100.


  • Central cutting regulation, just by pressing a button
  • Super quiet
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Very powerful


  • Does not have mulching option
Makita XML03PT1 18V X2

Roll over image to zoom in PowerSmart Lawn Mower

This mower is specially designed for large gardens … or someone who wants to finish cutting the lawn quickly, that anything is possible.
The power of the mower is impressive, 1800W of motor , which will be able to with grass of any height and thickness.
In addition, it has a cutting width of 42 centimeters , one of the largest for electric lawn mowers.
This model is new, it comes to replace the previous one from Black & Decker.
Some of the improvements is the ergonomic design of the grip, which improves the position of the gardener and also the maneuverability of the mower.
The cutting blade has also been improved , which is 80% more efficient than the previous model.
As with the high-end models, it has a full bag alert , so that we do not force the machine and that an undesirable breakdown may arise.
This is the mower you need, if … you have a good size garden, or why not, if you want to finish the task quickly.


Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 17.5 Kg
  • Power: 1800W
  • Bag volume: 50 liters
  • Cutting width: 42 cm
  • Cutting height: from 20mm to 70mm
  • Cut level steps: 6
  • Cutting level adjustment: Central
  • Recommended work surface: Up to 600 m2

Buyers’ opinions of the Black and Decker lawn mower

I was hesitating between buying this model, or the Black and Decker 1200W lawnmower.

I think I was right. It has a lot of power, which is evident in the speed and efficiency of the cuts.

One of the best electric lawnmowers I have ever owned.


  • Large wheels, with excellent grip
  • Easy to maneuver
  • High performance blade
  • Easy to transport


  • The quality of the plastics can be improved

Roll over image to zoom in

PowerSmart Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mower offer

The mowers on offer are discounted models, authentic bargains for a very limited time, you have to remember this because the offers do not tend to last over time. These are the lawnmowers that currently have the best price offers:

What is an electric lawn mower?

An electric lawnmower is a machine for cutting  decorative grass (lawn),  although it can also be used as a machine to cut grass and brush, although it is not the best option, that’s what brushcutters are for.
In any case, they are used to cut all types of grass in gardens, maintaining a uniform height and a perfect appearance.
As its name suggests, its motor works with electricity, which provides a rotating movement to a blade installed at its base, which is responsible for mowing the grass.

Lawn Mower Electric or Gasoline?

This is a great question, when we are talking about buying a lawn mower, as it is one of the options available.
If our garden is not excessively large, I would bet without hesitation on the electric lawnmower.
It is much more manageable, does not require much maintenance and above all, it does not produce any type of odors from combustion, it makes much less noise, in short, it is much more comfortable to use.
I would only consider a gasoline lawnmower if the surface of the garden was large or because of the orography of the garden, it was necessary to get a self-propelled lawnmowerMake no mistake, there are no self-propelled electric mowers.

Advantages of electric mowers

Without a doubt, buying an electric lawn mower has many advantages for an amateur gardener.
I would highlight that the strengths of an electric lawn mower are:

  • Very simple operation. You don’t have to complicate buying fuel, just plug it in, adjust the cutting height and start mowing your lawn.
  • Low maintenance. An electric motor needs very little maintenance, unlike a combustion engine, in which there are more elements that can fail and that also require constant monitoring: fuel, oil level …
  • They are very light. As you have seen from the relationship, you have some electric lawnmowers that do not even reach 7 kilos in weight, easy for anyone to handle.
  • Noise level and minimal pollution. The noise an electric lawnmower makes cannot be compared to that of a motorized one, not to mention pollution and the smell of fuel. With an electric lawnmower, you can only smell freshly cut grass.

Disadvantages of electric lawn mowers

I would say that they only have two points where a gasoline lawn mower could be more comfortable or useful:

  • In a garden with no plugs or a large work surface, using a corded lawnmower is a hassle.
  • When we talk about very large gardens, it is better to consider a motorized lawnmower, since with an electric one the work can be much heavier.

Electric lawn mower parts

Mower wheels

  • Blade guard
  • Mower motor
  • Cutting height regulator
  • Collecting box
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Throttle
  • Start up

Features to watch out for when buying an electric lawn mower

There are certain aspects that are what make the difference between one lawnmower and another , they are the characteristics that we must review to make the best purchase decision:

Cutting width

The width of cut is important, because the greater the width, the greater work surface and less effort to mow a larger area of ​​grass … it is obvious.
The smallest mowers have cutting widths of 30 to 32 centimeters, while the largest and more powerful, reach 40 centimeters.
In addition to the width of the cut, it is advisable to control the quality of the blade and its effectiveness, to avoid taking too many passes.

Mower power

Power is important, especially when we are going to work with good-sized gardens.
The higher the power, the higher the workload capacity, without the engine overheating. You’ll also have less trouble mowing taller or thicker grass.


Although the weight can be important, especially if our garden has an irregular surface, there is a reason that is fulfilled, greater power = greater weight.
If the mower is light, it will not have much power or width of cut.

Cutting height adjustment

Although it is not necessary that they have too many positions, it is convenient that they have enough so that the grass is as we like it.
It is also important that the cutting height is easy to change.

Electric cable

Believe it or not, some electric cutters are provided without a cord, it is something that has become very fashionable in other electrical appliances.
In any case, you will most likely need to get an extension cord, which covers the entire perimeter of the garden. The electrical cords that come with the mower are usually not excessively large on any model.

Lawn mower with mulching

Mulching mowers are very fashionable and you should know what it is, especially if you are interested in adding an accessory to your mower or directly it is a mulching mower.
Mulching is nothing more than a special blade, which finely shreds the cut grass and once it is cut, it spreads it over the grass , avoiding having to collect the cut grass.
It grinds it so finely that it decomposes easily, becoming a natural fertilizer, which improves the sponginess of the ground and avoids having to fertilize the lawn.

Orography of our garden

Our garden also matters when making a purchasing decision. If we have difficult terrain, inclined, with many decorative elements, walls or curbs, we must look for those mowers with specific features, such as that the wheels are aligned with the carcass, to allow greater adjustment of cut on the edges.


You may not have paid much attention to this point, but it is crucial, especially if we are going to mow the lawn very often and for a long time.
The best mowers take into account ergonomic details, such as handle height adjustment, cushioned grips and lighter materials, so it takes little effort to push the mower across the yard.

Best electric lawn mower brands

There are several manufacturers of garden tools that are fighting to be in the first positions, for me, the three most important brands of lawnmower at the moment are:

  • Einhell. The German brand of tools for garden and DIY, is undoubtedly the leader in sales at the moment.
    Its advantage over other manufacturers is in the variety of lawnmowers it offers, always with fantastic prices. If you are looking for a cheap lawnmower, you will end up buying an Einhell and it will surely not disappoint you.
  • Bosch. Bosch lawn mowers, like all Bosch tools, are well deserved.
    They are very reliable and the German brand also offers a wide variety of options, with exceptional quality. If you are willing to spend a little more money, you will not regret it.
  • Black and Decker. And from the United States we have the Black and Decker mowers, very feisty, with really amazing prices.
    We can also find a good variety of models, some really very powerful and that have nothing to envy to gasoline lawn mowers, to mow large gardens.

Price of an electric lawn mower How much to spend?

Like it or not, we all have a budget and we seek to buy the best we can, within that budget.
We want to buy a cheap electric lawnmower, but get the benefits of a higher quality lawnmower. It is a very interesting goal, but one that is often difficult to achieve.
If you don’t know how much an electric lawn mower costs, I think we should consider two scenarios:

  • Cheap and economical electric lawnmower, for less than € 100. They correspond to the lowest range. They will perform the task in the same way, but it is possible that their durability in the long run will be less.
  • Quality electric lawn mower, for more than € 100. From the limit of € 100, we began to find higher quality devices with more features, more powerful engines and with a higher level of regulation.
    Obviously, they also have higher quality finishes, better blades and ultimately, they tend to last longer and be a better choice.

Where to buy an electric lawn mower?

My recommendation is that you buy your electric lawn mower online. Currently there are many platforms that offer the possibility of buying from the comfort of your home.
I recommend buying from Amazon, the largest online store for gardening products, although there are other platforms that you could consider:

  • Electric lawn mower at Amazon. Amazon not only brings together the largest number of lawnmower brands, it is also common to find price offers that other sellers are not able to beat.
  • Leroy Merlin electric lawn mowerIts catalog is not nearly as extensive as Amazon’s, and it does not offer the same variety of brands.
  • Electric lawn mower in Carrefour. The French store uses a commercial system very different from others, it gets manufacturers to manufacture some models exclusively, so that the comparison becomes very difficult.
    In fact, all they do is change the external appearance a bit, so it is convenient to review the performance of each mower.
  • Electric lawn mower at BricoDepot. They specialize in stripping, discontinued tools that manufacturers want to release. It is common to find good prices, but they are mowers that are no longer manufactured and that can cause spare parts problems.

Advantages of the lawn

Having a lawn in the garden is a joy. Going out to the garden in summer and feeling the fresh grass just watered under your bare feet is a sensation… almost indescribable.
A garden with grass offers many advantages, compared to one that does not have it. Obviously the first thing is the appearance, with a lawn a garden is “a garden”, while without a lawn it is more like a patio.
In addition to the visual and sensitive advantages of the lawn, which are purely for enjoyment, there are also two aspects that we must take into account when installing and caring for the lawn in the garden: the added value to the home and the improvement in the summer temperature.
Lawn is always an added value when we want to sell a home. It is true that if we install it it is for our enjoyment, but it is a point to consider, don’t you think?
Another very important aspect is that the lawn and the entire garden serve as a regulator of the temperature of the house, lowering the thermal sensation of heat by several degrees.

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