6 Advantages of Using a Rear Engine Lawn Mower

For lawn maintenance, the rear mower has several advantages over front-engine models. These include ease of storage, maintenance, and the ability to navigate tighter spaces than a front-engine mower. Find out more about the 6 benefits of a rear-engine lawn mower below.

1. Less exposure to gas fumes

The main advantage of a rear-engined lawnmower is that it virtually eliminates gas fumes that carry towards the driver. You will breathe more freely as you cut and are more likely to finish your cutting task in one sitting.


2. Variety of methods for handling clippings

Rear power mowers offer attachments such as adjustable height mulchers, baggers and blades. Some models offer up to nine blade height settings for every type of lawn vegetation, from bluegrass to wild grains. Not only can you mow your entire lawn, but you won’t have to come back to clean it. If you prefer, you can also use the side discharge to spread the clippings widely over the lawn like mulch. No more clumped grass clippings that can kill your lawn.

3. Easy storage

The rear powered mower can be stored in an upright position, standing on the rear deck and wheels. The front axle is strong enough to allow you to use it with two hands to lift the mower to the storage position. Be sure to remove the battery before storing the mower in this position. At the end of the season, remember to also completely drain the gas tank before storing it until spring.

4. Maintenance

You can quickly clean and sharpen the blades with the engine-mounted rear mower in its storage position. Also, you can lubricate the blade attachment, wheels, and steering column easily and precisely.

5. Steering and maneuverability

The rear deck of the rear engine mower follows the movement of the front axle, to turn sharper and faster. The rotating frame allows the mower to travel along with the ups and downs of your lawn, ensuring a smooth, even cut. The deck can also be easily leveled for effective cutting and steering performance. The overall width of the rear mower is just 28 inches, up to 12 inches narrower than the front mowers. You can ride through trellises, garden gates and around raised flower beds safely and easily with the rear mower. The turning radius of most rear motor mowers is less than 6 inches.

6. Greater stability

Rear engine mowers have a lower center of gravity than most front engine models. This greatly reduces tilt and prevents injury. Additionally, many rear motor mowers have four-wheel drive for better traction on sloping lawns and wet lawns. The wide, low-profile tires also add stability and traction on all types of lawns.

Choose a rear-engine lawn mower for its ease of handling, storage, cleaning and maintenance, and its flexibility to handle every lawn care job you throw your way.

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