Avoid accidents with these lawn mower safety tips

What to use when operating a lawn mower

You should always wear clothing when mowing to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Wear long pants.

  • You must wear closed-toe shoes with a rigid toe. Do not know if you are barefoot or wearing sandals.

  • Use glasses protectors.

Only prune in the right conditions

Mowing only during the day (or in good artificial light) will ensure good visibility and reduce the risk of pruning on foreign objects on the lawn. Also, the grass must be dry to avoid slipping on wet grass.

I do not design cutters for children

A lawn mower is not a toy and should not be used by children.

 Anyone who is not familiar with the operation of a lawn mower (including children) should not use it unless they have been instructed in using a lawn mower and are supervised by someone responsible for their safety. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics advice children should not operate a push mower until they are at least twelve years old.

  • Store the mower so that it is out of the reach of children. 

  • Check the laws in your area to see if there are any age limits for mowers. 

  • Do not mow your yard when passersby, especially children and pets, are within 100 feet of the mower.

  • Make they supervise sure children when using the mower to prevent them from using it and to ensure that they maintain a safe distance from the pruning area. 

Tips for cutting slopes or benches

Take extra precautions when mowing slopes, benches or slopes, as they can create dangerous conditions when mowing.

  • Do not prune excessively steep slopes (greater than 15 degrees incline). 

  • Always walk when pruning benches or sloping surfaces – don’t run. 

  • Walk carefully and take firm steps. 

  • Mow along the face of a slope rather than up and down a slope.

  • Be very careful when changing direction, especially when mowing on a sloping surface.

Key safety tips for mowers

Note: The following specifically refers to the LM300 Oregon cordless trimmer / mower and may not apply to your battery-powered lawn mower. Always consult the user manual provided with your equipment before use.

The lawnmower key is an important safety device on a cordless mower. 

We can only start the mower engine and blades when the safety key is inserted and rotated to the “on” position. 

Just insert the safety key when you want to start the machine and turn the blades.

Be sure to remove the mower safety key in the following situations:

  • every time you leave the mower.

  • when you store the machine.

  • before clearing a blockage in the mower blades.

  • before checking mower parts or making repairs.

  • before cleaning the mower.

  • before transporting the mower.

Other safety tips for mowers

Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when pruning your garden to ensure a safe experience:

  • push mowers are for push. Do not push the mower towards you when you are mowing.

  • Keep the mower deck flat. do not tilt the machine when starting or turning the mower on, unless the machine is tilted so that it can be started in tall grass. Here, keep the incline as low as possible and only tilt the mower deck away from you.

  • If you need to pick up and move the mower, turn it off first. If it is a battery pruner, be sure to remove the safety key before transporting it.

  • Do not put your hands and feet near or under rotating parts. 

  • Stay clear of the unloading area when operating the mower

  • Do not change the mower. Unauthorized modifications can cause increased noise or vibration and affect the safety of the mower.

  • If you strike a foreign object or large debris, inspect the machine for damage and make any necessary repairs.

  • If the mower vibrates abnormally, stop the machine immediately. Inspect the mower for damage and make any necessary.

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