10 Best Brand Of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers [ Updated 2021]

I welcome you to the exclusive lawn mower website and everything you need to care for your garden, where we show you the best selections of products for your garden. You are sure to find what you need!

Do you want to be the envy of your neighbors and have the most beautiful and lustrous lawn in the entire neighborhood? Do not worry! I will guide you to buy the best lawnmower for your home .

Finding the best lawnmower is complicated, you must take into account a multitude of factors such as the area of ​​land you want to cover, whether you prefer an electric lawnmower, a gasoline one or even a robotic lawnmower.

Best Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Today there are many options available on the market. There are all types of lawnmowers, electric, gasoline, robotic lawnmowers, corded, cordless, ect. You can get a little dizzy with so many models!

We will tell you everything you need to know to choose your ideal lawnmower.

  • Set yourself a budget . Have you enough with a cheap lawnmower ? or Do you want a high quality one? Quality is closely related to price , and although there are cheap mowers that can meet your needs, if you want to get good results you will have to spend a little more money.
  • Extension of the Land. The extent of the meadow will also determine the ideal mower for your garden. As a general rule, electric lawnmowers are less powerful than gasoline-powered ones, which is why they are recommended for surfaces of less than 600 m² . For areas of more than 1500 m² we recommend a self-propelled petrol mower , and for larger areas you may consider buying a riding mower.
  • Garden Features . Think carefully about the characteristics of your garden before choosing a lawnmower. The slope and the extent of the terrain are determining factors when choosing a mower. Some robotic lawnmowers are recommended for a maximum incline, so if you have a garden that has a steep slope it will not be recommended for you.
  • The cutting width . Take a good look at the mower’s cutting width, because the smaller the cutting width, the more passes you will have to take to cover the entire surface.
  • Power . If you have to face a large meadow, it is best to buy a mower that has good power. Gasoline mowers are usually the most powerful, but if your field is not too big, you may have enough with an electric battery.
  • Height regulation . If you are one of those who like to cut the grass precisely, there are many models with adjustable height of cut with various levels.
  • Where are you going to keep it? If you have a large storage room where you can store your lawnmower, you will have no problems, but if you have limited space, look for a smaller lawnmower with the folding handlebar to make it easier to store it.

Types of lawnmower

We have classified all the lawnmower models so that you know everything you need to know about each one of them. Come in and discover them!

Analysis of the Best Lawn Mowers of 2020

We analyze for you the best models of lawn mowers of 2020 so that you know which one to buy and which is the one that best suits your needs. You will be able to see all the characteristics and advantages of the cheapest and best-selling models of 2020 .

What do you need for your garden?

In cortadoradecesped.org we will show you all the information and tips necessary for you to choose the model of lawnmower and the best gardening tools. We compare the best prices and analyze all the tools for you so that you only have to worry about taking care of your garden.

Is a Cheap Lawn Mower Recommended?

In the market there is a great variety of prices and they are not always linked to quality. Typically, the highest priced mowers are the best quality and offer better features, but sometimes there are inexpensive mower models that perfectly meet expectations.

One of the most successful lawnmower models in terms of sales and user reviews is the Einhell BG-EM 1030 . This mower is exceptionally priced and is more than enough for gardens that are not too large.

If you have a large garden, you will have to opt for a higher-end lawn mower, since cheap lawnmower engines are usually limited and will not be enough for large-area gardens.

How many types of lawnmower are there?

In principle, mowers can be classified according to the fuel they use:

  • Manual  or push mower . They have helical blades that cut the grass by pushing it across the surface.
  • Electric lawn mower Within the electric lawnmowers you can find cordless battery mowers or electric corded mowers that are a bit more uncomfortable to handle.
  • Gasoline lawn mower Also known as a thermal or blast mower. They normally have 4-stroke engines, although there are still some with 2-stroke engines.

In addition to the previous classification, we can find two types of lawnmower that are worth classifying separately for their special characteristics:

  • The robotic lawnmowers . Completely autonomous and independent, they will cut the lawn for you and you can program the cutting frequency according to the season of the year in which you are. A real pass!
  • The  riding mower used on large, grassy fields.

We invite you to browse our menu to help you find the mower that best suits your needs and with which you can enjoy your gardening afternoons.

Do you know what a Mulching Mower is?

Lately mulching effect mowers have become fashionable. It may sound a little weird to you, but it is actually very simple.

The word “Mulching” means mulching in English. Well that! The mower has special blades that instead of cutting the grass, what it does is shred it and leave very fine blades of grass that are scattered throughout the garden.

The cut grass is distributed throughout the garden helping to nourish it naturally. This is very beneficial, since these grass debris can account for up to 50% of the amount of nutrients that the grass receives.

What Power is Adequate?

Power should be one of the main factors to take into account when choosing the perfect lawnmower for your garden. Follow our Guide so as not to fail in your choice!

  • Less than 1000 Watts. Recommended for gardens up to 250 m².
  • Between 1000-1500 Watts. Recommended for meadows of up to 500 m².
  • More than 1500 Watts. Recommended for meadows between 500-1000 m².

For larger gardens, we recommend buying a self-propelled gasoline lawn mower that has more power, or even a lawn tractor if the surface area is very large.

Would you like to know how to take care of your lawnmower?

When you buy a lawn mower and make a cheap investment in a good tool, the last thing you want is to have it break down due to lack of maintenance. We show you some tips for the care and maintenance of a lawnmower.

What does it mean that a lawnmower is self-propelled?

For some this seems like a very obvious question, but in reality there are many people who do not know what a self-propelled mower is.

Self-propelled or traction mowers have a  motor to aid movement so you don’t have to exert the effort of pushing the mower around your yard.

Self-propelled mowers are recommended for large areas of land where mowing would be too heavy a task without a mower to aid movement.

Self-propelled mowers usually have a throttle on the handle or a button with a lock to start the mower. Once pressed, you will only have to follow the movement of the mower itself across the surface.

The mower’s catch trays

Most lawnmowers have grass collection trays that, as their name suggests, are used to collect the clipped grass in bags that are located at the back.

The capacity of these bags is expressed in liters and measures the volume of clipped grass that they can collect. This capacity varies from one lawnmower to another, but normal capacities range from 30 to 50 liters and will be a factor to take into account, since the number of times we will have to stop to empty it and be able to continue with it depends on it. job.

The robotic lawnmowers for example and some type of lawnmower type machines do not have this collection tray , so they are equipped with a blowing system that expels the cut grass from the side or the rear .

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