[ Updated 2021] 8 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers For Thick Branches

Some are simple. Others have complex shapes, even artistic, the fact is that hedges embellish the garden, decorate it. But for this to always be true, they must be treated. It is not enough to provide the necessary water. 

You have to cut it. It is a job that can be done with both manual and electric tools or with a petrol engine, but it must be done. So if your idea is to put hedges in your garden, maybe even to have a little more privacy (they are useful for this too), you will find our guide very interesting.

We have some models of the best electric hedge trimmers for thick branches to offer, but in particular, we would like you to pay a little more attention to these two articles: for small and young hedges, there is the Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer  has a new cost. 

If you are looking for something more powerful, try the Black+Decker BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer with an internal combustion engine.


8 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers For Thick Branches

If you want to know where to buy a hedge trimmer at low prices, in a moment, we will suggest links, but a recommendation is a must: compare the prices. 

You will find the models of the best brand we have chosen, organized based on a ranking, and enriched by a review. You just have to do is read our conclusions and evaluate which is the best choice for your Best hedge trimmers for thick branches.


Rank #1: Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer

Let’s clarify one point immediately: this Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer  is suitable for small and young hedges, with branches of a maximum of 1 to 1.5 cm. If this description does not coincide with your fences, don’t waste time and look for another product that will probably be more expensive. Equipped with a power of 420 W, its cutting length is 45 cm, while the distance between the teeth is 16 mm. The low weight and the additional handle make it a handy electric tool.

In commenting on their purchase, many users focused on the presence of the safety switch, which necessarily requires the use of the two hands to operate the hedge trimmer: the choice was liked a lot. Moreover, the handle has been praised for its ergonomics.

There is a lot of satisfaction with the materials, the blades, in particular, are in laser-cut and diamond-coated steel. Among the negative notes, we point out the little comfort expressed by users about the power and noise, which is considered excessive for such a tool.




One of the reasons that pushed users to buy the hedge trimmer, even in the closed box, was the low cost.


Those who came into possession of this model had the opportunity to note the excellent quality of the contents of both the blades and the body.

Easy to use:

The hedge trimmer in question is light: this has a positive effect on its manageability and, consequently, on the fatigue that is not excessive.



Low power:

We can not deny it: several users said they were disappointed by the power of the hedge trimmer that went into difficulty with thin branches.


According to several people, the Einhell hedge trimmer is louder than they could have imagined before buying it.


Rank #2: Snow Joe HJ604C Cordless Grass Shear + Hedger

Among the best-selling petrol hedge trimmers, there is the HTJ 550 from Alpina. It is equipped with a 24.5 cc 2-stroke petrol engine and a sturdy 60 cm blade with teeth placed 27 mm apart: it is a right solution for thick branches; the cut is precise and immediate.

The anti-vibration system very well, which certainly makes its contribution in alleviating fatigue, but is it enough? Not since the hedge trimmer in question is a machine considered heavy by users; you get tired early, and you need to have the strength to handle it for a long time. In this sense, the ergonomic rear handle has the characteristic of being able to rotate 180 ° and therefore be held in three positions undoubted to be commended; this favours the transition from horizontal to vertical cutting.

Although its use is simple, we report that some users have complained about the manual for the instructions, which they say is too brief.



Quality of the cut:

Many users said they were happy for the quality of the cut, which characterizes the hedge trimmer, which boasts a sturdy 60 cm blade with a 27 mm cutting thickness.


The hedge trimmer does not disappoint in terms of power: although it is a tool to be used mainly for hobbies, it can also stand out with thick branches.


Being ergonomic, it made a good impression; it is rotated and can take three positions to switch from horizontal to vertical cutting easily.




Perhaps the main problem for the Alpina hedge trimmer is weight, which has caused many difficulties in use, especially among less performing users.


Rank #3: Black+Decker BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer

The Black+Decker BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer has a sturdy blade that shows off for the quality of the cut, which is precise and clean. It has the double start switch, which ensures the safety of the user, but some users complain of an absolute inconvenience due to its hardness, which in the long run, fatigues because it must be kept pressed.

Other than that, we can speak of a tool that is comfortable to use because it is light and well balanced. Many said they were surprised and, at the same time, satisfied with the battery runtimes that exceeded their expectations; moreover, the charging time is not excessive: 3 hours are enough.

We must point out the absence of the rotating handle, which would have allowed a smoother transition from horizontal to vertical cutting and vice versa. The plastics could have been of better quality. As for the price, we believe it reflects the real value of the hedge trimmer.



Cut quality:

We can spend positive words on the cut quality of the hedge trimmer. According to users, the tool is clean and precise.


The autonomy of the cells surprised the users who were sceptical, at least initially. Happy to have been proved wrong, they also commented positively on the 3 hours needed to recharge.


The hedge trimmer is light enough for both men and women to use it without excessive effort.




The rotating handle would have been the icing on the cake and would have allowed a smoother transition from horizontal to vertical cutting.

Rank #4: CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If you need a telescopic hedge trimmer, but that also costs little, we offer you the CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer extends from the first 85 km up to 113 cm. It is a versatile tool, so it can also be used as a manual brush cutter with the handle that rotates at 30 ° to reach even the most difficult points. Changing the blade is very simple, and no tools are needed.

It is battery powered, but the autonomy has been a source of disappointment as at best it allows you to work about 30 minutes while it takes 3 hours to recharge.

It is a very light tool; it can be handled without worries, but the quality of the materials is not high, but in all honesty, we must say that given the price, it would not be fair to expect much more. However, it remains a functional power tool that can certainly be used for the maintenance of small gardens.




It is a convenient power tool because, in addition to acting as a hedge trimmer, it also lends itself as an edge cutter.


Very light, it is easy to manoeuvre both with and without the rod: the handle rotates at 30 ° to reach even the most difficult points.


The cost of the hedge trimmer is low. Therefore it is suitable for those who have a small budget to invest in the care of the garden.




The main disappointment for this article concerns autonomy, considered insufficient to complete the work in most cases, as it does not go beyond 30 minutes.


Rank #5: Toro 51490 Corded Hedge Trimmer

The Bosch electric hedge trimmer has been appreciated for its manageability: it is very light, but this should not immediately suggest low-alloy materials. The excellent balance also allows cuts to be made vertically as well as horizontally. Although not outstanding, we confer an exceptional solidity, and, in light of a reasonably low cost, we do not feel we have to complain.

It is, however, an appliance designed for small hedges. The manufacturer declares that it is suitable for branches with a maximum thickness of 16 cm. Still, consumers see it differently complaining of an effort to cut already with one cm branches and consider it not very powerful.

There is a double switch: you have to press both to operate the hedge trimmer: this is a safety measure that should have been conceived differently to more comfortably use the power tool, especially when working on the areas at the top of the hedges.




The manageability of the Bosch hedge trimmer has been appreciated: it is a light, compact, and well-grip power tool.


Another element of sure interest is the balance that characterizes this model: it is such as to facilitate not only horizontal but also vertical cuts.


On balance, we believe that the quality/price ratio is positive: a high sum is not required for the purchase, and with small hedges, it works well.



Cutting capacity:

There is some perplexity on the cutting capacity: users do not confirm what the manufacturer said, that is, it can safely cut 16 mm thick branches as difficulties are already encountered with those of 10 mm.


Rank #6: Black+Decker LHT2220B Hedge Trimmer.

The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer is powered by electricity. The cable is in a position to avoid getting in the way while you work. The hedge trimmer has a power of 550 W and a 60 cm long blade with a 25 mm pitch, but we point out that for branches that exceed one centimetre of thickness, the hedge trimmer struggles and requires more than one passage.

So with too thick sheets, even if with a thickness not exceeding 25 mm, do not expect a clean and clean cut. The quality of the materials is fair: we report a rather widespread defect affecting the start and stop switch. This has bothered several users who complain about its malfunction.

A little moodiness was also generated by the handle, which, according to some, is slightly uncomfortable. Finally, there have been complaints about the electrical attack that does not hold: it comes off often and willingly.




The 60 cm blade allows you to cut even in the high areas of the hedges without using a ladder.

Smart solution:

In our opinion, the position of the cable is excellent since it is never in the way while the work is being carried out.



Not very comfortable:

the handle of the hedge trimmer has convinced very few and is considered poorly designed, as it is uncomfortable.


Many complaints concern the ignition switch: many people tell of operational problems, and therefore, we cannot call it an isolated case.


Rank #7: GreenWorks Corded Hedge Trimmer

These GreenWorks Corded Hedge Trimmer leaves are efficient and comfortable. They have a telescopic handle that allows you to cut branches up to a height of approximately 2.7 m. The quality of the cut is clear and precise.

The design was designed with the user’s comfort as its primary objective: the pads located in the centre of the blade, for example, are used to avoid sudden kickbacks. At the same time, the rubberized handles are non-slip to ensure the best possible grip. The telescopic system starts simply by pressing the appropriate button.

There are few complaints about this article, but we must say that with branches above one centimetre of thickness, it is a bit difficult; of course, a lot depends on each one’s physical strength.




The manual hedge trimmer is telescopic: by lengthening, it is possible to cut up to about 2.7 meters in height.

Convenient to use:

The use of the manual hedge trimmer is quite comfortable, thanks to a design designed for this purpose.

Quality of cut:

He convinced ultimately because the wound is clean and precise even if the hands of the hedge trimmer are not very expert.



You need strength:

With branches up to one cm thick, there are no problems, but with larger ones, power is required that not everyone has.


Rank #8: Makita Duh523Z Cordless Lxt Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer

The Makita Duh523Z Cordless Lxt Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer surprised many users who said they were happy with the purchase. We are talking about a brand known for the reliability of its products. Light and very handy, the hedge trimmer has a 52 cm long blade and is built with solid materials. From the beginning, you can appreciate the quality of the cut that does not present burrs. The noise is low.

Excellent, then, the handle that allows you to work in a comfortable position holding the tool firmly in your hands. The only negative note and that we find rather inconvenient is the absence of the battery and consequently, of the charger.

The user must necessarily buy both objects to use the hedge trimmer. Ultimately this is the aspect that most annoyed users.




The hedge trimmer is made with excellent materials. In our opinion: it is an excellent tool, you understand it on sight, and you have confirmed when you hold it in your hands.


It is a rather straightforward tool not only because it is robust, but also light, but also for the handle, which is ergonomic and promotes a firm grip.

Quality of the cut:

Nothing to complain about the quality of the wound; users say it is clean, precise, and has no burrs.



Batteries absent:

The absence of both the battery and the charger is noteworthy: these are two indispensable objects for the tool to function.


Frequent questions

How does a hedge trimmer work?

There are manual hedge trimmers, otherwise known as shears whose operation is elementary and identical to that of ordinary scissors. Through the handles, the force necessary for the cut is transmitted by imparting a movement of the arms from the outside to the inside. Then there are the motorized models that can be powered by fuel, batteries, or by electricity supplied by the home network.

Connected to the motor, there is a linkage that transforms its rotary motion into an alternative one that goes forward and backwards along a path equal to the distance between two teeth of the blade and the pin to which the blade mentioned above is attached. In this way, the blade can slide along the sole opening and closing the space between the teeth to create a “guillotine effect” capable of truncating the branches.

How to clean and lubricate the hedge trimmer blades?

After releasing the blade, immerse it for a few minutes in the white oil and then, using a cloth, remove the dirt. If necessary, repeat the operation. Spread grease on the blade attachment, then hook it firmly and lubricate it with deoxidizer.

Do I have to wear a protective helmet to cut the hedges?

No, the helmet is not necessary, but it is good to protect the eyes with specific work glasses as some fragments could always fly inside with unpleasant consequences that are preferable to avoid. For your safety, do not wear scarves, scarves, or anything else that could get caught with the blade.

Do I have to prepare the mixture, how much oil is needed?

We can give indications, but it is good to always refer to the instruction booklet. In general, the mixture should be 4% (oil) but repeat. This value may be different for your model.

What is the telescopic rod?

It is an accessory combined with the hedge trimmer to reach the highest points without having to use a ladder. The rod is adjustable and can generally go up to a maximum of 3 meters.


How to use a hedge trimmer

Many who own a garden decide to embellish it with hedges. Clearly, it is not enough to plant them. We must take care of them. So if you choose to put the hedges in the garden, you also need the right equipment. In particular, you need a hedge trimmer that can be electric, petrol, or manual. But how do you use it? Let’s see it.

The execution of the cut

Let’s start with the execution of the cut, which is always the same regardless of the type of hedge trimmer. Unless you want to throw yourself into artistic cuts, all you have to do is cut straight. Ok, it is easy to say, but it is not an impossible thing anyway.

Simplify your life by creating a reference point. Like? Stretch a line or twine along the cutting line at the height you deem appropriate. The pickiest can check that everything is perfectly straight with a spirit level. Once this is done, firmly grasp the hedge trimmer and move slowly from point A to point B. Follow the path back to eliminate any imperfections.

Maintenance of the electric hedge trimmer

If you have an electric hedge trimmer, the good news is that maintenance is minimal. Mainly you have to worry about lubricating the blade, better if after each use.

Maintenance of the petrol hedge trimmer

Maintenance of the petrol hedge trimmer requires more effort. The kinematic mechanism of the gearbox must be periodically lubricated, say every 20 working hours. As a lubricant, you can choose between lithium or molybdenum disulfide grease. Clean the filters carefully and check the condition of the candle every 12 months.

When the hedge trimmer should be used

The hedge trimmer is to be used for routine hedge maintenance. However, it is not always a sufficient tool. It happens mainly due to carelessness that the branches become too large: in these cases, you may have to resort to a saw, copper, or even a chainsaw.

When to use the manual hedge trimmer

This tool that requires physical force can be used for young hedges or in any case with branches that are not too thick. If the hedges are high, a telescopic hedge trimmer is needed. We do not recommend this type of tool if there is a lot of work to do.

Buying Guide of the Best hedge trimmers for thick branches

Making a comparison between the many offers available on the market is not easy, but rest assured that we will try to give you a hand to decide which hedge trimmer to buy.

We will evaluate the various aspects to consider to buy one of the best hedge trimmers for thick branches of 2020. By following our advice and taking advantage of the information we have collected and crossed with the opinions of other consumers like you, you will have the necessary tools to decide in total autonomy and according to your specific needs.

Consider the height

To understand how to choose a good hedge trimmer, there are several criteria to consider; height is one of them. But which one, that of the hedge or the user? It is good to take both into account. The length of the blade must depend on the height of the fences to be cut, and the person called to perform this task. It will be said that a ladder can be used. But are you convinced that it’s a good idea?

Let’s try to show you that such a choice is to be avoided. In particular, when dealing with extensive gardens and high hedges, carrying out the work with a hedge trimmer equipped with a short blade makes the task more tiring, and this also negatively affects the time required to complete the job. With a longer blade, it is easier to reach the upper areas of the hedge, working in a more comfortable position with your feet firmly planted on the ground and with more excellent safety.

The thickness of the branches

The second criterion to choose the best electric hedge trimmers for thick branches is the thickness of the office because it is based on the cutting thickness and, therefore, the power of the hedge trimmer must be chosen. Generally, the width of the branch increases with the age of the hedge. So the older your fences are, the more powerful you will need the hedge trimmer. Understandably you may have doubts about the thickness of the branches or at least not be able to determine the necessary power. In this case, it is better to focus directly on the most powerful tool.

However, we must clarify. If you intend to shape the hedges, in this case, you need a blade with cutting thickness of 16 mm, which for completeness of the information we say that it is a blade also suitable for young hedges and thin branches.


Electric, petrol, or manual?

The last criterion concerns the type of feeding, but first, let’s talk about the simplest hedge trimmer of all, the one powered by elbow oil, or the manual one. If your hedges are small and few, the best solution is likely a manual hedge trimmer with which you can also make fine cuts. If the idea does not convince you, but you still have a small garden, you can orient yourself on a battery model, but keep in mind that the manual one is cheaper.

Remaining in the field of hedge trimmers with an electric motor, there are also the models that have to be connected to the electric network, which is more powerful than the battery ones and has no autonomy problems. However, it must be said that the cable inevitably limits movement. Finally, among the models sold online, there are also those with an internal combustion engine. They are the most powerful hedge trimmers but probably best suited for professional use or, in any case, for those with many hedges, perhaps with thick branches. Know that petrol engine hedge trimmers are louder than electric ones, heavier and require more maintenance.


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