10 Best Affordable Push Lawn Mower [ Updated 2021]

Maintaining the lawn in your garden can be a simple and pleasant task or become a tedious and complex activity. This all depends on whether you choose a good mower or not.

 A device of this type should allow you to cut the grass to your liking, without having to take many passes and offering good mobility to optimize the performance of the product. Among these lawn mowers we find models such as the Tacklife GLM11B , which offers you 3 functions in a single device, since it is indicated to cut, crush and collect grass in its practical 40-liter bag.

In addition, it has a lever adjustable for easy use and later storage. On the other hand, the Gardena R40Li modelis an innovative and state-of-the-art robotic lawnmower, capable of operating on its own in different weather conditions and on sloping terrain. 

In addition, it provides an autonomy of 50 minutes for 50 minutes of charging.

10 Best Affordable Push Lawn Mower [2021 Reviews]

Keeping your gardens and green spaces neat and maintained has never been as easy as it is with lawnmowers, these machines have evolved over time to offer customers a varied range of different types, sizes and mechanisms to choose from, that is why We have prepared the following guide to buying the best lawn mower with the information you should know to make a good and economical investment, by acquiring a practical tool that will become your ally for gardening tasks and a member of your family of mechanical utensils.

If your garden and green spaces need maintenance and you want to buy the best lawn mower, but among so many options available on the market you don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry, here are the recommendations from our customers to help you make a smart purchase.

Craftsman M105 140cc Gas Powered Push

It is a 3 function device that does not cost a lot of money. However, it is capable of simultaneously crushing, mowing and collecting grass for greater efficiency. In addition, its structure weighs only 8.5 kg, this way you can move it easily.



This is a 3-in-1 kit that you can use to cut, flatten or collect your garden grass, making it versatile and multifunctional. For optimal operation, this mower offers a power of 1300W, enough to offer a higher cutting speed and better performance.

It has a Brushless or brushless motor, which provides multiple benefits for its operation. In this sense, it is designed to increase its electrical efficiency, reduce heat and noise production, while requiring less maintenance. In addition, it is simple in design and weighs less compared to traditional models.


It incorporates a large 40 L capacity storage tank, which also has a status indicator. In this way, you can know when to empty it to continue using it. Also, the inside of the container is made of hard plastic, which guarantees its resistance to wear.

The blade, meanwhile, is made of high quality steel, which provides durability to withstand contact with obstacles and hard surfaces. For added convenience, it includes a hook for the power cord, so it will not be lying on the ground or in the path of the mower, thus providing greater safety.

It has a weight of 8.5 kg to facilitate its transfer. In addition, its handle is covered with very soft foam, so it does not hurt your hands over time. As for its wheels, they have a diameter of 13 cm and the rear ones of 17 cm, a design that makes it possible to use them on difficult surfaces.


Its cutting width is 33 cm, enough so that you can cut the grass in a few minutes. Also, it has 5 different adjustment options for the height of the cut, which will allow you to adapt it to the needs of the garden and your tastes.

Similarly, it is possible to modify the height of the lever in 3 positions, as well as its length in 2 options, which gives you greater comfort when using the mower, adapting it to your height and giving you complete control as for the movements.

When storing the device you will not have problems, because you can fold the lever easily and remove the collecting tank, which will reduce its dimensions and allow you to store it comfortably inside your home, avoiding humidity and contributing to a Long useful life.

Main Advantage:

It is a high performance equipment that you can adjust according to your needs, since its height has 5 levels for greater versatility. In addition, it has a Brushless motor with 1300W of power, which offers a high level of performance, to obtain the best finishes in a short time.

Main disadvantage:

To ensure the proper operation of the mower, it is necessary to optimally adjust the tank before use, since otherwise it may not collect the cut grass correctly.

Craftsman M105 140cc Gas Powered Push

Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14-Inch 28

It is a compact size robot model, suitable for mowing small areas. It incorporates the SensorCut system, of automatic and random operation, which does not follow lines, so its cut is constant and uniform, improving the appearance of the lawn.

For greater control, it has a thin cable that allows you to mark the limits of the terrain in which you want the robot to cut, guaranteeing optimal work. As if that were not enough, it can work in almost any weather condition, even in the rain, so it does not require constant supervision.

Its motor generates a noise of only 60 dB (A) so as not to disturb your neighbors and it can climb slopes of up to 25% incline. In addition, it has a simple navigation menu with an LCD screen, suitable for activating and programming the device.

If you need a smart lawnmower that can keep your garden in the best possible condition, then it is worth carefully reviewing the pros and cons of this Gardena brand robot:



It is a device with a compact design, which incorporates 3 blades to cut the grass precisely and carefully. Also, its structure has protection against rain and different weather conditions.


It is indicated to work automatically and cut surfaces of 400 m2. In addition, you can climb slopes with a maximum incline of 25%.


This is a silent mower that only generates 60 dB (A), in this way, you will practically not notice it while you are working, allowing you to rest inside the house while the robot works in the garden.



Its initial configuration may be a bit difficult, so it is recommended to carefully follow the instructions in the manual included with the equipment.

Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14-Inch 28

LawnMaster CLMF4016K Cordless

 From the Bosch family, we also recommend the AHM 30 600886001, unlike the previous model, this is a manual, easy-to-use lawn mower ideal for cleaning small-area gardens.

The AHM 30 has a system of four curved tempered steel blades with which you will achieve a smooth cut with the precision of a scissor. The best thing about this machine is that it does not consume energy, does not generate gases or annoying noises, in addition to not needing any type of maintenance in the spindle cylinder located on a ball bearing. 

The cutting height can be adjusted from 12 to 40 mm and the width is 30 cm. This equipment is easy to use and handle because it weighs only 6.4 kg and does not require a large space to store due to its dimensions of 46 x 42.5 x 46 cm.

With these options that we present, you can choose which is the best lawnmower? according to the size of your garden and the benefits you want.

Which brand is better? Where can I find it? How much should I pay? Which lawnmower to buy? These are some of the questions that you have asked yourself when wanting to acquire one of these tools and that is why we want to help you with the pros and cons of a high quality model.



The cutting width and height can be easily changed. With its click system, these options are adjustable as you require.


It has 4 curved blades, made of steel, to guarantee the durability and precision of the machine.


Its dimensions of 46 x 42.5 x 46 cm, make it possible to store and move it easily.


You will not have problems moving the machine, nor will you end up with muscle aches after mowing the lawn, since its weight barely reaches 6.4 kilograms.


Short grass:

one of your customers has stated that this machine is ideal for short grass, but it does not provide its best performance when it comes to slightly taller grass.

LawnMaster CLMF4016K Cordless

EGO Power+ LM2021 20-Inch 56

 Definitely the Bosch house is a specialist in the marketing of the best lawn mowers that adapt to the budget and requirements of the users, an example of this is the Rotak 37 06008A4100, a 1400 watt electric lawn mower with an ergonomic handle with AGR certificate that allows a more comfortable handling for the user.

The high level of performance of this powerful machine is contingent on the hardened steel blade combined with air flow technology capable of collecting cut branches. Because of its excellent cost, users rank the Rotak 37 as the best value for money mower.

It has a 40L capacity for storing cut grass, enough to clean a large garden without frequently emptying the hopper. 

The easy-to-roll wheels allow for excellent handling and as it includes the QuickClick rail system, you can quickly assemble it without tools.

Possibly your budget is tight and you cannot use the products with the highest price. In this sense, we describe all the pros and cons of one of the cheapest lawn mowers on the market .



It has a power of 1400 watts that will allow you to cut the grass in your garden without any complications.


It has an ergonomic handle that will give greater ease of use and will provide comfort to be able to use the cutter for much longer.


It incorporates a container with a storage capacity that reaches 40 liters, so that you do not waste time emptying it frequently.


You will not have problems to move the lawnmower throughout the garden, as its wheels are wide and easy to move.


High grass:

Despite offering high quality, one of its users points out that it is not very efficient when it comes to cutting tall grass.

EGO Power+ LM2021 20-Inch 56

Greenworks 40V 20 Inch Cordless Twin

 For traditional gardeners, a gasoline lawn mower such as the GH-PM 40 P model from Einhell can always be useful, which is recommended to efficiently cut an area of up to 800m2 due to its 4-stroke single cylinder engine.

This equipment has three levels of regulation to adjust the height of the cut, as well as an ergonomic handle that is also foldable, which contributes to a more comfortable handling by the user and easier storage.

Among the characteristics of this lawn mower, it is worth mentioning the grass collection bag with approximately 45L capacity with which you can carry out continuous work without stopping to empty it.

Users highlight the robust and elegant design of this machine thanks to the resistant plastic casing that is synonymous with durability. This powerful 1600W slicer weighs 23 kg and measures 77 x 47.5 x 44 cm.

As your budget is already defined and you are already clear on how much you are going to allocate for this purchase, we will mention the pros and cons of a tool that many have pointed out as the best lawn mower for 100 euros.



It has 1600 watts of power that will give you a really impressive force to carry out your work efficiently.


Its cutting height is adjustable to three levels, so you can take the grass to the extent that you prefer.


It will not be necessary to empty the waste every 5 minutes, as it incorporates a container with a storage capacity of 45 liters.


It has an ergonomic handle that you can also fold to store more comfortably in your workshop.



It is a pity that the instruction manual is written in different languages and is not translated into Spanish.

Greenworks 40V 20 Inch Cordless Twin

American Lawn Mower Company

It has a brushless electric motor, so it does not produce friction inside and increases its performance. In addition, it does not generate heat and reduces noise, so that it will not disturb your neighbors and relatives, also, it requires less constant maintenance.

It could not collect the grass in its entirety, so it is necessary to adjust the tank correctly to its structure and prevent it from reaching its limit, in this way, you will avoid saturating the container.

It is an easy-to-use model, since it weighs only 8.5 kg and its lever can be adjusted in height and length, guaranteeing a comfortable grip.

American Lawn Mower Company

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric

It is an automatic operating device, which guarantees the optimal state of your lawn. In this sense, it is indicated to cut surfaces of 400 m2, it can climb inclined slopes up to 25% and it is capable of working even in the rain for greater resistance.

Its configuration could be more complicated than expected if you do not have experience in this type of equipment. However, it incorporates a manual that provides you with the necessary instructions to facilitate this task.

It could be an expensive product compared to other manual models, but it gives you comfort and practicality. In addition, it includes the necessary accessories to define the terrain where you want to use it.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric

Bosch AHM 30 – Manual lawn mower

The lawn mower has been designed for use in medium or even large gardens, with an estimate of up to 800 square meters of space, counting for this with a powerful 1600 watt motor and 45 liters of capacity in the basket, to work without problems or complications.

Since it is a gasoline-powered product, although it does not generate problems with autonomy, it is a disadvantage to have to withstand the fumes and heat generated during the cutting process.

An ideal tool for high demand situations and large gardens to work comfortably.

Bosch AHM 30 – Manual lawn mower

How to use a lawn mower

Today, many people choose to buy their own tools that facilitate the order of their spaces such as lawn mowers. If you are using this product for the first time, we show you the following steps you must follow to get the most out of the article.

Place the mower in the proper space and clear the area

As a first step, the mower must be moved to an open area covered with grass. Remove any children’s toys, pets, rocks, or branches on site to ensure the life of the blades.

Make sure it has enough gasoline and oil

If your mower has a four-stroke engine, check that the oil level is correct by opening the storage box or with a dipstick. If the engine is two-stroke, you must mix oil with gasoline; Make sure to use the correct type of oil in an amount proportional to the amount of fuel.

Check the spark plug

This part is what gives life to the engine. You can make a quick check of the part, since the spark plug must be well adhered to the back of the machine, and on it, there must be a thick wire of rubber cap perfectly attached.

Prime the carburetor

Locate the primer button, which can be found anywhere on the cutter characterized by being black or red in color and soft when pressed. Press it two to three times to make the gasoline run through the lines of the machine; be careful to do this many times as it can flood the engine with fuel.

Uncover the regulating valve

This part is generally recognized as being in the shape of a lever located on the engine frame. Set the regulator valve in a medium to high position. Note that if you omit this procedure, the engine will not be able to perform its functions once it is started.

Pull the starter rope

The vast majority of lawn mowers tend to have a horizontal lever near the handle. Hold the edge of the starter lever firmly and pull it up quickly and firmly. Repeat this process 3-4 times until the engine starts properly.

Note that if it makes noises, but does not start, there may be insufficient gas in the tank; In the event that it does not emit sound, nor does it light, the spark plug could be out of place; adjust it and try to turn it on again.

Mows the lawn evenly

To obtain a good cutting result, it is recommended that you direct the cutter in only one direction, cutting the space in rows or columns, that is, reaching from one end to the other completely; it will make your work match that of a professional in the area.

Turn off the cutter

Once you are satisfied with the work done, turn off the mower immediately and proceed to clean it, removing any grass debris that it may have. Then store it in a spacious place like your garage or shed.

The most popular brands

Having a house with a garden is one of the dreams of many people. It is a real joy to sit outside with a good book or a glass of wine. But, yes, it will be much more satisfactory if it is well cared for. This is where lawn mowers come into play, tools that cannot be lacking to give your garden the maintenance it deserves. There are many brands on the market, but Flymo, Ryobi or Robomow are some of the most popular.

In the garden field, Flymo is one of the most prominent companies. It belongs to the Husqvarna Group, a leader in garden irrigation products and cutting equipment in Europe. In the history of this company there are several milestones that are worth mentioning. One of the most notable occurred 40 years ago, at which time the air cushion mower was invented. The company would quickly become one of the flagships in the field of garden-oriented product design and innovation.

The functionality of Flymo products is more than obvious, although the brand does not neglect aesthetics either. In its catalog we find a wide range of products designed to respond to all kinds of needs.

Electric and manual lawn mowers, scarifiers, vacuum cleaners, shredders or hedge trimmers are some of the items that the brand sells with the aim of facilitating garden maintenance for users.

Ryobi is a brand that belongs to the TTI Group, one of the world’s leading power tool manufacturers. It is, therefore, one of the reference brands for carpenters and DIY enthusiasts thanks to the extensive selection of items it offers.

The company not only stands out in the market for its products, but for the exclusive features that are present in them, such as Expand-It, Autoshift or Touchstart. These are just a few of the qualities responsible for Ryobi items making DIY tasks ostensibly easy. Likewise, one last characteristic should be noted, and that is that the brand offers an extraordinary quality / price ratio, which results in more satisfied customers.

Among the garden tools of this company it is possible to identify various models of lawn mowers, but also other essential tools for the garden such as trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, garden shredders and a long etcetera. In short, a whole world of articles for proper garden maintenance.

Robomow is a company that has innovation as a philosophy. The brand is pleased to have designed some of the newest automatic lawnmower models in the world. Founded in 1995, it would quickly become one of the most creative companies of the moment.

Some of its most notable qualities are the simplicity of use of its products, the guarantee that they are of the latest generation, as well as the fact that all of them have been properly tested.

One of its flagship products is, without a doubt, the robotic lawn mower, an extraordinary alternative to the more traditional lawn mowers. Not only is it quieter and more efficient, but it can be programmed via mobile phone. In this way, the technology is definitely installed in the Robomow spirit.

Furthermore, the automatic mowers proposed by this company whose headquarters are in Israel are very easy to use, so they will become the best ally of the family when it comes to tidying up the garden.

Shopping guide

Cutter type

We know that choosing a grass cutter, although it may seem, is not an easy task. The first thing you should identify is the size of your garden or the extension of green areas that you have on your property and what is the budget you allocated for the purchase of this device. Regarding the first, knowing the dimensions of your garden will allow you to clearly know what type of machine you need.

When comparing lawnmowers you will see that you can choose between a manual lawnmower , ideal for small gardens that will also help you to do a little exercise while you walk through the garden directing the mower. There are also the electrics that work with a power cord or a battery for greater freedom of movement, or the tractor type that you can drive and are ideal for large areas of terrain such as golf or soccer fields.

Choosing the right cutter for you is directly related to the limit of your budget, because the price increases according to the size, technology and performance of the equipment.

Electric or fueled

Continuing with the selection of the machine according to its operation, we explain that those that use fossil fuel are more expensive than electric ones, but with the advantage of being more autonomous because they do not have the limitation of cables or power extensions. So they are ideal for large fields.

But if you don’t need so much power, and you don’t like handling fuel to run your mower, we recommend electrical equipment, which can be powered by cable or wirelessly with a rechargeable battery even with solar energy, to be more condescending with the environment and reduce electricity consumption.

The best thing about these machines is that they are lighter and if it influences how much it costs because they are cheaper and it works well to maintain small ornate spaces, they are not noisy or generate unpleasant gases and they do not make you spend large sums of money.

Blade system and cutting regulator

It is important to verify that the chosen machine has hardened or tempered steel blades with several blades, no less than 4, to guarantee a neat cut, that they are well sharpened and are easy to maintain so that they do not lose their incisive properties.

In the same way, it is of great value that the lawn mower has a cutting regulation system, which allows us to adjust how high we want our grass to be, since everyone does not like very short grass, although it has its advantages because it takes longer to grow, but there are those who prefer it more dense so they only need to match it to have a lawn at the same height level, and this is only achieved with the selector that regulates the size of the cut.

Collecting bag

For many users, the harvesting system of cut grass is very important, some prefer to buy a machine that finely cuts the grass, leaving it on the ground to decompose and use it as a fertilizer due to its high content of phosphorus, nitrogen and other nutrients so that your garden is strong and healthy.

However, when we talk about large areas it is necessary to collect the cut grass and to facilitate the work many lawnmowers include a collection bag, whose capacity varies according to the size of the equipment.

You can find 30 to 45 liters of space to store waste and be able to work a long period without stopping to empty the bag every so often. And if you want you can accumulate the cut grass and instead of throwing it away you can prepare your own compost in an ecological way saving money on commercial fertilizers.

Size and layout

Once you have chosen the best lawnmower on the market from a range of machines that suit your budget and whose characteristics meet your requirements, it is important to verify that you have enough space to store the lawnmower, since size does matter in these machines that despite being very functional, some models can be very bulky if you don’t have a special place to store it.

With this in mind, many manufacturers have made their equipment ergonomically designed, with folding handles that can be attached so that it can be easily stored in your garage, attic or tool room and that it has a functional and intuitive use to facilitate the task of maintaining your garden well clean. Once you take care of it, you can start decorating it with planters , deck chairs or a table and chairs set.

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