10 Best Affordable Riding Lawn Mower [ Updated 2021]

If you are thinking of buying a lawn mower and your garden is not too big, perhaps a good option would be to buy an electric lawn mower.  They are more compact and silent than gasoline . In addition, its maintenance is much easier.

The advantages of electric lawnmowers do not end here, this type of lawnmower does not pollute by not expelling gases into the atmosphere, the autonomy is infinite as long as you have access to the electricity grid and they are also much cheaper.

10 Best Affordable Riding Lawn Mower [ Updated 2021]

Having the garden taken care of and in good condition does not have to be expensive, with buying a cheap electric lawnmower you will have everything under control.

Here you will find the best electric lawn mowers, from the best brands and the best thing is that they have the bargain prices you have been looking for.

Rank #1: Einhell GC-EM 1536

This Einhell lawn mower model is very light , which greatly improves displacement, it also has an excellent cutting system that allows the user to cut any type of grass at ground level or a little higher, if desired.

Einhell is one of the electric lawn mower brands that Carrefour sells and is also distinguished by manufacturing lawn mowers with a very reasonable price.


  • The powerful 1500W motoris charcoal to improve spin.
  • The waste collection basket is 38 L and has a fill indicator.
  • Cutting height in 5 levels from 25 to 65 mm.
  • Ergonomic handlecan be adapted to the size of the user.
  • The plastic shell makes it 
  • It is recommended for land of 600m2. 


  • The basket may fallif it is positioned incorrectly.
  • It must be used with an extension cord or extension cord.

Rank #2: Bosch ARM 32

The Bosch ARM 32 electric lawn mower from the Garden line has a lot of power thanks to its 1200W powerdrive motor and makes precise and uniform cuts regardless of the density of the grass.

On the other hand, this Bosch electric cutting tool is very light, less than 7 kg, and its compact design will allow you to work in open or narrow areas and reach the most difficult corners .


  • Super light of only 6.8 Kg.
  • Good size 31L collecting box.
  • It is used to cut edges, the working width is 32 cm.
  • It has 5 levels of cut, from 20 mm to 60 mm.
  • The collection function is excellent, it leaves no residue on the ground.


  • Electric mower without traction.
  • It is recommended for small gardens.

Rank #3: Alpina E 300

If you are looking for a cheap electric lawn mower this is an option that you should consider because it will surely be the cheapest garden machine you will see.

It is a very tempting electric mower offer, and it will be more than enough if you have a small plot , no matter what type of grass you have because it has excellent cutting capacity.


  • Includes a 25L collection box.
  • The cutting height is variablefrom 25 mm to 65 mm.
  • Easy-access start lever on the handlebar.
  • It is small and easy to store.
  • Good cutting width of 30 cm.


  • It is somewhat complicated to assemble the pieces.
  • Only for small plots.


This electric lawn mower is cheap and functional in different areas of land , this allows you to save some money and at the same time always keep the garden well-kept.

Its motor has a power of 1200W which is more than enough to work continuously , without overheating , in spaces of at least 300m2. The improved handlebar will allow better control by the user.


  • The collection bag has a fill indicator and 35L capacity.
  • The cutting width is 32 cm.
  • The height can be adjustedat the front and rear from 20 to 60 mm.
  • High performanceblades for more uniform cuts.
  • With secondary handlefor easy loading.
  • Bike-style handlebarfor more control on uneven terrain.


  • Electric mower without traction.
  • The plastic materialsmake it less resistant.

Rank #5: Ferm LMM1012

It has a robust design that will allow you to work on different types of uneven terrain without damaging the wheels or the casing, but at the same time it is a very light electric lawn mower, weighing less than 8 kg.

Many people who have already bought it consider it the best mower, not only because of the low price, but also because of the excellent cutting system and powerful 1300 W motor.


  • 1300W motorwith a long service life.
  • Safety switchthat prevents the mower from starting unwantedly.
  • The ergonomic handle is foldableand easy to store.
  • The collection box is a good size 
  • Cutting height is adjustable in 3 levels, 24, 40 or 55 mm.


  • If the grass is damp, it may stick to the inside of the box.
  • You have to give maintenanceto the blades periodically.

If the grass is damp, it may stick to the inside of the box. You have to give maintenanceto the blades periodically.

  • Lighter and more compact. Electric lawnmowers are less heavy than gasoline-powered ones because the engine materials are much lighter. They also do not have a fuel tank, which means a significant weight reduction.
  • Cheaper . This type of lawnmower is usually cheaper than gasoline, with price ranges ranging from € 60 to € 300 for the highest-end.
  • Very quiet . The noise produced by electric lawnmowers is very low compared to gasoline engine ones. So you can mow your lawn at any time without fear of disturbing anyone.
  • Greater mobility . Thanks to its lower weight, you can move more comfortably throughout the garden.
  • Corded or cordless . If you can afford it, you can buy a battery-powered electric mower. This type of mower has good power and autonomy. You can also move freely without having to worry about getting on the cable.
  • Very simple maintenance.  You will only have to check the batteries from time to time (in case it is battery). For the rest, just clean it after each use and keep the blades sharp. You will not have to worry about anything else.
  • You will not have to store gasoline in your storage room, with the danger that this entails.
  • They do not pollute . Electric lawnmowers do not expel toxic gases from the combustion of gasoline. Therefore they are respectful with the environment and nature.

Some Problems of Electric Lawn Mowers

  • The biggest problem with this type of lawnmower is the cable they have, since we will need an extension cord to reach all the corners of our garden well, in addition to being a nuisance.
  • Less power than in gasoline mowers and its blades will have less force to cut thicker grass.
  • Battery powered mowers have limited power and range compared to their petrol competitors.

When to choose an Electric Lawn Mower?

You may be asking yourself these questions:

Is an electric mower or a gasoline one better? Which one should you buy? Is An Electric Lawn Mower Right For My Garden?

So that you are not afraid to decide what type of lawn mower to buy, we advise you to make the perfect decision!

An electric lawn mower is perfect for you if you have a garden that is between 100m² and 500m² . These types of mowers are ideal in small gardens within the city or in houses or chalets with not too large areas. For larger areas of land, we recommend a gasoline one.

The characteristics of the terrain to be mowed must be taken into account . Electric lawn mowers are ideal in flat areas with not very tall grass. Keep in mind that this type of mower is less powerful than gasoline, so it does not get along with steep terrain. If your garden has steep slopes, it is better that you decide to buy a gasoline one with its own traction, your back will appreciate it.

There are endless motors on the market, but we do not recommend powers lower than 900w , because they can be too short for a medium-sized garden. The ideal would be to buy a 1000-1100w for gardens over 150-200m² and a 1600-1800w for gardens between 400-500m² . This can serve as a guide for choosing the right wattage for your garden.

In conclusion, electric lawn mowers are silent, respectful with the environment, compact, inexpensive and very easy to maintain. Is it your ideal lawnmower?

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