10 Best Commercial Grade Riding Lawn Mowers [2020]

This week there are great deals on new lawn mowers. Mowing your lawn is faster and easier with the right mower and now is a great time to find a new mower on sale. Lawn mowers don’t last forever.

 If you’re looking for bargains on this essential lawn care equipment, we found the best cheap lawn mower deals available from major retailers.

In this article, we focus on manual mowers, in addition to some robotic lawnmowers. We do not cover lawn mowers, which are generally not necessary for lawns of less than half an acre. 

Following the cheap lawn mower deals shown below, we cover the different types of lawn mowers and their advantages and limitations. We also list the essential features and factors that may be important in your search for the best mower deal for your needs.

How to choose a cheap lawn mower

The advantages and limitations of the different types of lawnmower

  • Gasoline Lawn Mowers:Gasoline powered lawn mowers are often the cheapest. Gas lawn mowers are also more powerful than electric lawn mowers, giving them an advantage if you need extra power for unusually thick and long grass or if you tend to use your lawn mower to cut weeds and other life forms. vegetable. You can also mow anywhere with a gas mower, as long as you have gas in the tank. Disadvantages of gas lawn mowers include the need to have gasoline on hand. Gas lawn mowers also require more maintenance than electric machines. Also, even with a near universal electric start, gas pruners can sometimes be difficult or impossible to start, which often means a trip to a repair shop. A frequent complaint about gas mowers is that they are louder than electric ones.
  • Corded Electric Mowers: The cheapest electric lawn mowers require power cables long enough to reach all parts of your lawn. Manipulating the cables can mean that it takes longer to mow as you push the cable out of the way to avoid being run over and stop to free the cable when it kinks or snags. Corded electric lawn mowers are easily started and maintenance is low. Other than keeping the trimmer relatively clean of accumulated dry grass and pruning residue, not much is required. Because you need access to electricity to use a corded electric lawn mower, you may lose a bit of portability as you can’t use it anywhere it can’t be plugged in.
  • Cordless Electric Mowers: Cordless electric lawn mowers cost more than electric ones, but as long as your batteries are charged, you can cut your lawn anywhere you transport your lawn mower. Cordless mowers generally have more than one power mode, so you can conserve battery power on flat ground with thin or short grass and then switch to more powerful and power-consuming modes on slopes or with thick grass and weeds or long. Most of today’s battery-powered cordless lawnmowers use 40-volt batteries to provide enough cutting power for the average lawn. Some cordless lawnmowers use permanent batteries with built-in chargers. Models with replaceable batteries that you can charge separately from the mower allow you to extend mowing time by replacing a dead battery with a new one. Another advantage of cordless mowers is that manufacturers often have other tools such as edgers, lawn mowers, and blowers that use a battery of the same size.
  • Robot mowers :Robotic lawnmowers are common in Europe, but are still rare in the US Robotic lawnmowers are battery-powered, like robot vacuum cleaners, and also like vacuum cleaners, they have varying levels of self-management. For example, they need to navigate obstacles to reach all areas of the yard and monitor their energy level to return to a charging station when their batteries are close to depleting. The biggest advantage of a robotic lawnmower is that no accompaniment or human intervention is needed once the robot has been set up and programmed. You can set up and monitor a robotic lawnmower remotely with a smartphone app and some models also respond to digital voice assistants like Amazon Alexa.

The most important factors in choosing a lawn mower

It helps to keep a check on three general factors when buying a new mower: yourself, your lawn, and the characteristics of the mower. If you like to do some cardio while mowing a half-acre lawn, your lawn mower choice will be different than someone who has a small plot and wants to get the job done with as little effort or effort as possible.

  • Your lawn: Small lawns one-tenth of an acre or less generally do not require large, powerful lawnmowers. A small corded electric lawn mower or a manual or robotic cordless mower may be sufficient. If you have a large lawn with hard-to-cut grass, steep slopes, and overly wet soil, a more powerful mower is needed. The type of grass in your lawn can also be important in your choice of mower, especially if you have grass like Bermuda Grass that looks best when cut very short.
  • Power Supply: See the previous section for the advantages and limitations of Gas, Corded Electric, Cordless Electric and Robotic Lawn Mowers. If you have long, narrow areas to cut, for example, a cordless electric lawn mower might not be a good choice because you could spend an inordinate amount of time handling extra long power cords.
  • Deck or Cutting Path Width: Lawnmowers with narrow mower decks are lighter and easier to navigate obstacles in tight spaces than machines with wider decks. A thinner mowing path width means you’ll need to make extra passes and mowing your lawn will take longer. For most lawns, a mower deck width of 19-21 inches is a good compromise.
  • Push or Self Propelled: Push mowers that depend on the operator to move are lighter, cheaper and easier to operate than self propelled mowers. However, if your lawn has hills or even modest slopes, a self-propelled lawn mower can alleviate much or all of the pushing effort.
  • Trim Discharge: Most walk-behind lawn mowers have two or three of the common discharge modes: Bagging, Compost, or Side Discharge. If you want a lawn that is as neat as possible, bagging them is best, although dealing with bagged clippings can be tedious and complicated. Side discharge mowers are typically used with separate lawn sweepers. Mulching, which returns grass clippings to the lawn where it can add nutrients, is the least complicated and possibly the most environmentally friendly way to deal with clippings.
  • Cut grass height adjustments: Few lawn mowers have a single cut grass height. Most have three or more settings. The height you choose may depend on the type of grass on your lawn or your personal preference for a clean, trimmed lawn or a longer, smoother lawn. Most lawnmowers have manual height adjustments with one or four levers that raise the mower blade or mower deck. Some more expensive mowers have electric height adjustment.

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