Top 10 Best Compact Electric Corded Lawn Mowers [ Updated 2021]

You would like to have a neat and tidy garden without having to spend hours cleaning, weeding, and mowing your garden. You can make your life easier if you use good equipment that makes it easier and achieve a flawless finish with less effort.

Lawn mowers are primarily made to reduce the size of grass and weeds, so that it has a uniform flat shape.

There are many models of lawnmowers that adapt to the type of garden, so it is necessary to take into account several factors to choose the best compact electric corded lawn mowers.

Top 10 Best Compact Electric Corded Lawn Mowers [2020]

Here we are going to get to know each of the electric lawn mowers including battery powered lawn mowers. These have the advantage of being quieter than gasoline-powered lawn mowers and do not burn oil or release gases into the environment.

I show you which are the best-selling lawn mowers on Amazon.

Rank #1: Greenworks Cord Electrical Mower For Lawns

The Greenworks Cord Electrical Mower For Lawns  is a cheap lawnmower from the Dutch brand Greenworks , with a power of 1300 W that has a folding handle so that it takes up less space when storing it, the cutting height can be adjusted from 24 mm to 55 mm .

It has a 30 liter container that indicates when it is full and a cutting width of 32 cm. It has a safety switch that prevents it from being turned on accidentally. It also has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip.

Most users consider it to be of good quality, however some consider it a bit flimsy and noisy.


  • Power: 1300 W.
  • 30 l collection container.
  • Adjustable cutting height 24, 40 or 55 mm. Quickly and easily adjust the mower to the desired height. 32 cm cutting width.

Rank #2 : Sun Joe Electric Side Discharge Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe Electric Side Discharge Lawn Mower  is a lithium-ion cordless mower, with a 37 cm cutting width and a 25-75 mm cutting height.

It allows to cut up to 300 m² according to its manufacturer, the battery can be charged quickly in 1 hour. It is an ideal mower to cut a not so tall grass, with a battery that can last more than 1 hour of work.


  • wirelessly and environmentally friendly – High capacity 36 volt battery with 2.6 Ah Li-ion battery, Charger …
  • Cost-effective brushless battery motor – Carbonless brush function and this nearly wear out drive with up to 30% longer life …
  • Solid plastic shell with practical carrying handle, ergonomic, adjustable Stockholm guide with Soft Grip

Rank #3: Greenworks Electrical Corded 18inches Mower For lawns

The Greenworks Tools 2501907UA electric lawn mower is a battery- powered mower with an acceptable duration for most users, it has a cutting width of 35 cm, its handle can be folded for storage and takes up less space. Also, its grass container has a capacity of 40 liters allowing you to work longer.

With its 15 kg of weight, it is a very stable mower, quite silent and without vibrations, it has a collection bag instead of a box, which allows it to be more adaptable and flexible to the different cutting heights given by the unevenness of the ground.

The batteries can be used in any equipment of the same brand. It also has a short mulching system that allows the cut grass to be distributed on the ground, serving as natural fertilizer.


  • Cutting width 35cm, 5 presets (20-80mm), 40 liters collector cutting height, cutting surface: 250 m² (for battery of …
  • Weight 13.7 kg (without battery)
  • Ergonomic handle is easy to fold for less bulky storage; Durable Y compound cutting deck for better performance and more …

Rank #4: Earthwise Cord Electrical Mower For Lawns

The  Earthwise Cord Electrical Mower For Lawns is a small powerful and practical lawn mower, very easy to handle, as it is very light.

This cutter has a cutting width of 30 cm and 2 cutting heights from 20 to 30 mm, its handle is ergonomic and metallic to make it more resident.

Among the cons of this machine is that the blades have a plastic material so they break easily and several users have complained. However, it is among the best sellers and has many positive ratings.


  • Floating electric lawn mower with a 1,200W motor of silent and efficient power.
  • Ideal for small and medium gardens with irregularities such as slopes and slopes.
  • .30 cm cutting width

Rank #5: Black+ Decker 15 inches Grass Mower Electrical

The Black+ Decker 15 inches Grass Mower Electrical with a regular price, is a practical and light equipment, the wheels are grooved to have a greater grip on the ground, with a cutting width of 32 cm, a height of 20-60mm front and rear cut with 3 levels of cut, edge cut guide, grip area has bike-like handlebars for easy grip and equipment control.}

When the cut grass collection bag is full the lid will be raised. It also has a button to turn the machine on and off.

Also, the blade has a pick-up capacity of 80%. Some users consider that its quality can be improved.


  • 1200 W power motor
  • New blade with 80% more pick-up capacity
  • 35 liter capacity tank

Rank #6: Goplus Grass Cutting Lawn Collection 14 inches Mower

The Goplus Grass Cutting Lawn Collection 14 inches Mower allows to cut up to 600 mt of grass, with 5 cutting heights, collection bag with a capacity of 38 lt, its power cable is protected by a clip that protects it from wear, it has a guarantee of 2 years and a powerful 1500W carbon motor.

The cutter arrives to assemble this for some users is not easy, especially the assembly of the tank. Regarding the performance of the machine, most users consider it to be good.


  • Powerful, high-torque carbon motor with folding guide handle and clip to relieve cable strain
  • 3-position axial height adjustment
  • Large surface wheels that take care of the lawn

Rank #7: Black + Decker 15inches Electric Cord Mower 10 AMP

The Black + Decker 15inches Electric Cord Mower 10 AMP  is a light machine of good quality, it produces a moderate noise, it can be used to cover surfaces up to 770 mt, it allows a cutting height 7 levels of 20-80 mm, the working width is 46 cm cutting more grass space, it uses steel blades and has a weight of 16 kg.

It has a powerful 1400 W motor, handles to facilitate the grip and operation of the machine. It also has a better cut thanks to the grass comb and the Leaf Collect system and a larger 50 lt collector box.

Black + Decker 15inches Electric Cord Mower 10 AMP FEATURE 

  • Reduces sound power
  • Change cutting height with ease
  • Mows with less effort and maximum control

Rank #8: Black + Decker Corded 20 inch Mower Lawn

The Black + Decker Corded 20 inch Mower Lawn is one of the battery mowers that has the longest operating time range. In addition to 6 cutting levels (20 – 70 mm), a horizontal cutting width of 43 cm, coverage of 600 m² and Syneon Chip electronics for greater efficiency in battery use.

 Black + Decker Corded 20 inch Mower Lawn FEATURES

  • Rotak 430 LI cordless lawnmower with 43 cm cutting width, especially suitable for large garden areas
  • Perfect cut along walls, beds and edges thanks to the extended grass comb and hardened steel blade
  • Simple selection of cutting height using an adjustment lever: 20 – 70 mm (6 levels)

How to choose the best lawnmower according to our needs?

  • Determine what use we are going to give the machine in terms of frequency of use.
  • How fast our grass grows according to the time of year.
  • Type of soil if there are too many stones and rain to keep the weeds moist, a brush cutter will be better.
  • Maintenance that the machine will need and if it is easy to get technical service and spare parts for the brand of your equipment.

The types of lawn mowers are:

  • Ideal manuals for mowing in small spaces. These are cheap, but it takes more physical effort to use it, since the blades move as we push it.
  • Electric are are equipment that moves with electricity through a motor that makes the machine advance and also move the blades that cut the grass.
  • A gasoline or combustion engine is powered by gasoline combustion and are the most used. These models usually have 4 wheels.
  • Tractors are like small tractors where the user can mow the lawn sitting down and steer it with a steering wheel, these are normally used when large areas of land have to be cut.

Lawn Mower Advantages:

  • Useful for household work.
  • They produce less noise and vibration than gasoline mowers.
  • They do not emit gases.

Disadvantages of the lawn mower:

  • With this type of mower, you should avoid cutting the lawn when the grass is wet.
  • If it is a battery, the working time will depend on the duration of the battery.
  • You must make sure that the length of the cable is sufficient so that you can cut all the grass.

How to choose the best lawn mower:

  • If you need to carry out small and seasonal pruning jobs with little demand and for thin branches it is more convenient to buy a battery-powered chainsaw, if it is a heavier pruning job, it is advisable to buy the gasoline chainsaw.
  • Define what type of logs you are going to cut: the diameter and the type of wood, this will allow you to choose the power and the appropriate size of the sword.
  • How much money do you have to buy the chainsaw? Remember that cheap chainsaws damage faster, while a quality chainsaw can last more than 10 years and it is easier to get spare parts.

Lawn Mower Maintenance:

  • Make sure to keep the chain well lubricated.
  • Clean after use and before storing.
  • Keep chain teeth sharp.

General tips for using the lawn mower:

  • Check the manual of the machine to inform you that it can cut or not your machine.
    • Make sure that the lawn is clean of garbage, toys, stones, metals and any object that could damage the blades of the machine.
    • If you need to cut small bushes.
    • Check that the machine has all its parts correctly placed.
    • Wear appropriate clothing, appropriate shoes or safety boots, gloves, and goggles to protect your eyes.
    • Keep children and animals away from the surroundings to avoid accidents.
    • When you finish mowing the lawn, clean the machine by removing all traces of grass.
    • Avoid mowing grass when it is wet or it has just rained, wet grass is more difficult to cut.
    • To cut edges, slopes or areas with stones and very tall weeds, do not use a lawn mower, it is a brush cutter or a trimmer.

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