10 Best Budget Robot Lawn Mowers- [ Updated 2021]

Having your own home with a garden is a dream come true for many families around the world, but you have some responsibilities like taking care of the lawn .

If you want to not have to worry about mowing your lawn and have the whole summer free to enjoy it, the best solution is usually a robotic lawnmower.

An investment that saves us the hard work in addition to the money that a person in charge of doing it or having a goat in our garden would cost.

If you have little time and you want to use it to enjoy the summer, stay and take a look at our comparison with the Best Budget Robot Lawn Mowers , it will probably be one of the best investments of your life.

Best Budget Robot Lawn Mowers [2021 Updated ]

When you know this equipment you will no longer want to use an electric or gasoline mower and although they are not cheap in general, they are equipment that saves you a lot of time and time is also money.

Forget about long hours mowing the lawn or hiring staff to do the work, it will be an investment of time and money in the long run. The most important thing is that your lawn will always be perfect and neat.

Which robotic lawnmower to buy? The five Best Budget Robot Lawn Mowers.

Rank #1: Worx WR140 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

We start the comparison with one of the models of the Best Budget Robot Lawn Mowers that is getting the most sales thanks to its performance and price, it is the Worx WR141E robot .

The most powerful feature of this robot is its configurability thanks to the 5 accessories it brings: anti-shock system, voice control system, GPS and more.

It is one of the easiest models to handle on the market , they are designed to cut the edges and you do not have to worry about anything, simply turn it on and let him do the rest of the work for you.

Take a look at its price and availability on Amazon.

What do other buyers think?

“Very easy to install and a good result, something to be grateful for since it is one of the cheapest models, quite satisfied with the purchase as well as being a very nice robot.

Worx WR140 Landroid  Robotic Lawn Mower

Rank #2: Robomow RS622 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

Robomow is the most recognized brand in lawn mowing robots , it performs the task easily and effortlessly and that is precisely what the   Robomow RS622 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower achieves .

It is a very sophisticated high-end model that we notice in its price, a purchase to consider if your budget is limited, since its price can be somewhat high, however, if what you are looking for is the perfect robot it will probably be the best choice.

It works in irregular gardens with up to 35% incline, which makes it perfect for working all types of areas. 

It works on surfaces of up to 2,000 m2 , perfect for those large gardens since a robot of  another type would need several charges , greatly increasing work time.

It has  collision sensors to avoid hits  with chairs, hammocks, etc. something that many cheaper models do not have and do the heaviest work, without a doubt a model of 10 for the most demanding with their garden.

Take a look at its price and availability on Amazon.

What do other buyers think?

“Since I have this model I hardly have to pay attention to the grass, from time to time I go over the edges a little and a little more, I have been with the robot for 6 months and I am very happy with the purchase.”

Robomow RS622 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

Rank #3: Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X Robotic Lawn Mower

It is time to speak of one of the models with the best quality-price currently on the market, it is the McCulloch Rob R600 , a robot with a reduced cost if we compare them with others, but that works very well.

It works on surfaces up to 600 m2 , which makes it able to work in most gardens, its battery is lithium to give it maximum durability , it has an alarm system and security pin to prevent theft.

It is also programmable to work during the day, at night or whenever you want, a good quality model at a great price.

Take a look at its price and availability on Amazon.

What do other buyers think?

“It’s amazing not having to worry about mowing the grass again, after more than a year using it it still works great, my garden is over 600m2 and it still cuts it without problems, I think it is one of the best models on the market . “

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X Robotic Lawn Mower

Rank #4: Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower

One of the flagship brands could not be missing in our top, we are talking about the Bosch Indego S + 350 model , one of the cheapest within the brand.

You can manage it through the application so that it takes care of cutting the grass in your garden up to a maximum of 350 m2 , avoids obstacles without problems and works taking into account the weather, trying to avoid rain, etc.

It has a colored casing to personalize it and use the one you like the most, it loads automatically and has a security pin to prevent unwanted theft.

A good option if you want to go to a quality and proven brand.

Take a look at its price and availability on Amazon.

What do other buyers think?

“It works very well and its installation is easy, a really efficient model in its work that does not leave an area of ​​the lawn uncut, I only have to worry about doing the edges myself, a great buy.”

Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower

Rank #5: Robomow RS630 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

Probably together with Gardena it is one of the most recognized brands in this world, it is the  Robomow RS630 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower , a reliable model for complex areas of nothing more and nothing less than 1,000 m2 .

It works on difficult terrain with steep slopes and slippery floors , it is very quiet and has a very low power consumption , making the model very efficient.

It is a suitable purchase for those who want a durable high-end model .

Take a look at its price and availability on Amazon.

What do other buyers think?

“Lar brand has not disappointed me, it is a model with a high price that is worth every euro, it works in large surfaces which is what I need for my house and the quality of the finish is very good, of the 3 models that I have tested this is by far the best of them, I love it. “

Robomow RS630 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

What should you consider before buying a robotic lawnmower?

  1. Ecological models

Each model has its advantages, including the ecological benefits from the development of quiet, zero-emission engines. In addition, most models include a cutting function that allows the blade of grass to be used as fertilizer or compost. In each case, it will be necessary to see the conditions of the place where the grass will be cut and decide on the option that works best. We recommend you consult the opinions about robot machines  to finally decide based on that.

  1. Wheels

Did you know that machines with rigid tires give you stability when cutting, in addition, they are very useful when you access difficult terrain, so do not evaluate lightly this feature can give you more than you imagine. The wide wheels are used to avoid damage to the grass, almost all models use these designs. 

  1. Applications

In this digital world, there are already ways to program these machines through applications that you will have on your mobile or computer. This option gives you facilities, you can maintain your lawn from the office, the supermarket and even while on vacation with this remote control. Undoubtedly, these advances are for you and the enjoyment of your family. No more worries, a relaxed mind does much more and on better terms. In this comparison, you already know which model to choose .

  1. Smart cutting

Various manufacturers have bet on various ideas to optimize lawn mowing. The latest involves programming, in which the robot mower known shape and size of the garden and then calculates the shortest route, where further recalls has cut more. This technology is well above most mower robot lawns using a random system.

  1. Irregular terrain

If this is your case, you must be very attentive to the force of the machine. Some models have a powerful lithium battery that allows you to climb slopes of up to 50% in 60 minutes. In other cases, only 35% slopes are possible in 40 minutes. When deciding to opt for this ingenious item, you must take into account this all-important feature and decide which model to buy .

How much money should I spend on my robotic lawn mower?

The prices of robotic lawnmowers differ from one to another. This is due to the different characteristics, the size of the garden it can cut, among others. The important thing is that you make sure you buy a device that can handle your lawn.

  • Cheaper robotic lawnmowers (less than $ 800) –The devices you find here are not necessarily of poor quality, they have only few features and perhaps their pruning area is not that extensive. For small and basic gardens they will be fine.
  • Better quality robotic lawnmowers (more than$ 800) –On the other hand, the lawnmowers in this category stand out for their wide pruning perimeter, functional characteristics and solid and durable construction.

Best robot lawnmower brands

In this section you will add the 3 most important brands of this product:

  • Gardena- With the slogan Do what you like it , the company offers its line of robot mower  for all types of terrain. With more than 20 years dedicated to the research and development of a formidable technology, it is already a reality today.
  • Bosch –This company knows what it takes to be effective and safe. In this sense, it provides the best product for pruning grass for those who are fanatics of gardening. As you wish, you already know which one to buy according to your requirements.
  • WORX – For all your gardening needs, this company has a solution. With its Powershare system, it offers a useful battery for all your projects. Definitely, wireless tools were installed in Worx. Its best product is Landroid, the smartest lawn mower robot on the market , with several innovative models that will give your garden the best gardening service.
  • Husqvarna– It is one of the best brands for this type of product. It has a wide catalog of products for the care and maintenance of forests, gardens and parks. The smart pruner it offers is one of the most advanced and safest available today.

What is a robotic lawnmower?

It is an electronic device, which has several electric motors that are capable of cutting the lawn automatically. Due to its high technology, it is one of the best-selling devices, due to the many advantages it offers, among them, that it has collision sensors that prevent hitting and tripping over people, animals, stones or any object.

How do robotic lawnmowers work?

These devices are autonomous, their operation is very simple, they have a base that serves so that they can be charged whenever they need it. To carry out the movement patterns, a set of cables are used that function as a low voltage guide, being in charge of delimiting the work area of ​​said devices. These cables are not dangerous, but they are usually buried under the ground so that they are not tripped over.

How to choose the best automatic lawn mower?

Before choosing between any of the robotic lawnmowers on the market, it is best to know certain aspects and characteristics that must be taken into account in order to make the best choice:

Autonomy and control

They are autonomous, but in the same way, it is necessary to make sure that the battery they have, fulfills its functions correctly in the established time and throughout the journey, without interruptions. Regarding the programming of the equipment, it must be as simple as possible and it must allow to establish the conditions that are required. What is very important to know is that you should not choose a model with too much power if it is not going to be used continuously.

Instalation and maintenance

Although these devices are easy to install, it is necessary to choose one that is as easy to install, as well as that its maintenance is as less complicated as possible. If the team does not have these two benefits, it is best to find another.

Automatic or semi-automatic

There are two types of lawnmower on the market, the automatic ones that when the battery is discharged, the same robot goes to the charging base, and the semi-automatic ones, which are charged manually, that is, the user must place it on the charging base. . So it can be said that those that are automatic in operation are the most preferred, precisely because of their functions and ease of use. For this reason, it is best to opt for one of these.

How do you install an autonomous lawnmower?

Some companies are responsible for the installation of Best Budget Robot Lawn Mowers  but if it is the user’s preference, he can install it himself without any problem, since it is quite simple and does not require great knowledge to do it:

Installation of the base

The requirements that must be met for the installation of the base of these useful equipment are the following:

  1. Place it on a flat surface.
  2. On the sides, a minimum margin of 1.50 meters must be left.
  3. For the frontal area, there must be a minimum margin of 2 meters.
  4. It should be placed in an area that is very close to an electrical outlet.
  5. Place it in the central area of the garden.

Laying the Perimeter Wire

The function of this cable is to delimit the cutting area of the device, outside of that area, the robot will not cut, but if it is correctly installed, it will cut everything so that the user does not have to worry about anything else .

Anyway, the recommendation is that you think well how you are going to install it so that you can save time and also to avoid errors. To do this, a series of steps and general rules must be followed:

  1. Your cable must start from the base and then delimit the cutting area, surround all the obstacles you have and then return to the base.
  2. All separation distances must be respected both with the trees and with the walls, which, in general, are between 5 and 40 centimeters.
  3. Do not cross the perimeter wire.
  4. The cable must be very taut and under the grass.
  5. A loop must be made in the perimeter wire, just in front of the base.

Lay the guide wire

Now we proceed to place the guide wire that goes from the base of the apparatus to the loop that was made. This cable will serve to guide the robot to the charging base. It should be placed then, in that part, and then pull it in a straight line towards the loop. Then it is cut and the three cables are spliced in the connector that includes the device. Finally, the cables are brought to the bottom and then screwed.

Connect all cables to the base

If you have followed the instructions that have been indicated step by step, then you should already have three cables at the base, which would be:

  • The perimeter wire that runs on the right side.
  • The perimeter wire that comes from the left side.
  • Guide wire from the front.

Guided by the instructions that the manufacturer provides the user in its manual, they must be connected correctly. Finally, only the checks would be missing.

Final test

After having done all of the above, there comes the point where you must check that the device is working properly. To do this, it is verified that there are no errors in the connection of the base. If everything is going well, it should be anchored to the ground with the included screws.

The time has come to start the team and you must start to follow along the entire perimeter, to be aware that if at any time it collides or does not cut well, make the necessary checks, calculating the distance to the obstacle moving the cable.

In reality, its installation is nothing to write home about, but what you do need is to spend enough time so that everything comes out as perfect as possible.

Maintenance and care of mower robots

One of the things that must be taken into account when having one of these devices is that it must be maintained and, in addition, special care, all with the intention of extending its useful life, or simply not durability is affected with each use.

As they are watertight equipment, they can cut the lawn, even in the rain, however, it is necessary to carry out a periodic review:

  • Remove all the dirt accumulated on the base and the blades.
  • Check which way you are cutting. (If you don’t do it right, it is a sign that the blades are showing wear).
  • To change the blades for new ones, you will only need to use a screwdriver to remove the old ones and then place the ones that are in better condition.

How to use a robotic lawnmower?

Having a robotic lawnmower at home is one of the best investments that can be made, because in a matter of a short time you will be able to have a perfect garden, but for this to be so, the following instructions for use must be followed step by step once the installation is done:

  1. Connect it to the electrical current:making sure to bury the cable or fix it to the ground with the help of pegs.
  2. Mark the work area –this will begin with the installation of the boundary wire or perimeter wire. This will serve, for the robot to cut only the parts that it has decided to work on. It is very important to remember that the cable must be completely glued to the ground.
  3. Configure the device:if everything is ready, it is time to configure the robot. To do this, you have to enter a pin code, which will serve as security against theft. Prepare it so that you can find the cables that have been installed, by pressing the PARK button, that way the same device will do it automatically.
  4. Mowing the lawn:the robot has a roulette wheel that must be turned to adjust the length of the cut. Some models can have up to 9 positions, where the minimum is 2 centimeters and the maximum is 6 centimeters. To start it then, you must press the START button, selecting the area to be cut.
  5. Wait:you will no longer be doing more than waiting for the team to do its work on its own, while you can use the time to read a book or do any other activity around the house.

Benefits of using a robotic lawnmower

As has been said on several occasions, a robotic lawnmower is a very useful and even essential device for gardening, but at the same time, it offers a large number of benefits, among which are:

  • Saving time: this is perhaps the main benefit you can enjoy because its work is automated, which means that you do not need to make any effort to handle the tool because it alone does all the work. This means that a great deal of time is saved, especially during the summer, being able to do other activities within the same house.
  • It takes up little space and is silent: this type of device will have its own place in the garden, without taking up much space, and it is precisely the charging base, to which it will automatically return by itself after all its work is finished. It will not be necessary to store it somewhere else, as it can be there even if it rains. Regarding its sound, it is one of the quietest devices out there, it emits less than 60 dB, while traditional equipment reaches up to 100 dB.
  • Mulching effect: the tool will work automatically on a daily basis and, for this reason, it will always keep the grass at the same height, this is very advantageous, as this will keep it the same green, without changes in its hue. If the grass blades are cut every day, they will be imperceptible and will also be deposited on the ground, which will allow a thin layer of padding to be created, benefiting the grass.

How much money should I spend on an automatic lawn mower?

You can see countless models of these devices on the market, including all brands, but their cost will be determined by the range to which they belong and, of course, their quality:

  • Robots mower cheaper (less than $ 600 ): in this price category are located which are low – end, offering a basic service for domestic purposes in spaces smaller size and they will not be in constant use.
  • Lawnmower robots better quality (more than $ 600) are the highest quality, which are located in high – end, specially designed for more professional and perfectionists work. They have multiple functionalities and have greater durability.

Where to buy the best autonomous lawn mower?

In these moments, in which the digital age is imposed daily, users have the best options to be able to buy a robotic lawnmower in a fast and reliable way, through the dozens of online stores found on the net:

  • Buy robotic lawnmower on Amazon:on this popular page, you can see a wide variety of models and most recognized brands worldwide. The best quality equipment with advanced functions for professional use at affordable prices.
  • Buy robotic lawnmowers at El Corte Inglés: they have a list with large quantities of models with excellent quality, as well as the best prices with some discounts.
  • Buy robot mower on Aliexpress: on this well-known online page, you can find a variety of high-end and mid-range models, which offer quality in their functions.
  • Merlin Leroy Lawn Mower Robot– If you are passionate about construction, repair, DIY or gardening, this store is the ideal one for you as it has everything you need at your disposal. They have a variety of models available, from the most discreet to the most advanced, if you are looking for a model that is in the ranking of robotic lawnmowers in this store you will find it.

Advantages of using a robotic lawnmower, what are its strengths?

A pruning robot is undoubtedly an excellent tool that will bring you multiple benefits. You won’t want to go back to using a regular lawn mower once you find out how easy it is to use and how well it does the job.

What are the advantages of using a robot? Its advantages are:

  1. Very  low maintenance.
  2. It is more  respectful with the environment.
  3. They coverthe lawn with natural fertilizer.
  4. More  secure.
  5. The grass will look better and be healthier .


Advantages of the Robot Lawn Mower:

  • Permanent maintenance of the growth and height of your lawn.
  • You do not need to operate it, once programmed you will have a greater number of free hours.
  • You will save on personnel to cut your lawn.
  • Efficient electricity consumption.
  • They are small and make little noise.

Disadvantages of the Robot Lawn Mower:

  • They tend to be more expensive than the electric and gasoline mowers.

Accessories for your Robot Lawn Mower:

Lawn Mower Maintenance:

  • Make sure to keep it clean.
  • Avoid using it during rain or storms, although there are kits that automatically pick up when it rains.
  • Keep it protected in a special shed for this equipment to protect it from dust and water.

General tips for using the lawn mower:

  • Check the manual of the machine to inform you that it can cut or not your machine.
    • Make sure that the lawn is clean of garbage, toys, stones, metals and any object that could damage the blades of the machine.
    • If you need to cut small bushes.
    • Check that the machine has all its parts correctly placed.
    • Wear appropriate clothing, appropriate shoes or safety boots, gloves, and goggles to protect your eyes.
    • Keep children and animals away from the surroundings to avoid accidents.
    • When you finish mowing the lawn, clean the machine by removing all traces of grass.
    • Avoid mowing grass when it is wet or it has just rained, wet grass is more difficult to cut.
    • To cut edges, slopes or areas with stones and very tall weeds, do not use a lawn mower, it is a brush cutter or a trimmer.

FAQ - Best Budget Robot Lawn Mowers

Is it worthwhile to invest in robotic lawnmowers?

They are able to work out at a lower cost. While a robot lawnmower can be more costly at first than a comparable traditional mower, they will also save money in the long run.

What is an automatic lawnmower?

With a smart home robotic lawn mower, you can have a flawless lawn at all times. Automower®, on the other hand, is a mulching mower that cuts a small amount of grass at a time, often. The effect is a lawn that is still immaculate and is naturally fertilized by small, mulched clippings.

How much does an automatic mower cost?

The Automower 450x, a recent high-end robotic lawn mower from Husqvarna, costs $3,500. The business sells models for about $2,000, while the Robomow costs $2,099. The majority of these smart mowers can be regulated through an app, but the Husqvarna is the most strong, covering up to 1.25 acres.

Is a Roomba lawnmower available?

The Terra from iRobot will mow your lawn for you like a Roomba. The iRobot Terra is a lawnmower that looks like a Roomba. Mowing the lawn can be extremely rewarding for some people.

Husqvarna lawn mowers are they any good?

Husqvarna lawn mowers are all powerful and have a lot of convenience for their users when it comes to lawn mowing. The ergonomics of all of the models are impressive. Husqvarna offers a wide range of lawn mowers. Some of them are self-propelled, requiring very little effort to travel.

Is it true that robotic lawn mowers work?

In reality, a robotic mower works best when it’s used a few times a week and only cuts a small amount of grass each time. The clippings would be good enough to sift back to the ground this way (instead of sitting on top of the grass to yellow in the sun.)

What is the life expectancy of a Husqvarna Automower?

In practice, we can expect the Robot mower to last 10 years or more if it is serviced annually and not harmed. You’ll have to replace the batteries at some point in the future. As a general rule, robot mower batteries last about 3-6 years.

Why are lawn mowers with robots so expensive?

Robotic lawn mowers are much more difficult to build than conventional lawn mowers because they are complex objects. To design and produce the product, companies must employ programmers and electrical engineers, and they must pay their high salaries!

When it comes to robot lawn mowers, how long do they last?

In general, robotic mowers last ten years. This, though, is dependent on the type of grass you’re cutting and other factors. A much longer lifespan is possible if adequate maintenance is performed.

Is it possible for robot lawn mowers to be stolen?

In terms of theft statistics, they have done a decent job, as theft of robot lawn mowers is uncommon. However, various models and manufacturers have different security features for robot lawn mowers, so it’s important to think about this while doing research.

Conclusion- Best Budget Robot Lawn Mowers

These are Best Budget Robot Lawn Mowers that are of great help to keep the garden as desired. Due to its functionalities, it allows the lawn to be cut automatically, without the need for the slightest physical effort, which means that time can be saved.

In addition, its installation is not as complicated as it seems, it can be done by the same user. One of the advantages of the device is that due to its size, it does not need a large space, but on the contrary it can be kept in its charging base, where it can remain quietly without getting in the way and even resisting water and rain. without presenting any risk of damage.

What should always be taken into account is to take some care, subjecting it to revisions and constant maintenance of the blades with each use, as dirt adheres to it while it is making the cuts. With the recommendations given, you can have the security of a highly durable equipment.

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