How to mow like a pro

The sound of a lawnmower, the smell of freshly cut grass – it’s that time of year again! It’s time for your lawn to look green and lush, which also means it’s time to get your lawn mower out. Taking the time to mow your lawn is an important part of your lawn maintenance routine, but … Read more

How to fix a scratching mower deck

The platform your mower has provided excellent service for some years. However, over time, all things become less reliable and less capable of doing their job. This is no different for a mower deck. There are several problems that can happen to a mower deck device, including streaks left on the lawn. A few tools and a few safe procedures will get your … Read more

Blast Lawn Mower

An electric lawn mower uses a type of internal combustion engine, also called an internal combustion engine.  For the operation of the cutter it is necessary for the explosion of fuel to occur, such as gasoline, which will be generated by a spark. In this way, it transforms the chemical energy resulting from the combustion into mechanical energy so that … Read more

Lawn mowers: safety measures

In the United States, more than 9,000 children visit emergency rooms for injuries related to lawn mowers. Powered lawn mowers are much more dangerous. However, most lawn mower-related injuries can be prevented by following the following safety guidelines. At what age can my child mow the lawn? Before learning to mow, your child must have the maturity, … Read more

Tips And Recommendations For Safety And Maintenance In The Use Of The Lawn Mower

The lawnmower is a very useful machine , which allows to keep green areas in good condition. It is a team that due to the nature of its function, has various components and devices that require proper use and care, as well as the cutter itself. There are electric and fuel models, designed for domestic and professional jobs respectively. In this note … Read more

How a lawn mower works

In this article we will learn a little more about this gardening tool of daily and frequent use in gardening. What is a lawn mower A lawn mower is a machine that, as its name implies, is used in gardening to keep the lawn at the desired level of growth. Google AdSense Advertising The drive can be completely manual (rotating blades … Read more

How to choose a battery powered lawn mower?

Today there is a growing global awareness to reduce the carbon footprint, drive more efficient cars and improve the energy efficiency of homes. But there is another way to reduce emissions, and it is a machine that is probably waiting for us right now in our garage. The lawn mowers battery ( electric wireless ) enjoy a surge of popularity and … Read more

How to treat a dry mulched lawn

Mulch is an essential ingredient for fertile lawns and gardens. Mulch comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Dry mulch generally consists primarily of grass clippings, leaves, and other dry material found on lawns and under trees. You can use fresh cut grass as well as bagged grass clippings from other yards. To effectively treat your lawn, do … Read more

How to operate a lawn mower

Operating a lawn mower doesn’t have to be a complicated process, but it can be a bit daunting for newbies or those switching to a new type of lawn mower. Below are some basic instructions on how to cut, start to finish. Please note that not all of these materials are necessarily necessary, only certain materials for certain … Read more