10 Best Rated Riding Mowers [2020 Reviews]

When it comes to buying a lawn mower , how can we ensure that we get the best lawn mower for ourselves at the lowest price?
The offer of these devices is so extensive that many times we do not even know where to start.
From CortadoraDeCesped.net we want to make your task easier and help you find the perfect cutter for you , and above all, the one that means less money for your pocket .

If you do not want to read the complete guide, and directly want to buy a good and cheap lawn mower , these are the best value for money that we recommend:

Either because the mower requires a cable (it works with electricity) or a battery, electric lawn mowers work by self-propelled by the electric motor transferred to the wheels.
These types of machines are cleaner, less noisy and tend to have fewer mechanical failures , in addition to requiring less maintenance than gasoline.
A limitation when buying can be the wiring to feed the power, which can be short or get in the way . This means that in areas where a close connection is not available it can be difficult to move comfortably throughout the space.

1.1-Electric with battery
Its great advantage is undoubtedly autonomy, since it is not tied to a cable or human traction. Paradoxically, its disadvantage is that this autonomy is limited by the duration of the charge, depending on whether it is lithium batteries or ordinary batteries.
Although they require special care, their small motor is strong, and they work well if the manufacturer’s recommendations are not exceeded.

They are the strongest and most powerful , thanks to the strength provided by the explosion of the engine powered by fossil fuel (gasoline or diesel). They are also characterized by their greater performance and autonomy, since they do not depend on cables or recharges (except for fuel replacement).
On the other hand, gasoline mowers require expenses such as motor oil, and have a greater maintenance than electric ones, which implies additional costs.

They are generally used for small surfaces as they rely on manual traction. They are also used to touch up areas that have already been worked . They require a greater physical effort, and, generally, the work of cutting takes more time.

Every day there are more smart homes and the garden is no exception. The robotic lawnmower is programmed to start and finish cutting the grass in our garden, in the size and time indicated, with cold or heat, without help of any kind. They are capable of cutting large surfaces , and we manage them via WiFi through applications.
We only have to be careful not to put it to work if it rains to prevent the formation of fungi inside. And yes they are intelligent, because they are able to stop if someone passes nearby or to avoid a collision.

4.1-Mowing tractor
It is a highly efficient machinery, ideal for huge surfaces . Obviously, in this case the machine operator will be on the seat while working.

The McCulloch ROB R1000 robot is an automatic lawnmower marvel that we will handle via WiFi from an application and with which we can effortlessly prune surfaces up to 1000 m2 . 5 heights, anti-theft system, and works on slopes of up to 25% .
A- BUY LAWN MOWERS: What should I keep in mind?
This is something that we do not usually take into account, but if you have a sloping lawn surface, you should bear in mind that some automatic robots or electric lawnmowers will not have enough power to raise and cut.

What is the investment required when purchasing a lawn mower ?
In this case, there is no single answer, nor are the needs identical. But it is possible to approach some of the aspects that predominate in the market without this being an obligatory reference. Everything will depend on the size, power, type and model; if it is gasoline or battery or if it is manual or seat.
We can be talking about simple equipment, which can cost between 50 and 80 euros to much more sophisticated equipment that will require an investment between 400 and 600 euros, obviously not for all budgets. Here you have our section on LAWN MOWER PRICES where you can access the exact prices of ALL cutting machines .
Anyone who is determined to make a good purchase should carefully evaluate their needs as explained in this lawn mower buying guide (garden size, degree of difficulty, technical support, ease of use).

For reference, the price of lawn mowers is:

• Between € 50 and € 150 : These are the electrical and manual equipment, that is, all those used for non-large surfaces (like most home gardens). You can find reliable and safe machines in this price range.

• Between € 150 and € 500 : Most of the mowers that fall into this price range are usually gasoline, and some high-end electric. They have greater power , which means less effort for us and greater maximum cutting surfaces.

• From € 500 to € 1100: These prices are usually found by the automatic or robotic lawnmowers . The simplest and for smaller surfaces are around € 500, and the best (suitable for surfaces of 1000-1500 m2) cost around € 1000.


Less than 200 square meters : Electric or manual lawnmowers are ideal for small areas, such as backyards of homes. They don’t require a lot of power, and the outlet is close.
Between 200 and 500 square meters : For this type of surface we can use a high-end electric (if the length of the cable allows it), a gasoline, or a low-end programmable robot.
From 500 to 1500 square meters: For large surfaces we cannot use electric or manual. We will have to buy a gasoline lawn mower or an upper-middle-range automatic robot.
D Cutting widths typically range from 30-50cm on most electric or gasoline-powered cutters. Automatic and manual robots have somewhat smaller cutting widths. Logically, the wider the cutting width, the fewer passes it takes to finish the job, being able to finish in less time.

The power of the machines is important in determining how easily they mow regardless of the height of the lawn and the slope of the terrain.

The bag will allow you to collect the cut remains, something necessary if you do not want to mulch (use the remains to fertilize the soil). The bigger the bag, the fewer times you will have to empty it and the less time it will take to finish the job.
What lawnmower to buy? Taking into account the needs that we must cover when we look for a lawn mower, to be successful when choosing one of these devices well we must look at:

• Dimensions of the land to mow.
• Mechanism of operation and propulsion of the equipment.
• Power supply .
• Size and type of blades (materials, mechanism, safety).
• Autonomy of operation.
• Maneuverability in confined or narrow spaces . In some cases, if the machine is very large, it is advisable to have a manual mower system for this task.
• Price / quality ratio
• Performance and efficiency.

The first thing is to make sure it is the right mower for every need. For example, manual lawn mowers are suitable for small areas, while a gasoline lawn mower will perform better and will work for large areas.

After reviewing the types of lawn mowers available on the market, as well as some of the features that stand out from the best-known manufacturers, we can get an idea of which type is best for us. The ideal is to consider each variable, depending on our needs:
• Equipment characteristics (weight, materials).
• Maneuverability (it is very important to take into account who is your usual operator).
• Power supply system.
• Cutting system (blades).
• Dimensions and complexity of the area to be covered.
• Cost / benefit ratio.
• Collection bag .
• Slope of terrain you can work on.
• Availability of technical service .
• After-sales service.
• Express repair.

The wheels are an important element since they need to be as smooth and high as possible so that they damage the grass as little as possible when passing. As with all wheels, there are spare parts that you can put if you need to replace a wheel, since there are even universal wheels. Here you can find them .
Einhell GC-EM 1030/1

This lawnmower is of the ELECTRIC type, and it is one of the ones we recommend the most because it is the cheapest machine available today. If what you are looking for is a lawn cordator with which you can take care of your garden without investing much , this device may be the ideal one for you.
Its low price should not make you think that it is not a good machine. The Einhell GC-EM 1030/1 is a machine with excellent user reviews . It is a 1000 W lawn mower, with which you can cut at 3 different heights (from 25 to 60mm) and whose cutting width is 30 cm. It is indicated in gardens of up to 250 square meters , and has a 28-liter capacity bag. Here you have all the product information.

Murray EQ300

The Murray EQ300 is a powerful GASOLINE mower, from a reliable brand , with a really good value for money, and with several features that we really like: This mower is easy to start, and the cut grass can be accumulated in a bag 60 liters or it can come out the back.
It has 6 positions of cutting height (from 28 to 92 mm), and a quality that we like a lot is that it can be folded in a simple way to store it and that it takes up less space. It also has a very ergonomic handlebar that you can adjust up to 3 positions. The cutting width is 41 cm. Here you can access all the information about this cutter.
Einhell GC-EM 1743 HW

This Einhell model is an ELECTRIC lawn mower that we at Cortadoradecesped.net particularly like . It has a great power for this type of mower (1700W) and allows cutting at 6 heights from 28 to 70mm.
It has a 52-liter capacity bag with a level indicator, and is recommended for gardens up to 700 m². It has a wide cutting width (43 cm) and cuts quickly and efficiently. It has a handle that is quite long, making pruning comfortable, being also foldable and taking up little space.
It has details that other mowers do not usually have: the wheels are smooth to avoid damaging the lawn, and the rear ones are especially high to adapt to rough terrain. It is equipped with a small handle with which it is very easy to carry. The materials, including the protective shell, are of quality. Here you have all the information .
McCulloch ROB 1000

This ROBOT mower is hands down the best you can find on the market today . It is a very efficient machine at a competitive price, and the best proof is the dozens of user opinions that, despite the investment involved, certify that they are delighted with the purchase.
You can choose between 5 cutting heights (from 20 to 50mm), and it is capable of automatically mowing fields of up to 1000 m². The blades are of high quality, so the cut is straight and uniform. It takes 50 minutes to load, and it takes about an hour. it also comes with a good anti-theft system. Here you can access the rest of the information.
Einhell GC-HM 30

The Einhell GC-HM is a simple but efficient MANUAL mower that we can use in small gardens (up to 150 m2) and that uses a blade spindle that uses ball bearings and that allows a cutting height of 4 levels (from 15 at 42mm).
It brings a small bag of 16 liters capacity, and its cutting width is 30 cm . The wheels are quite wide, but to really protect the grass we miss that they are flatter. Click here to access all the information on this cutter.

Bosch ARM 32

The Bosch ARM 32 (32 cm cutting width) is an ELECTRIC type lawn mower that has a great power that allows it to work with quite high grass (1200 w).
It comes with 3 cutting levels (20mm, 40mm and 60mm) with special combs that facilitate cutting near walls or surfaces . It also comes with a 31-liter capacity bag and has a handle that makes it very convenient to carry. It is one of the most purchased slicers and the ones we recommend the most. Here you have all the information .

There are different brands and manufacturers that you should consider when considering which mower to buy , usually of good quality that offer useful features. Each company or manufacturer offers different advantages .
Among the best known are:

The manufacturer Bosch in its line of gardening tools, offers different types of electric lawn mowers (cable or battery) Some of its advantages are:
• Intuitive cutting height ( easily change and adapt )
• Foldable bag: (40 l) Foldable at will.
• Promotes posture , protecting your body.
• Innovative design.
• Leftcollet System : Blade designed to cut in any season , and shred for easy removal.

The mower models manufactured by Black + Decker, mostly medium-sized , are designed for maximum performance. However, it also has higher power equipment, with or without cable.
• Smart lawnmower (equipment that self regulates power, for greater performance and autonomy).
• Different cutting height settings.
• Capacity to collect up to 50 liters.
• Side discharge to facilitate the collection task.
• Easy operation .
• Guaranteed technical service.

The manufacturer Einhell offers several models of high quality manual, battery, electric and gasoline lawn mowers. It has equipment with up to 9 cutting levels , with a steel sheet casing and ergonomic folding handle, for greater comfort. Its units can reach large surfaces, up to 1,500 m2, in addition to having control from the guide handle, which makes them very practical.
• Coverage up to 1500 m2.
• Equipment with up to 9 cutting levels.
• Ergonomic handle with controls .
• Guaranteed technical service.
• Diversity of models for every need.

It is a range of practical mowers for the home. From the simplest to the wide mower for medium spaces. It also includes cut adjustments directly to the wheels.

• Power: up to 1300 W.
• Easy storage.
• Adjustable up to 3 cuts.
• Box between 17 and 30 liters, depending on the model.
• Integrated safety brake function .
Each lawn mower offers different benefits. For example, some models allow the rear wheels to become independent during operation . Other models collect at the same time that they crush the material, or simply detect the cut intuitively. There are them for practically every need.
The ideal is to know our machine perfectly if we want to buy a lawnmower. In any case, there are basic parts whose care guarantees us performance under optimal operating conditions and proper maintenance.

Blade system.
These are pieces of replacement blades of horizontal rotation for cutting grass, adhered to a base or protective cover, which are connected to a bag or drawer where plant waste is collected.

Cut regulator system.
Through this mechanism, which varies according to the lawnmower model, you can choose the type of cut (height) . There are from 3 levels to 9 levels of cut. In some cases, such as robotic mowers, the mower selects the cut automatically.

Collecting bag.
This mechanism, depending on the model, collects (and moves) the plant material that the mower cuts on its way . Modern robotic mowers, in some cases, use hovercraft systems instead of wheels to move while working autonomously.

Safety is important too
Although it does not usually appear in the manual, it is important to have the manufacturer’s contact address at hand, for any questions about the safety and maneuverability of the product . Manufacturing companies have a virtual or face-to-face customer service area, as well as after-sales advisory services.
• We must make sure we know the operating and maintenance conditions .
• It allows the use of the equipment only by properly trained people.
• Do not try to operate or maneuver outside of the conditions specified by the manufacturer.
• Make sure to use the required and recommended accessories and safety measures, especially when handling or exchanging cutting blades , if it is allowed to do so at home.
• Take the necessary precautions to narrow the work area , especially if there are children or pets nearby.
• Protect the equipment . If you use it in the rain or in extreme conditions, it is likely that in addition to carrying risks, it can deteriorate or reduce operability.
• There’s a kit for every need, so make sure it’s the right fit for the task.
• Get appropriate advice in case of doubt. That can make a difference in saving your investment.
• Take sufficient precautionary measures with energy sources (fuel, electricity, chargers).

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