[ Updated 2021] 8 Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden

Cutting the grass with a rusty old push-along or corded electric mower is a real pain, so the best cordless lawn mower should be one of the first spring/summer purchases on many a gardener’s mind. When you have one of the Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden can buy, on the other hand, it’s a lot of fun.

We’re talking about battery-powered lawnmowers here. Since your grass is used more in the spring and summer than the rest of the year, it’s crucial to maintain it, and these mowers will help you do so easily. They’re Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden  but that doesn’t mean those with larger properties can pass them up.

Remember that this guide is about the Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden on the market, but T3 has dedicated guides for each kind, so you might be better served by reading our articles on theBest Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden , best robot lawn mower, and best ride on lawn mower.

However, Greenworks PRO Cordless Lawn Mower has good cutting quality, while the Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower are ideal for finishing work.

8 Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden- Reviews In 2021

Mowers powered by batteries have matured. In recent years, their performance has improved to the point that a battery mower is now as good as a gas-powered mower for many homeowners. When compared to a gas-powered vehicle, these devices make more sense for people with tiny and tidy yards.

We’ve done two things to organize this spring’s mower coverage. We’ve included mowers from last year’s test that are still available and haven’t been supplanted by model changes in the manufacturer’s spring lineup—we’ll be testing those as soon as the snow is fully off the ground and the grass is tall enough to cut—and mowers from last year’s test the  Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden that are still available and haven’t been supplanted by model changes in the manufacturer’s spring lineup.

Rank #1: Greenworks PRO Cordless Lawn Mower

You will hardly be impassive to the design of this Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden : aggressive, engaging. The Greenworks PRO Cordless Lawn Mower is powered by two 18 V 5Ah batteries. The autonomy allows you to work approximately 30, maybe 35 minutes at best, and in our opinion, it is not much, however not enough if the garden is beautiful. We are satisfied with the soft-grip handle that absorbs vibrations well: the grip is very comfortable.

The model we are proposing has a cutting width of 44 cm. However, if you need something smaller, because maybe your garden has narrow points, the model with a cutting width of 37 cm is also available. Since we are on the subject, the cutting quality is excellent. At least this is the impression we have had together with that of several consumers who have highlighted this gift.

The wheels, on the other hand, are a source of doubt for us because more users talk about problems: in particular, they have come off. Finally, unclear instructions should be noted.

Greenworks PRO Cordless Lawn Mower



We were not indifferent to Murray’s aesthetic appeal: aggressive and similar to a race car. We are sure you will like it.


It is not only beautiful, given that the Murray mower is the author of a more than the excellent quality of cut, a feature highlighted in several reviews.




To be reviewed, because they are the subject of many criticisms made by users: they say they are fragile and have even come off.


The instructions included in the package are to be improved: many say that these are not clear at all.


Rank #2: Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower can be handy when you need to finish some points on the lawn or cut the edges where the Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden rarely do a good job. Moreover, this garden power tool’s potential can be increased thanks to a series of accessories to be purchased separately, such as the sprayer or the spreader.

What is certain is that at least the presence of a telescopic rod will have been appreciated, but alas, this too is to be purchased separately. That said, the multi-click system, very convenient, allows you to change accessories in an instant, and therefore the change, for example, from the mower to the thinner, is very fast.

The power, we must say, is not much, and several users have pointed out that they also criticize the battery life. They mean well below the 50 minutes declared by Bosch. The design is well studied, it is ergonomic, and therefore the tool is comfortable to hold.

Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower



The design of the lawnmower is well done and is such as to guarantee excellent ergonomics. The tool is comfortably held in the hand’s thanks to the soft grip coating.


Changing accessories thanks to the multi-click system is quick and easy since no tools are needed.



Low power:

Users were very disappointed with the power of the scissors. They say it is insufficient compared to the premises.


Autonomy is a small thing: it is the opinion of consumers that this does not come close to the 50 minutes promised by the manufacturer.


Rank #3: BLACK+DECKER CM1640 Cordless Lawn Mower

With the BLACK+DECKER CM1640 Cordless Lawn Mower, you can face all the grass that grows over a maximum of 600 square meters. As a dowry, it carries two 36 V lithium batteries, their autonomy is managed and improved by the Syneon chip that regulates the consumption according to the actual needs.

The cutting width is 43 centimetres, which underlines his preference for extensive gardens. The grass catcher has a capacity of 50 litres, but even when full, the Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden is light and easy to maneuver. Too bad, the mulching function is missing. Excellent wheels that allow it to move with ease on all grass surfaces.

Equipped with precision blades, it is also ideal for finishing cuts. The dry leaves fallen from the trees are no longer a problem thanks to the Leaf Collect system consisting of blades with new edges for the rapid collection of foliage.

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Lawn Mower



There is a lot of satisfaction with the mower’s performance: the cut’s quality is excellent and works quickly.


The mower is equipped with a chip that allows intelligent battery management: consumption is regulated according to actual needs.

Leaf Collect:

If you have the problem of dry leaves that settle on your lawn, the system will solve it in an instant.




The price of the Bosch lawnmower is quite high compared to other battery models, and therefore it is necessary to take a moment to reflect on the purchase.

Mulching function:

Unfortunately, it is missing. Therefore the cut grass cannot be reused for the health of the lawn.


Rank #4: RYOBI 20-Inch 40V Battery Lawn Mower

The RYOBI 20-Inch 40V Battery Lawn Mower is light and easy to maneuver: it is especially suitable for small gardens. The battery lasts the time necessary to complete the work; in any case, the package includes two, so if necessary, it can be replaced on the fly.

The guide handle adjusts in three positions to better adapt to the user. As for the cutting height, it can be set on six levels. The grass collector is equipped with a level indicator. The cutting quality is right, even if the engine is not very powerful.

We have to point out that this model does not have the mulching accessory but can be purchased separately. As for the materials, the shell and handle give a feeling of precariousness, even if we have no news of damage. The price is reasonable, but with that, we don’t mean that it is advantageous: we say it is suitable for the quality of the Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden.

RYOBI Lawn Mower 20 in. 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Walk Behind



It is a very light mower, and this feature is all to the advantage of maneuverability: you won’t have to try too hard.


The autonomy is more than enough to mow a small garden, plus there is a second spare.




It was not judged positively by everyone. In some cases, it appeared insufficient, better not to grow the grass too much.

Body and handle:

According to some consumers, parts of the mower do not convey a sense of robustness, such as the handle and the body.


Rank #5: Snapper XD 21-Inch Cordless Self-Propelled Mower

Small and discreet, as it is very silent, the Snapper XD 21-Inch Cordless Self-Propelled Mower is suitable for small gardens. The cutting height is adjustable in five positions, from 20 to 75 mm, while the cutting width is 43 cm. The basket has a capacity of 50 litres, and it is possible to understand when it is full of the indicator.

The quality of the cut is satisfactory. Readers pay close attention to the following to avoid nasty surprises. As said, this is a battery-powered lawnmower, pity that neither this nor the charger are included in the price. The accessories, as mentioned earlier, must be bought separately and keep in mind that you need at least two batteries to replace the first if it ends before completing the work.

The good news is that these batteries are compatible with all Snapper tools. Also, those who prefer it will not have difficulty finding batteries from another manufacturer but consistent with this Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden saving a bit. Another thing that is missing is the mulching function, and there is no side discharge of the grass.

Snapper 1687914 21



Customers are happy with the quality of the cut: clean and linear. The mower runs smoothly.


Being a reasonably light mower, its maneuverability is excellent even when the collection basket is full.



Batteries are not included:

Know that in the package, you will not find the cells necessary for the operation of the mower or the charger.


This machine is not equipped with the function, therefore if this is indispensable, you must consider another model.


Rank #6: Worx WR150 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower

The Worx WR150 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower has a 34 cm cutting width. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for lawns with a maximum size of 460 m2. However, several users believe that the battery autonomy is such as to last long enough to complete the work for a 200 m2 lawn.

The mower has Intellicut technology thanks to which the power is dosed based on the grass’s height and consistency. We point out that the machine goes into difficulty if the grass is high and feels fatigued after about 8 cm.

The height of the cut is selected with the central adjustment and ranges from 20 to 70 mm. The Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden does a good job even at the edges. The handle, when the mower is no longer needed, folds down. The shell is entirely plastic but seems resistant.

WORX WR150 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower



This is a technology thanks to which the power is managed according to the grass’s height and consistency.


The mower is the author of an excellent job at the sides, a very populated area critical for such machines.



Battery autonomy:

According to the manufacturer’s declarations, the mower is suitable for lawns up to 460 square meters. However, independence allows you to mow a maximum of 200 square meters, according to user declarations.


The mower goes excessively under stress when the grass is 8 cm high onwards: insisting could affect the engine.


Rank #7: Sun Joe 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower

This lawnmower is suitable for extensive gardens up to 500 square meters. It is battery powered, so it is hushed and does not pollute. The cutting width is 41 cm, while the height can be adjusted in five positions from 27 to 80 mm. To improve, simply operate the lever on the wheel.

It has a 60-litre collector but also the mulching function. You can always keep the battery status under control, thanks to the LED indicator. Battery and charger can be found in the package—high control levers, ergonomic, and easy to use.

There is a lot of satisfaction with the quality of the materials. Everything is very robust, even if this involves a certain heaviness that can tire and limit the maneuverability of the mower. The assembly takes a few minutes, and immediately after, you can start mowing the lawn.

Sun Joe MJ401C, 14 inches, Green



Not only is the cut excellent, but the mower also has the mulching function thanks to which the grass is shredded, avoiding the hassle of collecting it, not to mention the benefits for the soil.


It is a machine to be appreciated for its considerable solidity, quality conferred by choice of suitable materials.


If you don’t want to use the mulching function, take advantage of the large bin, which has a capacity of 60 litres.



It is not light:

It is a little heavy, and this affects the maneuverability a little; moreover, in the long run, it could be fatiguing.


Rank #8: Black & Decker CLM5448PCB-XJ Lithium Battery Lawn Mower

The Black & Decker CLM5448PCB-XJ cordless lawnmower has not disappointed almost anyone: the user reviews that can be found online are mostly positive. We, too, have had a good impression from this model, which has several new functions such as the Autosense, which optimizes the engine speed based on the work to be performed, or the Powercommand, which with a simple click allows you to switch from battery 1 to 2.

By the way, these are not included as well as you will have to buy the charger too. The quality of the cut is right, even near the edges. The cutting height offers seven selectable levels, from 38 to 100 mm. It is a 3 in 1 mower as it has the mulching function, the side-discharge, and the 50 mm collector.



Mulching function :

It is a complete mower since, in addition to the 50 l collector, it also has a side discharge and a mulching function.


This function allows you to optimize the power needed to perform the work automatically.


Just a simple gesture, a single click to switch from battery 1 to 2, and continue work without interruption.



Without accessories:

Users did not welcome the news that the batteries and chargers are not included with the mower.


Buying Guide - Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden

As you will be able to see for yourself, there are many offers on the market for the best cordless lawn mowers for small garden of 2021. 

To facilitate your purchase, we thought of making comparison not only between the models of the best brand but also with those of less famous manufacturers because we believe that if very often relying on a recognized brand is estimated it gives certain guarantees, does not mean that Buying a new cheaper lawnmower from a little known manufacturer means making a bad deal.

After all, the best cordless lawnmower must first meet your specific needs. Besides, it is unclear whether it is a battery model that you need. 

If you have any doubts about it, we will help you solve them during our guide by explaining the various possibilities available to you. 

We are sure that at the bottom of the page, you will have bright ideas on which battery-powered lawn mower to buy or maybe tack on one with an internal combustion engine among those sold online.


For small gardens

Before worrying about how to choose an excellent cordless lawnmower, ask yourself if it is actually what you need. 

A vital indication comes from your yard, or rather, by its size. If too large, the autonomy of the battery may be insufficient, and consequently, you should stop working.

So, first of all, evaluate the square footage of your lawn, compare it with the specifications of the model you like and check how much square meters it is indicated, but also take the third data to cross with the first two, that is, the autonomy of the batteries. 

For this purpose, read the opinions expressed on the net by other consumers like you who perhaps bought just that model, and if you really can’t find information, take advantage of the new function that Amazon offers and ask a question about it.

 However, if it is your firm will to buy an electric lawnmower, know that there are also models with the cable that, however, for apparent reasons limit the freedom of movement.

Lawnmower with an internal combustion engine

Do not rule out buying a lawnmower with an internal combustion engine, especially if your garden is enormous. 

Of course, an electric one is on sale at low prices compared to those with fuel supplies, but they are more performing and have more power.

There are some unfavourable sides. We don’t deny it. They are noisy, require much more maintenance, often the combustion of fuel is a source of bad smell, they pollute you must always have fuel and oil available, maybe a devoted neighbour could complain and start a discussion that you would gladly do without.

The manual mower

There are cases where the battery or petrol engine mowers are excessive.

 If you own a tiny garden, the best solution is probably the manual mower: comfortable to handle, even in small places, light and not at all cumbersome, not to mention the fact that such an article costs little. 

There is practically no maintenance to be done, and it does not pollute. It is true that if there is a collector, this is small, but after all, if you have chosen this model, it is because there is not much grass to mow.

The robot thinks about it.

It is not a mystery: mowing the lawn is a tedious task that many tend to postpone, often beyond due duty with the consequence that the grass becomes too high, which makes it more difficult to mow it.

Laziness is one of the reasons that explain why robotic lawnmowers are increasingly sold.

 Several models differ in function and cost. Some, for example, require the use of a perimeter wire to delimit the work area; others are fully programmable and even remotely managed with the smartphone. 

They know when to get down to work, and when the batteries are discharged, they go back to the charging station by themselves.


The little tractor

For vast green spaces, there is nothing better than the tractor, which, let’s face it, makes work more fun.

A vehicle like this allows you to incredibly speed up your work and do it even when there is no daylight because many models are equipped with headlights to cope with such an event. However, it is a vehicle that is more suitable for professional needs and does not cost little. 

However, if you have a villa with a vast garden, you could consider simplifying your gardener’s task with a lawn tractor.


Frequent questions - Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden

How does the cordless lawnmower work?

On the mower’s driveshaft, there is a pivoted blade in the centre. This is rotating. The ends of the edge are sharp. These ends, whose sharpening extends for a few centimetres, cut the grass. The knife is shaped in such a way that when it turns, it sucks the cut grass. This ends up in a collection basket or unloaded again on the lawn.

How long does the autonomy of a lawnmower last?

This depends on the case. It must be considered that there are models equipped with systems that allow you to manage the power as needed, and this indeed will enable you to save the battery charge since the Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden uses only the force necessary for cutting. That said, the autonomy information is given in the specifications of each model.

When I buy a mower, is the battery and charger included?

It depends not always on the model you buy, and there are few cases in which the batteries and charger must be purchased separately, especially with the best-known brands.

The original battery costs too much, are there compatible ones?

Yes, in many cases, it is possible to buy compatible batteries instead of the original ones. Just check the models with which the battery works. This information can be found on the packaging or the battery manufacturer’s website.

What is a 3 in 1 mower?

A 3 in 1 mower, in addition to collecting the grass in the rear basket, has a lateral discharge to pour the freshly cut grass onto the lawn, and the mulching function, that is, it chops the grass which, depositing on the soil, acts as organic fertilizer.


How to use -Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden

Are you scared of not being able to use the cordless lawnmower correctly?

Do not be afraid because it is not a complicated machine and can be used successfully by anyone (of course, children are excluded). Don’t believe it? We prove it to you immediately.

Charge the batteries

Unless stated otherwise, the batteries must be charged before use.

This is because they have a minimum charge, not enough to mow the whole lawn (in most cases).

Connect the charger to the power outlet and wait for the required time for recharging, as indicated in the instruction booklet.

The cutting height

Generally, there is a lever that serves to adjust the cutting height. However, the number of levels varies from model to model, but remember to check how many centimetres each corresponds to ensure the desired height.

Beware of too tall grass.

Excessively tall grass is the enemy of the cordless mower.

This could put too much strain on the engine, which is not as powerful as an internal combustion engine and could be damaged. Moreover, if the height of the grass is too high, it could get stuck between the blades and block the machine.

When should the lawn be mowed?

To allow the lawn to preserve a right leaf mass, the grass must be mowed approximately every 14 days.

In any case, those who feel the need can also halve the time from one shearing to another. The Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden should be used in the afternoon when the dew has evaporated.

Perform the first shave of the year in March. In summer, try to stick to the two-week break between one cut and another as the grass is weakened by the heat.

In September, you can reduce the time interval while the last shave should be done in October.

Clean the mower

Cleaning the mower is essential and should be done after each use to remove the grass and soil that accumulates.

Performing this operation prevents damage to the machine. Cleaning must be done with the mower turned off and wearing protective gloves; in fact, the residues must be removed manually. The collector can be washed with running water and left to dry.

Final Talk - Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden

We believe in keeping chores as simple as possible, so cordless, electric lawnmowers are our top recommendation for most gardeners.

The Kärcher LMO 18-33 is our new current top choice for small urban lawns, closely followed by the excellent mono-handled Stihl RMA 339 C. The new Cobra MX4340V and Kärcher LMO 18-36, both with wide bodies, are ranked #3 and #5, respectively.

There are, however, a plethora of other excellent Best Cordless Lawnmowers For Small Garden for you to peruse below.

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