[ 2020 Reviews ] 5 Best Fertilizer Spreader For Small Lawns

Not a very pleasant operation but fundamental for the health of an agricultural field or a meadow, fertilization can be less heavy using the right tool. For this reason, we have created a guide that wants to highlight which features a fertilizer spreader must have to be comfortable to use, effective, resistant, even without costing a head glance. 

On the market, there are many models of the best fertilizer spreader for small lawns that correspond to this description, and, among these, we have selected some of them, of which we offer our reviews that highlight the pros and cons.

 If, however, you do not have time to read them all, we can anticipate that  the Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader which represents a smart choice, ensures ease of use and a fertilizer spraying capacity that allows you to complete the operation in a plot of 2,000 square meters in about 10 minutes. 

The lever for adjusting the quantity of fertilizer to be emitted is the distinctive feature of the Solo Portable Chest-mount Spreader, which adds a particularly aggressive sales price.


5 Best Fertilizer Spreader For Small Lawns – Ranking in 2020

Two useful buying tips that we give you on the fly to choose a good fertilizer spreader: first, check the tank capacity; second, check if there is a possibility to regulate the flow of fertilizer. Also, take into account the extent of the area to be fertilized.

 The types of products sold online vary from very inexpensive models designed for the planter on the terrace to much more powerful and bulky tools, recommended for a vegetable garden or the park of a manor house.


 The Solo Portable Chest-mount Spreader is a powerful manual fertilizer spreader suitable for those with medium / large surfaces such as lawn, park, or villa, managing to spray an area of 2 meters at a time in a homogeneous way. 

Therefore, it becomes possible to fertilize a garden of 2000 square meters in about 10 minutes, with a consequent saving of time and, above all, effort.

The propulsive thrust is guaranteed using a comfortable handlebar slightly inclined concerning the body of the appliance to prevent it from getting stuck in the roughness of the ground. 

The lever for adjusting the flow of fertilizer is also placed, which thus remains constantly at the operator’s reach.

This measure allows you to change the dosage of the fertilizer easily, adjusting it at any time to the plants’ real needs and thus allowing a fair saving of money, certainly among the Best Fertilizer Spreader For Small Lawns among those sold online.

For parks, lawns, or very large gardens, here is a model that, in the guide to choosing the Best Fertilizer Spreader For Small Lawn, can be considered among the most interesting. It allows fast fertilization and without much effort.



Large area:

the new Texas 6636 fertilizer spreader allows you to operate comfortably in a garden of 2,000 square meters in a time that is around 10 minutes.


you can dose the quantity of fertilizer to be spread thanks to the presence of a lever that takes care of closing or opening the dispenser according to the needs of the moment.


to tire as little as possible, the handlebar is slightly inclined to allow a better push even when facing rough terrain.




the assembly instructions are in English. Fortunately, the latter is accompanied by images that guide the user step by step in assembling the fertilizer spreader.


 The Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader offers excellent value for money manages to provide you at an overall low cost with all the features needed to fertilize very large lawn areas and orchards quickly.

It is no coincidence that it is among the best-selling models, although we cannot consider it the Best Fertilizer Spreader For Small Lawn of 2020 as some users underline its limits when used on narrow surfaces. 

On the other hand, it is excellent on large extensions due to the sprayed area, which reaches 3 meters in this model.

It is also equipped with the indispensable flow adjustment lever, which allows you to dose the amount of fertilizer on the lawn’s real needs and, therefore, saves money. It can also be used as a sower, being equipped with a disc spreading system. 

The handlebar is comfortable, which is adjustable, making the tool easy to store at the end of the work.

Low-cost fertilizer spreader but with good technical characteristics. It is ideal for those who want to fertilize large areas of meadows and orchards without spending an eye on the head. Once you have finished using it, it can also be stored in not particularly large spaces.




one of the reasons for those who are among the most purchased on the web is its excellent quality/price ratio thanks to the materials with which it is built and the extreme ease of use.


with this fertilizer spreader, it is possible to act on a very large area, given that the jet can reach up to 3 meters away.


The flow of fertilizer to be spread can be adjusted with a comfortable lever according to the actual needs of the area to be fertilized or sown.




It is not suitable for small gardens or confined areas due to its disc, which spreads fertilizer and seeds very far from where the tool is located.


 The extent of the soil to be fertilized is the key factor in deciding which spreader to buy. This Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader by Scotts , a well-known German tool brand, will be excellent, for example, for medium-small surfaces thanks to its lightness and dimensions, which are smaller than the average.

Another advantage is that it can also be used as a salt spreader, thanks to the special anti-corrosion material in which it is made. However, a problem that is noticeable to the eye is the inconvenience of adjusting the flow of fertilizer, being the special lever positioned at the bottom of the container, even if on the other hand, it is a model that takes up very little space once stored having the handlebar foldable.

The price is certainly competitive, placing itself well below the average of the other end products.

A tool that is useful when the area to be fertilized is not particularly large. The fertilizer to be spread can be dosed at will, and thanks to the foldable handlebar, it takes up little space in the toolbox or the box.



Salt spreader:

this spreader is versatile as it can easily be used as a salt spreader to melt ice or snow from an avenue.


it is the cheapest fertilizer spreader in our guide, but this does not mean it is a low-level product, as users who use it point out.


one of the characteristics we like most is its compact size and lightness, which does not tire even after hours of use.




the lever that regulates the flow of fertilizer is a little uncomfortable as it is positioned in the lower part of the container.


Rank #4: Fasmov Adjustable Handheld Spreader Salt and Seed Spreader

 Fasmov Adjustable Handheld Spreader Salt and Seed Spreader is used not only to spread the fertilizer but also to sow and carry out various types of treatment, such as dispensing herbicides or anti-moss products.

It has all the features that this type of tool must have to be considered quality, from the self-adjusting delivery lever strategically placed on the handlebar to allow maximum operator comfort with the rod adjustable to reduce its size and which allows you to store it after use in a small space.

Reading the comments, it is not difficult to verify that the appliance works very well. The only limitation is that it can only be used with Fasmov and EverGreen products by expressing the same manufacturer.

Comparing the various offers, the price is average.

A very eclectic fertilizer spreader can also be used to sow or to spread herbicides or pesticides. Light and comfortable to use, it has a lever that doses the dispensing of the products inserted in the main container.




in addition to fertilizers and fertilizers, it can be used for various treatments, including weeding and spilling various products such as anti-moss.

Convenient to use:

the product is light and comfortable. I like the position of the lever, rightly placed on the handlebar, which takes care of dosing the quantity of fertilizer to be used.


the bowl that acts as a container is 40 cm wide, more than enough to contain a good amount of fertilizer or other products that can be used with this tool.




a small drawback of this tool concerns the possibility of using only Fasmov  products and not others, to obtain the maximum yield from this fertilizer spreader.


 Very cheap, it is a good model for those with small surfaces or DIY. It does not have a large capacity – the tank is about two liters – and the range of action is limited.

Among other things, the flow of delivery is not adjustable, so it certainly cannot be counted among the professional ones. On the other hand, it is versatile, as it can also be used as a salt and seed drill.

As for overall dimensions, it takes up very little space, being placed without any particular problems in a wardrobe or closet. A defect is a weight, which is around half a kilo. Having to be the device held by hand and not having dumbbells or points of support on the ground, using this tool will certainly be tiring.

The Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader is worth what little it costs, but which can still be useful in certain cases, for example, for a vegetable garden or the garden of a house.

Small manual fertilizer spreader for those who want to spend little and don’t have a large area to fertilize. To know where to buy this fertilizer spreader, just click on the links of the online sellers just below the review of the pros and cons that follow.




A very compact fertilizer spreader that, once used, can be easily inserted in a closet or the tool closet.


the very low price immediately identifies it as a non-professional product, but useful for those who do not have great needs to fertilize very large plots.


as well as a fertilizer spreader, it can also be used as a salt spreader or for sowing small areas of lawn or a vegetable garden to be cultivated as a hobby.



According to users’ opinions, despite being compact, the weight of almost half a kilo makes it a bit heavy to use for a long time as it must be held by hand.


How to use a fertilizer spreader

Who has a fairly large field knows the need to fertilize it properly to have an abundant harvest. If you have a small vegetable garden or a garden, manually providing this operation is not difficult, on the other hand, if you are talking about medium-large sized fields, it could instead be a serious problem.

What is a fertilizer spreader

Special fertilizer spreaders have been created to meet the users, agricultural machines equipped with wheels, and specifically designed for spreading fertilizers on the ground.

Compared to professional machines, with a high cost, they are slightly smaller and manually operated. Although therefore, they are more intuitive, they are also much more tiring to use.

Factors to consider

Before choosing the one that best suits your needs, you must consider factors such as the range of action, which usually varies from 2 to 3 meters, and the capacity of the tank, which can oscillate between 10 and 20 liters.


Once you have chosen the fertilizer spreader, you will have to assemble it if it is not pre-assembled. This procedure should be carefully and precisely illustrated in the instruction manual. We invite you to consult it carefully so as not to run into errors that could compromise the operation of the appliance. Also, make sure there are no loose bolts or screws before using it.

Which fertilizer to use

So the time has come to get the fertilizer, mineral, or organic according to the cultivation. Also, consider the assimilation times that vary from fertilizer to fertilizer.

The tool should consist of a handlebar, necessary to guide it, a container for fertilizer, a dispenser that releases the right amount of product, and a pair of wheels for movement.

Components of a fertilizer spreader

Let’s analyze the components starting from the handlebar. Make sure it is comfortable, perhaps with rubberized handles for a better grip, even if you have wet hands.

This is not an element to be underestimated, especially if the field to be fertilized requires hours of work.

The fertilizer container must be large enough and limit your stops to reload it, so remember to calculate, even roughly, the amount needed to fertilize the whole field.

The doser must be well built not to create obstructions that would interrupt the work, for this particular rely above all on user reviews.

Finally, the wheels essential for movement. You can find different sizes, the larger ones are usually suitable for very hard and rough terrain, while the smaller ones are preferable for a lawn or an orchard.

Simple and intuitive use

To use this device, all you have to do is insert the fertilizer into the container, adjust the flow using a special lever, usually near the handlebar or the dosor itself, and you will be ready to start fertilizing your soil.


Buying Guide – How to choose the Best Fertilizer Spreader For Small Lawn?

Originally used in agriculture to optimize fertilizer spreading and achieve savings in terms of lower consumption of raw materials, the fertilizer spreader has become available for hobbyists and gardeners, in the form of smaller and lighter models pushed by hand. It is still too early to say which is the best brand on the market for a product destined to undergo changes and improvements shortly due to the application of information technology. In this guide, we will limit ourselves to reviewing only the characteristics of the appliances. Currently available online, referring the reader to our ranking of the most popular ones for the appropriate insights.

When to use it

The use of the fertilizer spreader, even the smallest one, makes sense only if you have surfaced of a certain size. While it is indispensable for a lawn or a medium / large garden, it is certainly completely useless for the geraniums on the terrace or for a small vegetable garden, where the manual system remains the most comfortable and economical method.

Each item specifies the range of action, which generally varies from 2 to 3 meters. This gives an idea of the power of this tool, with which you can cover the surface of a football field in a few minutes. The performance then also depends on the tank capacity, generally on 10/20 liters. Keep in mind that, being manual, you will have to push, which becomes a real work of effort in the most powerful models!

Not just fertilizers

The models we have reviewed are often multifunctional: being made of special anti-corrosion plastics, they can also be used to spread seeds or even salt. Compare the prices, and you will see that these additional features do not generally involve an increase in the cost, which seems more related to the size. Therefore, it may be convenient to buy a fertilizer spreader that offers you multiple products in one and save space in the garage or the tool shed.

To choose the product that’s right for you, remember that a very important feature is adjusting the release of fertilizer to appropriately dose the quantities based on the type of soil and culture to save costs. Since not all models are equipped with the appropriate regulating device, it is always advisable to check before purchasing.


The price is not all in one product, especially in the case in question. Having to push it by hand, check that the handlebar is comfortable and inclined concerning the body to allow maximum leverage and that the adjustment control is positioned to be easily accessible. The full weight must not, however, be excessive, to avoid risks for the back.

Many models are demountable and equipped with a folding handlebar, a detail that will certainly prove to be convenient when storing the tool. However, these are always fairly large gadgets that need an adequate amount of space and should be placed in a shed. In short, the fertilizer spreader remains a product not suitable for the city, the purchase of which is depreciated only if you own at least one house.

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