[ Updated 2021] Top 5 Best Electric Lawn Scarifiers

Every dedicated gardener has a strikingly beautiful lawn. While the mysterious procedures behind these outstanding results are not available to ordinary men, we managed to get one key advice:

In this guide, I have examined US gardeners’ best raspberries (also called the raspberries’ raspberries). Electrically or battery powered are all the scarifiers here.

It is essential to have efficient gardening tools.

Today, we talk of lawn scarifiers, simple but unbelievably beneficial tools that stimulate the growth of healthy, aesthetic grass from the roots upwards.

Now, perhaps you ask:

You can read the best lawn scarifiers in UK when you find this review and you are looking for a UK garden scarifier. An article about the UK’s best gas paddling scarifiers is also available.

Why are these equipment important?

Well, the lawn scarifiers cut the ground and take away the grass, thatch, moose and all sorts of debris so that the essential nutrients can be absorbed. This aerates the soil and therefore increases the growth of healthy, springy, thick grass.

But guess what, lovers of lawns, you won’t be forced to find the best lawn scarifier because we did this for you already!

So, make a cup of coffee, review our article and upgrade your pitcher!

If you do not have time to read all our reviews, we immediately offer you two products that could attract your attention.  Greenworks Corded Dethatcher is a scarifier equipped with eight high-quality double blades, which can effectively remove weeds.


The 5 Best electric lawn scarifiers – Reviews in 2021

To take care of the grass in your garden you not only need a lawnmower but, if you want to guarantee a healthy and uniform appearance to the lawn, you can consider purchasing a scarifier, that is, a device that removes weeds and that affects the soil surface to allow light, water and nutrients to reach the roots.

Below we offer a list with reviews of the five best models on sale, intending to advise you on how to choose an excellent electric scarifier.

 At the top of our ranking, we have placed this Greenworks Corded Dethatcher appliance, which is a robust and reliable, combined model, capable of combining electric regenerator functions with those of aerator, of guaranteeing lawn care.

The presence of eight high-quality double blades guarantees the removal of weeds, moss, and roots in depth. The aerator roller also uses the power of the 1,200 Watt motor to intervene on the ground and ensure correct ventilation. Thanks to the three adjustments of the working depth, what, in our opinion, is the best electric scarifier of 2020 adapts without problems to the different types of soil and vegetation.

Users who have already purchased it have appreciated the 28-liter capacity of the container for collecting weeds and the use of quality materials for the construction of the wheels. It is also suitable for rough terrain and for the assembly of the shockproof structure plastic, which gives a good feeling of strength.

Einhell has therefore created a powerful tool that can effectively meet the needs of most consumers for the reasons we have listed above. Here they are summarized in brief.

Greenworks Corded Dethatcher



The Einhell electric scarifier, if not the cheapest on the market, is one of the most convenient. At the same time, it ensures high-level performance for the user.


The eight double blades are resistant, and quality and allow us to remove weeds, moss, and roots effectively and in-depth.


There are three possible depth adjustments. The advantage for the user is to better adapt the blades to the type of soil and vegetation to obtain a consistently good result.


Small and space-saving, the Einhell scarifier/aerator has a body made of resistant and quality materials. Simultaneously, the wheels appear suitable for all types of terrain, even the roughest ones.



Collection bag:

Compared to that of other power tools, it is not the largest.


 Taking advantage of a scarifier’s functions is an essential step for the care of your garden because, over time, moss and weeds risk ruining it. For this reason, if you are thinking about which scarifier to buy, the model proposed by Bosch best meets the requirements of this type of product. Just push it (like a lawnmower) and let the roller and the powerful air jet rest.

Thanks to the Powerdrive engine and the jet collect system. This appliance digs the ground in-depth and, thanks to the air jet, compresses the waste material and channels it in the 50-liter grass collector without creating blockages.

Resistant and compact, it makes the small dimensions and the ease of storage when you are finished using its strengths, thanks to the double folding handle and the detachable collection basket. Price of medium / high range but proportionate to its undeniable qualities.

Bosch is often present in the rankings of the products most appreciated by consumers, and our guide to choosing the best electric scarifier allows us to find a model made by the German house. No wonder, given the benefits for users. Here, in short, what they are.

Kwantasmile Electric Lawn Scarifier / Lawn Dethatcher



The combined action of the powerful Powerdrive engine and Jet Collect technology allows the soil to be scarified effectively without the machine jamming.

Jet Collect:

This is the new Bosch system that takes full advantage of the air jet to collect cut grass, moss, and other material and channel it quickly and efficiently into the collection basket.

The collection basket is one of the strengths of the power tool because it boasts 50 liters. The advantage is that you can work longer before stopping to empty it.

Overall dimensions:

The Bosch has a very compact design, and its small size is one of its most significant advantages. The ingenious double folding handle and the detachable collection basket allow you to occupy a small footprint when stored.


Warms up:

Some users with large lawns point out that the Bosch tends to warm up and go safely.

 Among the buying advice on which scarifier to buy, this Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper model is also included by its ability to perform multiple functions: scarifying, aerating the soil, and collecting roots and weeds. Depending on the role you need, it allows you to intuitively replace the roller, going from the scarifier (equipped with 14 steel blades) to the scarifier (with 24 steel springs).

It is designed to operate on rather large surfaces under a working width of 38 centimeters and a collection basket of 55 liters. Thanks to three adjustment levels, it is possible to adapt it to your needs and to the type of garden you will be working on.

Offered at a mid-range price, the Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper  device will not be the best electric scarifier of 2020, but it is still among the most interesting among those best sold online.

The remarkable success of the Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper  derives from the excellent performance offered and the attractive selling price, as you can check by clicking on the link below with a suggestion on where to buy this model using a very acceptable offer.

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper


Roller replacement:

Comfort is a versatile power tool because it acts as a scarifier, scarifier, and herb and root collector. Depending on the desired function, however, it is necessary to replace the roller. The advantage is that it is straightforward, not to say intuitive operation.

Depth adjustment:

Three levels of depth adjustment are possible, ideal for adapting the power tool to the type of soil and vegetation.

Expansive lawns:

Comfort is designed to be used on large lawns; in fact, the working width for scarifying is unusually wide, and the collection basket has an exceptional capacity of 55 liters.


Small extensions:

It is not suitable for working on extensive soils.

 The Scotts Outdoor Push Lawn Sweeper brand is a guarantee when it comes to products for hobby, gardening, and DIY. It is therefore not surprising that in our ranking, there are two models of the German company. The Rg-Sa 1433 is an effective and reliable electric scarifier/aerator that allows you to obtain healthy lawns free of small and medium-sized weeds.

The scarifier roller is equipped with twenty blades that deal with the grubbing up of moss and roots while the scarifier roller, thanks to the 48 springs, ensures excellent soil aeration results.

All perfect? Not really, because many of those who are already using it have found that the device struggles to collect the high amount of material produced during the operation, forcing the rake to use it. Not a small defect that pushed us to place it at the bottom of our ranking of the best electric lawn scarifiers on sale on the market.

Practical and inexpensive, the Scotts Outdoor Push Lawn Sweeper is a reliable and high-performance power tool that we believe deserves to be taken into consideration by users. We list what are its main characteristics.

Scotts Outdoor Push Lawn Sweeper



The Scotts electric scarifier boasts a remarkable power of 1,400 watts, superior to many models of the most famous brands. The advantage for the user is the possibility of carrying out the work in a more effective and faster way.


The respectable performance ensured by the Einhell model corresponds to a decidedly affordable price, ideal for those who do not want to give up quality but are also attentive to the portfolio.


The rollers supplied are two, with 20 blades for scarifying and 48 springs for aerating. Replacement is not complicated at all.


Material collection:

Various consumer opinions show a particular difficulty in collecting the material produced, which almost obliges to use the rake.


The collection basket does not have considerable capacity.

We believe that many people will be happily surprised after purchasing this Sun Joe AJ801E 13 in. 12 Amp Electric Scarifier . Spending all in all low sum will bring home a valuable tool. Sure, it has some limitations, but in the end, these are things that do not compromise the work. The electric motor has a power of 1,400 W and works as an aerator and a scarifier.

To use one of the two modes, the rollers must be replaced. This is done by opening the panel on the front. Someone has bothered this system, but many speak of fast and straightforward operation. In our opinion, the collection basket is small, and therefore you will have to empty it several times. This is probably the only negative aspect that we can report.

But going back to the positive aspects, how can we fail to mention the quality of the materials? Far too good for the asking price. The grip will not be uncomfortable, but a soft-grip coating would have been welcome. Easy to use.

 Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Scarifier


Value for money:

This model can boast an excellent quality/price ratio. It works well and, in our opinion, the materials used are excellent.

Quick replacement:

We have to say that the system for changing the rollers is convenient, and everything is done quickly.



It is not very large and, consequently, you are forced to stop often to empty it and then leave again quickly.


Maybe this element is not uncomfortable. However, we would have seen a coating well to make everything more comfortable.

How to use an electric scarifier

If you have a garden with a lawn, suppose you are interested in keeping it in excellent health. Watering it regularly when the sun does not beat hard is undoubtedly good, but it is not enough. You need something else. You need to do the scarifying, and to do it, it is good to have a scarifier available that can be electric, manual, or petrol.


This operation serves to free the lawn from the mulch, that is, the residues of vetch grass and moss. This operation must be done to allow the soil to absorb more oxygen and, therefore, accelerate the lawn’s growth.

When to use the scarifier

Do not be impatient to use the electric scarifier for your parano. Indeed, it is useless to buy it before three years have passed since you put it, and we will immediately explain why. Scarifying removes all those blades of grass with weak roots, characteristic of the young lawn. But suppose that the three years have already passed, let’s see what the most suitable period for the use of the electric scarifier is: the advice is to carry out the work between mid-April and the first week of May because it is in this period that the lawn is in favorable conditions for regeneration.

The correct procedure

When preparing to use the electric scarifier, proceed as follows: the lawn must have already been mowed once, but if there have been two mowings, it is even better. Before using the scarifier, the lawn must be mowed: it is preferable that the grass has a height of 4 centimeters. Finally, it is necessary to make sure that the soil is dry; thus, the device will work more efficiently.

The working depth

To act at the right depth, the scarifier must be positioned on the lawn and, after turning it on, proceed back and forth with small and rapid movements: the depth must be corrected so that the blade cuts only the surface. In general, a well-groomed lawn requires a cutting depth of 3 millimeters. If, on the other hand, the lawn is not taken care of properly, it is better to set the bottom to 5 millimeters.

The correct movements

Again, we need to distinguish between a well-tended and poorly tended lawn. In the first case, it is sufficient to move the scarifier in one direction. If, on the other hand, your lawn is not in excellent condition, you need to go with the scarifier in one direction and then go back. After the operation, the surface will be covered with felt which will be raked and then fertilized if necessary.

Buying guide – How to choose the best electric scarifier?

A scarifier is a tool designed to eliminate weeds and at the same time, make incisions in the soil, without stirring it, so that water, light, and nutrients reach the roots more easily.

On this page, we deal with the electric models made by the best brands, and we analyze all their peculiarities, to provide you with a complete guide that helps you choose the appliance right for you.

The right size

Aesthetically, a scarifier resembles a traditional lawnmower and is therefore composed of an ergonomic handle, an electrically powered motor that manages its operation and a collection tank. When in action, this appliance deals with the removal of moss, weeds, and grass residues, which is also going to affect the ground so that it “breathes” better. That water, Sundays, and all substances penetrate depth, going to feed the roots of the grass or plants.

At the top of the ranking of the assessments to be made, there is, therefore, that relating to the size of your lawn, which will proportionally affect those of the scarifier. A sufficiently large model will allow you to operate rather quickly.

In particular, check how large the roller is, positioned in the lower part of the tool, and responsible for incising and removing the remains and weeds, because it depends on how much soil you will be able to cover with each pass.

It also pays some attention to the shape of the rear wheels. Our advice is to opt for a scarifier that has them independent, since in this way they will prevent the accumulation of grass, ensuring better traction.

Quality materials

We refer both to the materials used for each part and the care in the assembly when we talk about the construction quality of a scarifier. Typically the frame and the handle are made of plastic but ensured by reading our reviews, which convey an excellent feeling of solidity.

The handle must then be ergonomic and allow various adjustments to adapt it entirely to your height, to guarantee a comfortable posture to avoid soreness in the back at the end of use.

The capacity of the container is another essential element because if on the one hand, it affects the handling of the appliance (the larger it is, the higher the weight and size), on the other, in the case of a model with a vast grass catcher, it allows you to only worry about emptying it once the scarifying operation is complete.

Power and depth

An electric scarifier needs to be powered through a power outlet, so check that its cable is long enough to allow you to reach all points in your garden.

Our advice, to obtain satisfactory results, is to direct you to a model with an engine of at least 1,200 / 1,400 watts of power and equipped with a roller whose depth of incision of the ground can be adjusted, always to obtain the expected results.

Many devices are marketed that combine the scarifier function with that of a scarifier. Compare the prices to understand if, in the case of a mode of your interest, the price difference is still within your reach.

FAQ - Best Electric Lawn Scarifiers

Is it good for a lawn scarifying?

 Scarifying has many advantageous effects on the soil, as water, sun and essential nutrients penetrate deep into the plow and lead to healthier, more firm grass.

How does a lawn rake and a scarifier differentiate?

Scarification or detoxification is a process used with sharp blades to remove the thatch of your padlock.

On the other hand, Lawn Raker uses spring tines to remove moss, and it is not as effective as a scarifier in the removal of thatch.

When should a scarifier be used?

Scarifiers should be used in autumn if weeds and sun and humidity are reduced.

What is the difference between a scarifier and a lawn raker?

A scarifying paddle is used to remove the chaff with vertical rotating pales, often called a vertical cutter. Whereas on springs a lawn raker uses metal tines. The metal tines are designed to imitate manual pickup and to facilitate the moose removal from the pelvis.

Are scarifiers worth it?

Well, you can do a basic process using a sprung lawn rake, as mentioned earlier. This is not really scarifying, it will certainly not take off many stalks and its success will be limited. A mechanical scarifier of some kind is certainly a good alternative for the best results.

Does scarifying aerate the lawn?

The process of ventilation is opening a rasp for the penetration of air, nutrients and water into the roots, leading to a stronger and more deep growth. About scarification: … This will enable air and humidity to reach the roots, so that your lawn is revitalised.

How deep should I scarify my lawn?

It is best to carry out scarification in two or three directions, corners to corners and lengths. Do not put the blades too deep for the first pass (approximately 5mm is ideal).

Should I aerate or scarify?

When you consider ventilation as well as scarification, it is better to first scarify, then ventilate, but leave your pond a couple of days before you start all the work again.

Do you cut lawn before scarifying?

If the bed is moderately moist but with a touch dry surface, it is recommended that you scarify. It is best to mow the gardens prior to scarification for the best results. Another treatment after osteoporosis must be carried out osteoporosis. osteoporosis should be carried out.

How often should you scarify lawn?

More harm than good, you’re going to do. Rather, lawn expert David Hedges-Gower recommends that domestic (and established) lawns should be scarified once a year.
However, some lawn owners prefer to do the job every 2 or 3 years.

How do I know if my lawn need scarifying?

This is the simplest test: Drag a small metal rake or a farmer through the grass loosely. When mud residues and mother coils are loosened, the scarifier must be used. The strong growth of weeds also indicates the scarification of your raspberry.

Can you over scarify a lawn?

On rare occasions, after a few weeks the lawn may need to be scarified again. This is to clean up and revive any other areas that might be difficult to recover. However, this is very rare and often only on lawns with very extreme levels of thatch.

Is scarifying good for a lawn?

Scarification removes material that would otherwise avoid good dense grazing, probably in the form of the thatch or moss. If you don’t scarify, waste builds up and causes other problems. Thatchy and mossy lawns aren’t very tolerant to wear or drought.

When can I seed after scarifying?

If you scarify the lawn in the spring, that is relevant. The ideal time to start growing grass from seeds between March and April. This helps you to avoid further pests, such as mousse, which reduce any effects on long-term health. Not only can this help to make your lawn look great.

How do I choose a scarifier?

Choose a scarifier whose handlebar height can be easily adjusted to the height of your garden for maximum comfort. The easy store of the scarifier is a folding handlebar. Another element which ensures your convenience: the handles.

What time of year should I scarify my lawn?

Late spring and autumn in September will scar your plows well, especially when not too dry. Later spring (mid-April) Only if your grass grows strongly, you have to scarificate your lawn.

Final Talk : Best Electric Lawn Scarifiers

In summary, many beneficial effects imply that your lawn must be scarified at least once a year. We recommend you the best lawn scarifier on the market -Einhell RG-SA 1433 ElectricScarifier, if you haven’t purchased your tool.

This tool has a powerful 1400Watt engine, 3 height configurations and 2-in-one design. Without collecting the waste you can both air and scarify your pelvis, because it goes into the large collection box directly.

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