10 Best Rated Riding Mowers [ Updated 2021]

The garden rider is a versatile machine that is a versatile machine. Thanks to the ease of working with attachments, these units are increasingly being used not only for mowing grass, but also for removing leaves, cut branches, aeration and even clearing snow. In most cases, the garden rider is used by the operator on large areas, but it can also be maneuvered over a small lawn. Unlike the previous device, the garden tractor has a narrower scope of use – it only performs tasks of mowing the lawn. On all garden tractors, the cutting attachment is installed between the wheels by default. Due to its limited functional features, it has a lower cost in contrast to the rider.

Riders are more practical – they provide perfect mowing not only on open surfaces, but also under bushes, benches and other obstacles. And garden tractors, due to their limited capabilities, can only cut vegetation on large flat areas.

Among the wide variety of riders and garden tractors, there are several models that are most popular among users. These are models from leading manufacturers known all over the world for the quality and reliability of their equipment. Many Ukrainians, both private individuals and owners of commercial enterprises, have already liked such devices. Having learned their pros and cons, you can choose a model for yourself that can fully satisfy your needs.

10 Best Rated Riding Mowers [ Updated 2021]

In fact, all garden riders are “larger versions” of gasoline-powered lawnmowers, as the mowing system is similar – a mower deck with one or more large blades rotating parallel to the ground. Significant differences lie in the dimensions, control system and, accordingly, in appearance. 

While the lawn mower has to be carried in front of you, gradually passing the entire territory on foot, you can drive it on the rider – the car is necessarily supplied with a small but comfortable seat and a regular steering wheel. In addition, the entire mass of devices can be roughly divided into 2 classes: Mini riders – the deck is located between the axles, turning the steering wheel drives the front wheels. 

The recommended area of the cultivated area is 500-1500 m2. Riders are larger and more productive machines, the mowing deck is brought forward and supported by an additional pair of wheels, the steering wheel is responsible for turning the rear wheels, and in most models, during turning, the frame “breaks” in the middle to reduce the radius. The recommended area of the territory is 1000-2500 m2. To help you better navigate the variety of designs, brands and specific models, we have compiled the top 5 best garden riders this season. 

It is with acquaintance with them and their characteristics that we recommend that you start your choice, since these machines can be considered leaders in their classes and price segments. And before proceeding to their description, according to tradition, we recall: the places in the top are distributed randomly. Top 5 garden riders


The Swedish garden tractor confidently takes the first position in the ranking. At first glance, its price seems overpriced, but the main feature of the model is all-wheel drive. That is, the car is “pulled” by both rear and front wheels. It is versatile – easily goes downhill, thanks to the grip of the upper wheels with the ground, economical, transmission losses are minimal. When turning, it goes around the ring of a much smaller radius, since the rear wheels “lead”. In general, it turns out a fully maneuverable unit for any relief – steep slopes, hilly areas. The engine is a powerful, twin-cylinder Briggs Endurance Series V-Twin. There is an hour meter to remind you that the motor is due for inspection. Also, pay attention to the cutting width. Firstly, it is adjustable, and secondly – at the maximum width it captures 122 cm. A large field is mowed, as quickly and efficiently as possible. The cutting height can also be set in several positions, which is convenient in a neglected area.


Four-wheel drive high-speed car, with graceful turns and turns, does not lose speed on descents and ascents;
An excellent indicator of the working width is a godsend for owners of large territories and utilities;
The height and width of the haircut are adjusted with levers from the control panel;
The halogen headlight illuminates the working area well in the evening and at night;
The hinged hood provides access to mechanisms for cleaning, inspection and maintenance;



Not detected.


This model is from the famous manufacturer The Stig. Its rather high cost is determined by the fact that this unit is designed to work on large areas. That is, he mows the whole working day without interruption, easily tolerates daily heavy loads. Thanks to the volume of the fuel tank of 12 liters, it is possible to do without refueling and maintenance for a long time. The engine is also American Briggs, has a volume of 500 cubic meters. see and develops a power of 18.5 horsepower. The built-in hour meter warns of the need for a technical inspection. The cutting system operates in mulching mode. The cutting width of 110 cm makes it possible to do the job faster and better. All wheels are equipped with bearings, which have improved maneuverability and damping qualities. The wheel cover is tread, but soft, does not crush the grass. In terms of functionality, there is no mulching and there is no grass collector. The unit only throws grass from behind. This can cause some discomfort, but such a system is supposed to operate at the fastest possible speed.


Highest Briggs & Stratton engine power with extended service life and hour meter;
Excellent aisle width and cutting height characteristics;
The articulated frame accommodates difficult maneuvers – turning and turning in tight spaces;
The operator’s seat is adjusted using a lever on the control panel;
Attachments are installed using the RAK quick connect system.



The price bites a little.


Buyer feedback
This model from AL-KO is no longer with a front deck, but with a cutting element located in the center of the machine. The good thing about this type of design is that the knives are well protected and the body looks more compact. Rear-wheel drive, which gives excellent maneuverability when cornering. The machine easily “fits” into confined spaces as the rear tires push it and make gear shifting easier. The direction of travel is easily changed with two pedals. Motor – reliable and durable Briggs & Stratton 9.2 liters. strength. Develops a speed of up to 8 km per hour. The clutch for knives is electro-magnetic, creates additional protection against impacts on solid objects. The range of grass cutting in height is adjustable from 30 to 80 mm. The cut grass is chopped; to enable this function, there is a mulching knife with curved edges and a special plug in the kit. The grass container is large, combined, holds 180 liters, the grass mass is discharged using the control levers. The fuel tank holds 6 liters, the filling is convenient, the neck is wide. The control is done competently and comfortably – all the necessary levers are at hand.


Rear-wheel drive provides smooth transmission shifting, small turning radius and stable “pushing” of the car while driving;
Emptying the grass catcher in one movement during operation makes it possible not to interrupt to clean it;
Mulching function – the ability to get organic fertilizer during mowing;
A vertical position is provided for cleaning the deck and technical inspection of the mechanisms.


Poor driving on uneven terrain.


The compact and manoeuvrable Swedish mini-tractor is ideal for mowing grass in small to medium-sized areas. The cutting deck with knives is located at the front, so the model effortlessly “dives” under bushes and benches, and penetrates into hard-to-reach places. High performance is provided by the American four-stroke Briggs of 12.5 liters. forces. The manual start has been replaced by a practical and convenient electric starter. Therefore, the motor starts easily at any air temperature. The drive is installed on the front wheels. Thanks to the excellent grip of the front large wheels with the soil, the unit easily travels onto the slope. It turns easily even in tight spaces as there are five forward gears and one reverse. The maximum travel speed is 9 km / h. The knife is elongated, covering 85 cm in width in one pass. The deck is raised manually, there is no hydraulics. But lifting is not difficult as the swivel joints and swivel wheels are installed. The body is very durable, all-metal. Powder coated to avoid possible corrosion. The car is quite comfortable: the steering wheel is soft, the seat is adjustable, the control levers are conveniently located, vibrations are damped by special dampers.


Enduring Pro Engine Briggs & Stratton Power Built AVS Series;
The start is facilitated, it is carried out using an electric starter;
Front-wheel drive pulls the car up even on slippery slopes;
High maneuverability thanks to swivel rear wheels and reverse;
Rigid construction combined with comfortable handling ensures long-term operation.


Limited in the use of attachments.


Professional modern device from the famous German brand ALCO perfectly copes with large areas. The deck is located at the front, in front of the wheels. This makes it easy to get around obstacles and gently mow problem areas. The model is front-wheel drive, it goes well downhill, does not slip, since the enlarged front wheels confidently “drive” the car. The cutting system works on the rotor principle, which allows you to grip the grass firmly and accurately without pulling it out by the roots. It folds upwards for better cleaning. The knives are clamped and adjusted by an automatic clutch. There is no grass collector – the cut grass spreads behind, which increases the speed and efficiency of work. The operator’s seat is height-adjustable and the steering wheel and control levers are cleverly and comfortably positioned. The fuel tank is large, 8.5 liters, designed for hours of work. The indicator signals the need to add gasoline.


Engine from the famous Briggs & Stratton company with a solid service life;
Rotary knives provide a neat and stable cut;
The cutting height is adjusted with one lever and is fixed in 6 positions for an even grass cover throughout the entire area;
The hydrostatic transmission does not create any problems when shifting gears;
Productivity is high thanks to the wider aisle width of up to 90 cm.


There is no all-wheel drive.

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